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IC LA78040 schematic for vertical deflection

Synchronization circuit to make the signals useful in the process of scanning of the transmitter and sent to the Vertical and Horizontal. To be able to produce images on the picture tube phosphor surface is the same as what was sent, then the necessary adjustments to correct with ualsan which has decomposed on the sender and receiver on the review must be made ​​again, and this is called synchronization.

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On TV transmitter switching pulses that have made ​​the same frequency as in the reviewing, and by using the switching pulse is then mulapenguilasan point getter on the tube and picture tube can be adjusted simultaneously. 
At the transmitter, each end of the line reviews one pulse is emitted horizontally, and also at each end of the line vertical review (this is called a field review), another pulse is emitted. At the receiver using switching pulses had the time of the beginning (start) review can be arranged horizontally and vertically. Switching pulses are called the horizontal synchronizing signal and vertical synchronization. Vertical Synchronization A. Vertical in the tv series has the following functions a) bend / open beams of light (information) to the vertical direction. b) Synchronize files from a transmitter in the form of images with short time.

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