Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Audio Peak Indicator Circuit

The existence of the peak indicator "Audio Peak Indicator" in an audio device is needed. Audio Peak indicator is a simple circuit to detect the peak level of audio signal. Audio Peak indicator circuit is built with duabuah transistor and LED indicator as peak level detection of audio signals.

The main function of a series of Audio Peak indicator is to determine the occurrence of the peak level of audio signal that is more than +4 dB, equivalent to 1.25 V rms. If the received audio signal Audio Peak Indicator more than +4 dB was the LEDs in series Peak Audio This indicator will light. Audio Peak indicator circuit is mounted on the output audio system.
Audio Peak Indicator Component List:
R1 = 10Kohm
R2 = 1.2Kohm
R3 = 220Kohm
R4-5 = 4.7Kohm
C1 = 47uF 25V
C2 = 2.2uF 25V
Q1-2 = BC550C

We hope to form the reference materials in the manufacture of circuit pernagkat Audio Peak Indicators in the audio readers.

10 Minute Timer with IC 555

Applications of 555 timer IC is very diverse, one series of 10 Minute Timer with IC 555. 10 Minute Timer This circuit uses IC NE555 is set as a monostable multivibrator. The timing of the timer circuit 10 minutes with the IC 555 is governed by the configuration of C2, R4 and R5. The greater the value of C2 at 10-minute timer circuit with IC 555 timer is active then the time will stay longer. 

Total resistance value between R4 and R5 also determine the active circuit 10 minute timer with IC 555, where the greater the value the longer time was also active. The core active setting the timer on the set of C2 charging time for 10 minutes on the timer circuit with IC 555. So, with the value of C2 remain so with time on the circuit timing Timer 10 minutes by IC 555 can be set by changing the resistance value R 4 + R 5. Indicators of active timer at 10 minute timer circuit with IC 555 uses the LED D2 and D3 will light up only one course to identify the active timer and the timer has not been met.

Figure 10 Minute Timer circuit with IC 555

10 Minute Timer with IC 555


S1 is used to set / reset timer
R5 is used to set the timer to the desired time

Fire alarm with light sensor

Fire alarm can be made with a light sensor (LDR) as in the article with the title of Fire Alarm with this LDR sensor. Principles of fire detection Fire Alarm with LDR sensor is to detect the presence of smoke through the LDR. LDR in the series Fire Alarm does not stand alone in detecting a fire, but the LDR in the pair with the light shining on the LDR.

Hence, in the detected smoke from the fire then the intensity of light received by the LDR LDR decreases and eventually trigger an alarm system on a series of Fire Alarm with this LDR sensor. Part 2 that in the series of Fire Alarm with Sensor LDR are some of the sensors, tone generator, audio power.

Circuit diagram of Fire Alarm with Light Sensor LDR

Fire Alarm with Sensor LDR

Function Section of the Fire Alarm with Sensor LDR
Part of LDR and light sensor facing to fire smoke detection
Part trigger using transistors and regulators as a trigger tone generator 7805
Tone generator section with IC UM66
Power audio section uses an audio power IC TDA 2002 which is equipped with voleme control (R3)

Powerful Battery Charger Circuit

Series NIMH Battery Charger with IC LT4060 is a NIMH battery charger is powerful, effective and efficient. Featur owned by IC LT4060 is a specialization of a NIMH battery charger. NIMH Battery Charger with IC LT4060 can perform safely charging NIMH batteries because it comes with a battery temperature protection is in charge and the peak level detection system of the battery voltage is in charge. 

74LS247 7 Segment Display Circuit

The displayor using a 7 segment display in electronic device applications is drain port of a microcontroller or data that would point in the show, especially when the data would be displayed more than 1 digit. necessary path to control the resources of each 7 segment and the path to input data on the 7 segment. 

PWMMotor Driver

As the title "PWM DC Motor Driver with Forward / Reverse and Breaking" this series is a PWM DC motor controller that can control DC motors with clockwise rotation and counter-clockwise and is equipped with a braking system. 

Zero Crossing Detector Circuit

Zero Crossing Detector circuit is basically an application of a comparator. In the article series Zero Crossing Detector with Op Amp is built using a comparator of an Op Amp IC741/351. The process of detection of this comparator is  0Volt input signal crossing point by making reference value at comparator 0Volt.

