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4500W High Power Class-D Amplifier D4K5

Power Amplifier Class D D4k5 1000W 4500W

This High Power Amplifier circuit is a class D power amplifier, which has a high enough power to generate 3000W of power at 4 Ohm impedance - and also more power up to 4500W at 2 Ohm impedance. This Power Amplifier can generate great power if given enough power supply. For example, you can use 30A transformer with 100V symmetric voltage.  Here is the circuit scheme of High Power Class-D Amplifier D4K5:
Power Amplifier Class D D4K5 4500W Circuit Diagram
View larger schematic image here: Power Amplifier Class-D D4K5

Component List
R1, R3, R4, R9, R13, R18, R19, R20= 1K
R2, R16, R39= 100K
R5, R6= 10R
R7, R8=6K8/2W
R10, R21, R26, R27=4K7
R11, R17=6K8
R14, R15=4R7
R22, R23, R24, R25, R31, R33=47R
R28, R29, R30=0,1R/2W
R36, R38=22R/2W
RV1=10K Trimpot

C3, C4=1N
C7, C9, C11, C12, C13, C15, C16, C18, C19=100N MKP
C10, C14, C17=100uF/16V
C21, C22, C23=220N/475V
C24, C25, C26=470uF/180V
C27, C31, C33=100N/275V
C28, C29, C30=470uF/180V

D1, D2, D5, D10, D11= 1N4148
D3, D4= ZD5V6
D6, D18, D19= MUR460
D8= ZD5V6
D12,D13,D14,D15,D16,D17= 1N5819

Q1= 2N5401
Q4, Q6= BD139
Q5, Q7= BD140
Q8, Q9, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13= IRFP260

U1= TL071
Q2= CD4049
Q3= IR2110
U2= NE555
U3= LM311
Class d power amplifier circuit
ir2110 irfp4227 mur460 mur860 cd4049 tl071

The Power Amplifier is using view components and this power amplifier include OCP, DCP. And using 6x N-Channel Power Mosfet. You can use IRFP260, IRFP4227, IRFP4242 and others. If you want to make this power amplifier, see the following PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout Class D 4500W power amplifier
View larger PCB Layout Design: PCB Class-D D4K5
DOWNLOAD PCB .PDF: PCB Layout Design Class D D4K5

How to make Class D Power Amplifier [VIDEO]

High Power Amplifier Test Class D 

Below step by step how to make yourself PCB board for this power amplifier [VIDEO]

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


Hi ia am pranatosh from india. This circuit tested? 100% real?

Heĺlo Pranatosh.
Yes it is real and this tested from indonesian DIYer.1

What do you think? the PCB size is true.. please see again.

Please will u tell about the LF coil u used

Hello sir lf coil core is iron core?

Please tell me details of lf coil. I will try to make this in this month.

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Hello you can using iron core about 10uH

I am collect ir2110 from dna website. I will try to make this......... Can you help me?

Semitic and pcb design not same. So can u tel me why

Ir2110 ic's some pin are open in semitic. But pcb desin all pin are connected.

This circuit respond full range or sub bass thank sir.

Hello sir please tell me what is the correct? Pcb or semitic

this is can for sub or mid high you can see video result

Como descargar el pcb layout del amplificador por favor ayúdame

hello I'm Revocatus from Tanzania I need the finished board D4K5, what is the price par piece? revocutus@gmail.com

Which is the power supply used in the test video? It looks like the 10A 20-50V DC CT... is it indeed?

I am compleate this amp. Iam already test this 12a 50-0-50 transformer. Its ok nice quality . but a little proble in LF coil. LF coil too hot. Can you help me. What core and what size of ware and how many turn ? I will update shortly in youtube. Channel name - electronic tech. And upload also all ic tester (in555,lm311,tl071,cd4049,ir2110)

I am tested-4 pcs 12" 200watt and 2pcs 15" 300 watt speaker.

I am tested irfp250n 1pair MOSFET.

