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Amplifier circuit built-up

Amplifier circuit built-up is pretty nice not always complex. There are a series of amplifiers that I saw a picture of the kit immediately. The circuit is quite simple, there was the most complex in the pre-amp and its protector.
Amplifier circuit built-up
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How a series of ... Op-amp stage 1 is the heart of the circuit, the input stage with enough power to drive the power transistor. Sensor1 ntc & 2 can be attached to the main heatsink, this is optional so it can be eliminated, its functions to lower the bias voltage value if the heatsink overheating. There is no bias trimpot, R6 and R8 instead divide the voltage so we get <= 0.6V at the base driver tr.

If the voltage is just a little more driver transistors can be damaged and could trigger the final transistor is damaged in congregation / pairs. These transistors are used frequently broken, but after replaced by Sanken, safe. Thus the risk of the snaps without a limiter amplifier.

A pair of Q1 & Q2 transisitor drivers are the main transistor amplifier, while the other three pairs of transistors that form the current dumping circuit mode so it will work if there is a signal (especially bass). Final installation of this transistor is in the Blazer, hercules, Eti300w / new Giant. The design of this kind are designed to produce a stomping bass tones, the clarity about the number two, but here the driver transistor is working at grade A. The heat generated quite a bit because of using this mode (current dumping) plus the number of final / power transistor which is more than one pair. I used to use a minimal amount of the final two pairs of transistors to avoid this summer.

Installation of the load resistor should still be there at the foot of the emitter. R16 and C4 are usually intended to stabilize (reduce) the frequency of ultra treble. All use of Sanken transistors. Supply 63V 800VA toroid ct. Reservois capacitors used for stereo 2x 10.000uF/100V Estimated power ... 500W rms at 8 ohms and 1000W at 4 ohms, but supply is limited in the 800VA transformer. Confused with a power output of this? Do not worry about who is more important than that is the loud speaker and the supply has not decreased. With the supply of the transformer between them are quite satisfied to control the speaker says 18 ". If I may be wrong image, R4-220K-C2 in parallel with 68pF

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  1. good day ,can you enlarge the spirit amplifier circuit cannot see the parts thank you

  2. hello wahyu eko , can you blow the spirit schemstic some more please i want to build this circuit but the print is too small,