Atmel microcontroller-Easy Downloader Circuit

Easy Downloader Circuit
Atmel microcontroller series AT89Cxx51 Easy Downloader is one of the downloader that is often used to write data to program the Atmel microcontroller AT89CXX51. Easy Downloader AT89Cxx51 ATMEL microcontroller is using the serial port as a channel of communication with the computer. 

AT89C2051 microcontroller circuit

Real time controller AT89C2051
Real time controller is a device used to exercise control over household device continuously ongoing and scheduled. The series of Real Time Controllers with microcontroller AT89C2051 which dituls in this article is a tool that can do that serve targeted. The series of Real Time Controller with Microcontroller AT89C2051 Atmel AT89C2051 uses a data processor and controller as device installed. 

SMS Remote controller circuit

SMS Remote controller is a device used to control a device remotely using SMS through GSM mobile phones. Process control equipment with a series of AVR ATTiny To SMS Remote Controller can be used to control life and death of these equipment will provide information on the status of replies to our phone in return successful command execution. 

Flip Flop Led Circuit

Flip Flop LED
Flip flop circuit is a series of free runing multivibrator given the burden of LEDs on each side of the transition changes its output signal. Flip flop circuit with LEDs is quite simple, that is prepared with 2 units and 2 units of 2N3904 transistor circuit tank circuit composed by the RC circuit. 

Frequency to Voltage Converter Circuit

IC LM2917 Frequency to Voltage Converter
IC LM2917 IC chip is designed specifically as a Frequency to Voltage Converter or Frequency to Voltage converter. In its use to applications Frequency to Voltage Converter IC LM2917 requires few external components. 

Battery Charger based on AVR ATMega 8535

Battery Charger in general can be interpreted as a means to recharge the battery charge. Principles of good charger circuit is capable of providing resources to perform effectively charging the battery, efficient and safe. AVR-Based Battery Charger ATMega 8535 With LCD Display This is an idea that had just emerged from the author.

ADC 207 Flash Converting

Flash Converting - ADC 207
ADC 207 is the first to use Flash Converting An Advanced High Speed ​​VLSI 1.2 micron CMOS process. The process that is able to do the ADC 207 as mentioned earlier is very great and makes the ADC 207 is unique. The speed of the process of this ADC has a good linearity and have a stable temperature. ADC 207 has a lower power consumption is 250 mW.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Music LED light level

This is a simple circuit. Music can change the LED light level gamut.
Operation of this circuit is a circuit op amp IC1 / 1-IC1 / 5 compared to the characteristics of the circuit voltage.It has one pin acts as a voltage reference pin.That the pressure from the supply voltage and divide between R1 and R7 pressure used in this circuit will be compared with the pressure drop across R7.
Music LED light level
Music LED light level

As the 2V input side, it will be R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 series, keeping the pressure drop across.Each R as well.
If there is pressure to 5Vp-p is the voltage across R2 = R3 = R4 = R5 = R6 = 1V.The voltage reference, we have 2V. IC4 circuit compares the measured voltage at the input pin of IC4 is 2V.Which is equal pressure on the leg or legs plus the output of IC4 will not flow to drive the LED light will be more pressure input into this.IC4 to make work. The next LED arranged in the order of the input voltage.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Very Simple Peak Indicator Circuit

This series is made to indicate that the amplifier has been given the maximum signal, the amplifier has the ability to be at its peak. if the lights do not mean the signal-plus volume. the way it works is the LED lights will light up when given a signal that more than 1.8 volts, the average amplifier will be saturated (maximum) if the signal was given more than this. 

DC fan control circuit for power amplifier

DC fan control circuit for power amplifier .Variable speed DC fan This series of works based on the input signal. Speed ​​/ fan rotation depending on size of the input signal coming from speaker lines. If there is no signal then the fan will spin slowly according to the setting VR1. Input supply can be taken directly from the main transformer power amplifier, 12V CT 12V, so no need to increase the transformer again.