Yea i already see you on youtube, the coils im using 22uH with 2mm copper diameter with turn about 30x, core size diameter 35mm

Hello! I downloaded the schematic and pcb pdfs but they are not in good quality. Can you please re-upload them in high quality? Or send me an e-mail? Hope you can help me, thanks a lot

can you please provide the GERBER files for this amplifier? thank you

I will upload video 1 by 1 see on youtube. Name Pranatosh Tech

+electronic tech : finally which one did you use for this amp semitic or pcb design as you mentioned differences between the two

How can I purchase PCB of d4k5 sir please reply

I printed the PCB on a A4 paper and it's not at the right size, instead of the announced size 200X80mm i measured it and it is 223X90mm

Please sir reply me how can I purchase d4k5 pcb.
My mailbid is vickysmd14@gmail.com

Amigo vc pode mim enviar o arquivo no proteus ares no mathelobahia1@hotmail.com

what about power supply, I need that diagram too

Hello! I downloaded the schematic and pcb pdfs but they are not in good quality. Can you please re-upload them in high quality? Or send me an e-mail? Hope you can help me, thanks a lot.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry bro pcb is 100% real. I already use it for dj program.

no no you wrong,, this class-d you must be carefull to assemble it, cause it can make damage your mosfet. different with class ab. you must use a quality component dont place poor quality.

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If the SMP is good I upload the videos for u on YouTube pls help

If the SMP is good I upload the videos for u on YouTube pls help

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I think you all should not wast your funds the circuit does not work the guy is a very bad. I tried to do this circuit because of the efficiency of class d I think I will stick to my class Ab which has minimum parts and very clear sound.

The circuit is a scam it doesn't work. All what they say is class d is efficient but to me most class AB on the Internet is far better than this circuit. Like renowned Nelson pass all his article and amplifier are best and sound great.

I have repair a lot of class D amplifier in my country and believe you me my Nelson pass class AB any mosfet by didik with jfets input sound great. gavivinagadogbe@gmail.com is mail box. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

you better try it. it's only 25 dollars for the component and share the problems you face here. it will be more helpful for others

Hahaha please dont judge, this class d amp is works. The power is more high than your class ab.

why you spamming comment lik this. If you cant build class d amp, dont try! its more difficult than your class AB

sorry for it, but its work so i will upload my own pcb diy.

amigo puedes pasarme el archivo en proteus?

amigo puedes enviarme el archivo en proteus fac_31@hotmail.com


Q2= CD4049
Q3= IR2110 not found my Proteus 8.4

Please tell about 12 volt supply. 12 volt negative line is directly connected with line of -55 volt

next i will make a gerber files for this pcb

Is it -12volt or 0 volt?.

MUR860 is not available in my place. Which diode can I use instead of MUR860? In the PCB there is one MUR860 and one MUR460, but in the assembling video you used two MUR860.

This amp really good. I already make it.
If you make this amp , at first make all ic tester . you can see all ic tester on you tube. Channel name Pranatosh Tech.

I made the amplifier. But when I connected 12v supply to the board, the Ic IR2110 getting over heated and damaged. BD139 and Mosfet also damaged. What will be the problem? Pranathosh how did you give the 12v supply? Is it O-12v or -12v and +12V? Did you use MUR860 diode?

Pranatosh, I watched your You Tube Channel. Now I am going to make all IC tester.

what the diode u using? is there oyu using 12V ?
use 0V 12V
0v connected with V- rails power amplifer
and +12v connected to bias voltage

I used MUR860(D6),MUR460(D10) Diodes as shown in the PCB. I used 0v 12v for bias voltage as you told. Is there any adjestment for Trim pot (RV1)?

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Where buy this PCB? yogesh8964@gmail.com

Bro ur 4k5 amplifier is working 100,/I make it ,and test it supper ,bro I want to talk to u pls

Pls bro come online ,do u have any health problems, u r right bro this amplifier power is super bro ,u r great ,bro this is the proof ,bro I want to talk to u pls come online bro,thanks

see the class d test with lf coil details (out put coil) please see the full video.click on link https://youtu.be/pwmeQ7BvVb4

pranatosh tech channel

schematics and pcb layout dont match??

yes i also noticed that, lets hope the parts are not fake values

ir2110 how is this gonna work when pin 9(+ supply) and pin 13(-supply) of ir2110 is not connected hahahha

and with the 5.1 v supply of cd4049 has been connected to the one of the inverting input how "rubbish is the schematics"