Solve buzzing and noise on the amplifier circuit

Power amplifiers that we sometimes raises a raft of small drone as grounding less than perfect. The following are some ways to cope with the hum of the power amplifier: 

1. Keep sensitive circuits of the transformer, casing dimensions are not too small. One blog even suggested to use two-bok, bok special one for the transformer. For the toroid transformer or amplifier with a large transformer, should only contain a series of power amps, with no tone control. 
2. Change the position of the transformer, side by side into the lower side (the transformer is high) with facing a series of sensitive posts 
3. Use a spacer on each PCB board as high as half the height of the transformer, eg as high as 2.5 cm or more so that the PCB board parallel to the core / center of the transformer, here the effect of the weakest fields. 
4. We recommend using a stereo module instead of two mono modules This avoids wiring errors. If forced to, try to size cable between the right and left modules as long and as short as possible. 
5. Should take the ground path for the speaker of ct ct elco instead of the transformer, if the board pcb mounted two big elco (like elco power supply), take ground path of the speakers here, and check to hear! 
6. Power supply for radio (TX or RX) is very sensitive, use a capacitor 4x100nf, 4 pairs of these capacitors in parallel to each mem-diode (bridge). 
7. At the tone control circuit IC op-amp that uses a symmetric power supply, sufficient ground wiring is taken from the signal ground wires only. should IC power supply (7812) installed near the main power supply, not mounted near the tone control. 
8. Always use a stereo cable shrouded perfect (color stereo cable red-white-covered ground and wrapped in transparent skin. 
9. For power supply, use capacitors of 2200uF per ampere elco 
10. Zoom and ground wires as short as possible, especially a pair of elco (ct line between elco) power supply (can be tried for the amplifier blazer) 
11. For the amplifier should be mounted to the computer casing when not in the ground soil is diground PC casing soil 
12. Pairs of each kit to the circuit without passing groundnya nut / baud / spacer. Do not let the existing ground line at the hole pcb connected to the casing / box. Do not follow this ground. ground attached to the casing should have one. if necessary use a plastic spacer overcome the noise: 
1. Use the active component (IC) that qualified as TL084, TL074, not LM324. LM324 any brand of noise. TL084 is more guaranteed authentic yellow (ST), not white. For now, the IC TL084 is printed white-work unstable frequency high (treble breaks and more noise). For IC 4558 (NE5532) use plain white silk screening JRC4558D or TL072 - TL082 yellow, LF353 noise. LM741 (NE5534) can be replaced with the Hitachi HA17741, LF351 noise may also, has never been tried. we do not have to look for the brand and the price is more expensive because it is the most low noise. 
2. If necessary, the circuit power amplifier OCL, lowering its gain by lowering the value of resistor in the path gain from 33k to 22k speaker, mimics the gain-clone lower amplifier noise. 
3. Should simplify the circuit, the circuit is too complex is more susceptible to noise and interference. 
4. Should then potentio / volume mounted on the input-power amplifier, such as professional amplifier without tone control.

Tone control low noise circuit

Tone control or pre-amplifier is an amplifier circuit supporters. Sometimes some of us do not know where a good amplifier, a raft alone and the results are not much different or even the same. Therefore we must know the character of the advantages and disadvantages of each amplifier equipment.

Tone control low noise here does not mean without noise, but noise compared with the lowest tone control on the market, for example Ronica transistor 4, TL-084, TC-2 LM833 etc.

Amplifier circuit built-up

Amplifier circuit built-up is pretty nice not always complex. There are a series of amplifiers that I saw a picture of the kit immediately. The circuit is quite simple, there was the most complex in the pre-amp and its protector.
Amplifier circuit built-up
Click to view larger | CSE-Circuit Schematic Electronics

How a series of ... Op-amp stage 1 is the heart of the circuit, the input stage with enough power to drive the power transistor. Sensor1 ntc & 2 can be attached to the main heatsink, this is optional so it can be eliminated, its functions to lower the bias voltage value if the heatsink overheating. There is no bias trimpot, R6 and R8 instead divide the voltage so we get <= 0.6V at the base driver tr.

If the voltage is just a little more driver transistors can be damaged and could trigger the final transistor is damaged in congregation / pairs. These transistors are used frequently broken, but after replaced by Sanken, safe. Thus the risk of the snaps without a limiter amplifier.

A pair of Q1 & Q2 transisitor drivers are the main transistor amplifier, while the other three pairs of transistors that form the current dumping circuit mode so it will work if there is a signal (especially bass). Final installation of this transistor is in the Blazer, hercules, Eti300w / new Giant. The design of this kind are designed to produce a stomping bass tones, the clarity about the number two, but here the driver transistor is working at grade A. The heat generated quite a bit because of using this mode (current dumping) plus the number of final / power transistor which is more than one pair. I used to use a minimal amount of the final two pairs of transistors to avoid this summer.

Installation of the load resistor should still be there at the foot of the emitter. R16 and C4 are usually intended to stabilize (reduce) the frequency of ultra treble. All use of Sanken transistors. Supply 63V 800VA toroid ct. Reservois capacitors used for stereo 2x 10.000uF/100V Estimated power ... 500W rms at 8 ohms and 1000W at 4 ohms, but supply is limited in the 800VA transformer. Confused with a power output of this? Do not worry about who is more important than that is the loud speaker and the supply has not decreased. With the supply of the transformer between them are quite satisfied to control the speaker says 18 ". If I may be wrong image, R4-220K-C2 in parallel with 68pF


The tool that I made and I discuss in this article I give the name USB SPDIF DAC Every word in the name corresponds to the function of the tool that I made this.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TDA 7309 Digital Audio Processor Circuit

Digital Audio Processor TDA 7309 is a stereo audio processor with independent volume control of each channel was to get the audio quality of a good processor. Digital Audio Processor TDA 7309 is equipped with a loudness control is controlled externally. Digital Audio Processor TDA 7309 also has a soft mute feature stand-alone for each canals. Digital Audio Processor TDA 7309 is controlled via the I2C serial bus system with a microcontroller interface. 

70 Watt MOSFET Audio Amplifier

This is use the MOSFET power amplifier circuit, amplifier circuit has a very good sound quality. With the noise is quite small, thus making the amplifier circuit is suitable for you to try. Here's the circuit.

Create a Digital Volume Control Circuit

This series is the volume of the digital amplifier That is used on or tone control. This series ic type using DS1669 Digital Pot IC specifically for this volume match. a series of settings used at the middle-class amplifier That small powerless under 50 watts. volum11 components: C1 = 0.1uf Ceramic, IC = IC DS1669 Digital Pot, S1 / S2 = digital swicth Or you can use the series to this one: volum2 The Work: The digital volume control IC uses 9.
Create a Digital Volume Control Circuit
Click to view larger.
Required to operate the series voltage regulator is 12 volts. IC1 (555) is very good to work as a flip-flop. Frequency or period can be determined with selecting value of resistor R44, R45 is combined with a capacitor C6. In this series has a 0.3 second period. IC2 is used to Decrease or increase of the calculation. In the series of this mode is used to raise up and down mode is used to Decrease the volume. 
While IC4 and IC3 has a 16-channel, analogue multiplexers, while working as an analog switch. IC3 is used as in the series of level indicator while IC4 is used as potentiometer. After the next power in the on-it, and the switch S1 is pressed to reset. When the switch S2 is pressed, the IC2 and the balance in the form of output legs responded B, C, and D in CMOS IC2. Output B, C and D control line inputs IC2 and IC3, and the chosen one, the 16-channel output, by turning on the analogue. In this series, IC4 is used as the potentiometer is connected to the That resistor 15 (R9 to R23) each of the 16 input pins and resistor / capacitor combination with C2, C3 and R7 to the output. 
Switch S2 is used to raise and switch S3 is used to Decrease the volume. Electrolyte capacitor of 1uF (C4) is used to Prevent the occurrence of noise. While the R8 and the resistor R6 is used to Prevent Tension on the half-supply voltage in order to avoid distortion of the audio signal coming from the preamplifier. Meanwhile, capacitor C2, C3 and resistor R7 is provided to filter the audio. Happy work, hopefully successfully. 


R1, 2, 3, 4 : 560R R16 : 1,5K R45 : 150K R5 : 680R R17 : 3,3K C1 : 0,01uF R6, 8 : 100K R18 : 5,6K C2, 3 : 100nF R7 : 1M R19 : 8,2K C4 : 1uF/50V R9 : 10R R20 : 15K C5 : 100nF R10 : 12R R21 : 33K IC1 : 555 R11 : 42R R22 : 56K IC2 : 74193 R12 : 100R R23 : 1,5M IC3 : CD4067 R13 : 220R R24…R39 : 560R IC4 : CD4067 R14 : 470R R40..R43 : 4,7K IC5 : 7805 R15 : 820R R44 : 330K IC6 N1-N4) : 7407

Create a electric shock-resistant tool

You've electric shock?? .. Well, .. it was nice to recover all your gout! Sometimes true .. but we often do not touch circuit accidentally in the work that is still connected with line / grid (pln) .. pissed, wants I think we stepped on the stuff ..! patient first. 

Make A Virtual Phone Battery

Virtual cell phone battery is a replacement cell phone batteries for those of you who use the phone as a modem. Including myself, who use the phone as a modem HAIER d1200p internet.  Why must use this virtual battery. For those who surf hobby "full time" with a phone modem, would know the problem, the battery gets hot and fast reply wasteful even worn out.

Friday, February 10, 2012

IC LA78040 schematic for vertical deflection

Synchronization circuit to make the signals useful in the process of scanning of the transmitter and sent to the Vertical and Horizontal. To be able to produce images on the picture tube phosphor surface is the same as what was sent, then the necessary adjustments to correct with ualsan which has decomposed on the sender and receiver on the review must be made ​​again, and this is called synchronization.

Building a radio station

Requires us to make things systematically and efficiently, because time is very valuable to us, then some of the advances in technology has been applied in various fields, including education, because this is where all the technological advances developed. Lots of technology is rapidly expanding in our country today. With technology growing by leaps and bounds this is what will make the work more systematic and efficient. Based on our technological advances and his friends create a system are related to the Electronics course, we propose the same faculty to develop a community tool. We got a second job in four semesters, which makes the FM transmitter.

Boster 15 watt rd 15 no tune

15 rd booster requires only 0.5 watts of input capable of out 15 watts, the voltage of 13.8 volts it needs. in this series are made to work freq 87-108 mhz fm broadcast. but did not rule to be modified in other freq. 


Booster BLW 60

In this post an opportunity, I upload booster BLW 60 which may be an inspiration to create home brew. Here I include a file layout that can be unlocked via software sprint layout. of course the software you can download here as well. ok g tuk need to talk at length, immediately wrote download the full data here

50 ohm dummy load

Assemble their own 50 ohm dummy load with a capacity of 40 watts. first of all we need is a 1k resistor 2watt as many as 20 seeds, plain PCB, and also the female connector just as the picture above. The first step is the form of a round PCB with the above picture just as much as 2 pieces of 3 cm diameter, to which drilled the diameter of the connector. 

Filter freq dirty from an fm transmitter

Low pass filter is a circuit to filter freq dirty from an fm transmitter. so we get a clean signal. and can maximize the output power generated from the booster. low pass filter is capable to 150 watts. in this post . file [lay] that can only be opened with software sprint layout. for those interested please download here.

Loading coil antena telex 88-108mhz

This post is for an antenna loading coil telex broadcast on freq. let us buy Simply put wrote specifically for the antenna loading coil at the store component telex, because loading the settings is still for freq 2 meter, we must slightly modify it. The trick is easy, just replace the existing loops. original about 5 convolution convolution continues we replace 10 with 1 to 1.5 mm diameter wire. for more details see the pictures. may be useful ..

Wave antenna 5/8 pro VKV FM

Wave antenna 5/8 consists of a vertical radiator which is fed at the base of the antenna. A suitable device of some sort should be added between the antenna and feedline if you want to eat with coax. Adding a coil in series with the antenna on the base is one of these methods are suitable. 

Simple fm transmitter for the experiment

Simple fm transmitter for the experiment. This designation may be appropriate to call this series, because rangkaianya very simple and suitable for learning / beginners. and preferably when assembling, which assembled its first part oscilator. then we try it first. if able to function normally, we can proceed to the next level up to the booster. for the scheme and a list of components please download here.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Radio Control for toy car

Radio Control for toy car
Play toy cars controlled by radio signals is an interesting game. The much-loved toy cars children, plus a simple circuit would be ideal for toy cars. This series of families use traditional digital CMOS IC which requires a very small electric current, so it does not impose on the performance of the original toy cars.
In this system, radio signals emitted not continuously but only generated when the controller sends a command left / right or forward / backward, and even then only a radio frequency of an intermittent, so it is sending pulses of radio wave frequency.