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3000 Watts Power Amplifier Class D Mosfet IRFP260 / IRFP4227

3000W CLass D Power Amplifier Circuit

3000W (3kW) Class D Power Amplifier Project using IC IR2110, CD4049 (HEF4049/HCF4049), NE555, LM311, and Op-Amp Comparator TL071 as the main stage amplifier, the driver stage using BD140/BD139 or you can use any driver stage power amplifier transistors. The Final Stage Amplifier using 4 x Mosfet Transistor IRFP260 or you can use IRFP250 / IRFP460 / IRFP4227. And do not forget to lose the importance of the LPF Filter.

The advantages of this high power amplifier are:

  • Strong Bass Boost, not Saggy
  • Secondary comfortable bias voltage (can be AC (transformer) / DC (adapter))
  • Highly Efficient Rail - Stack Layout
  • Oversized Heatsink & Output Coil (not easy saturation)
  • Pulse Resolution Adjust Enable
Below the Circuit Diagram of 3000W Class D Amplifier includes PCB Layout design:

3000W High Power Amplifier Class D Gambit
Component List
Resistors 1/4W: 4R7 x 2, 10R x 5, 100R x1, 47R x 4, 1K x 8, 4K7 x 4, 100K x 3.
Resistors 1W: 22R x 2
Resistors 2W:10R x 1 , 1K5 x 1, 6K8 x 2, 0R1 x 3, 12Kx 2
Varistor: 10K x 1

Capacitors: 1N x 3, 10N x 1, 100N x 9, 10uF/16V x1, 10uF/50V x 1, 100uF/16V x 4, 220uF/16V x 1, 330uF/16V x 2, 470uF 100V x2, 470N/250V x1, 100N/275V x1, 680N/400V x1, 220N/275V x 2, 220pF x 2.

Diode's:  1N4148 x5, 1N5819 x4, MUR460 x2, MUR860/460 x 1, Red LED x 1, Blue LED x1

Transistors/ ICs:TL071 x1, NE555 x1, LM311 x1, CD4049 x1, IR2110 x1, 2N5401 x 1, BD139 x2, BD140 x2, MOSFET IRFP4227/250.
Buy IRFP4227

L Core: 130/157 22uH - 30uH

PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout Powerful Amplifier Class D

For the High-Resolution image to view a clear schematic diagram and PCB Layout design you can download here:

 Below is my Project of this High Power Amplifier, will be updated if it finished.
High POwer AMplifier CLass D Circuit

3000W Class D Project Gambit

This other video from my High Power Amplifier Class D 1k2 Watts so powerful with bass test:

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


Hello sir can i purchase class d 3000 amp pcb and all component ? Please reply me. My mailbid is mr.pranatoshdas@gmail.com

Hello sir, yes you can buy the pcb and components. i will sent you an email.

Can you give me a clear schematic of Class D 3000W Gambit?

you can download the high resolution of schematic and pcb layout at the links on google drive.

how can we increase more power? Is it possible to add more stages of mosfets or by increasing the power supply to 150 volts in the same circuit?

what are the uses of TL041 and 555 which one is making a clock pulse/ square wave generator?

You can increase voltage up to 100V , you cant adding more stages of final mosfet. But you can upgrade with replacing the mosfet with more Vgs Igd higher.

The Tl041 as a comparator circuit. And 555 as OCP circuit protection for it amplifier.

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can I have the files of this amplifier? toreto009@mail.ru

This is real 3000watt rms? It is professional? Minimum 2 ohm impidance?
If is it true then i want to purchase it. Please contact me. My whatsapp no. +919851057311

Do you have a circuit board of this amplifier in .LAY format?

Yes it is real 3000w if you make with same as components list.

Please visit contact us page

What is the price complete audio board . and how to purchase please inform me. I am from india

I want to purchase complete audio board. What price and how to purchase . i am from india. Please inform me.

how can i purchase the PCB board for the 3000watts power amplifier with mosfet

looking at the lay out of your pcb board,how will you put the heat sink for the mosfets and will this circuit require a pre amp and power capacitors or its all with the board once assembly is complete?

for the heatsink, you must plase the mosfet on back of pcb. and put preamp on nput socket


Sir I want 3000w amplifierr circut complete who sorce avialable lahore in pakistan

if you use smps u u dont require power capacitor. if you use conventional transformer you must use.

just if i may ask ,can i replace that inductor with a toroidal transformer?

No u cant using toroidial transformer for inductor.

Kindly send me your email.I want the PCB board for this 3000watts power amplifier.my email is jumaken99@gmail.com.can I use an air core inductor in place of that iron core inductor?

use iron core inductor, please contact me at contact us page.

I want to buy 3000 watt power stereo amplifier.

untuk menaikan daya power amply tersebut diatas 3000 watt.
Apakah yang harus dirubah dan ditambahkan pada skema pwer amply tersebut?

untuk menaikan daya power amply tersebut diatas 3000 watt.
Apakah yang harus dirubah dan ditambahkan pada skema pwer amply tersebut?

how can i purchase 3000w class d amp PCB

Hello sir can i purchase class d 3000 amp pcb and all component ? Please reply me. My mailbid is prageeth62@gmail.com

Bro pls tell me know the PCB size

where can I purchase a switch mode power supply suitable for this amplifier Australia 240v ac mains

Hi Wahyu ! I watched the video of the gambit 3 k watts class D amp and there seems to be missing parts : bd140 transistor and the final mosfet transistors. Has this board been tested to be fully functional ? Can you post a test video of this amplifier ?

Pls upload the circuit diagram of 3000w mosfect that is very clear. Thanks.

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

The CLASS AB are better in sound and watts don't was your funds. gavivinagadogbe@gmail.com 😂😂😂😂😂

can i purchase class d 3000 amp pcb and all component . my email is clear_water_band@hotmail.com

i am sanjay frome india my phone no is 9811639881.i have fully made it and redesigned the pcb perfectly, but i have a small questn is the heating of iron core coil normal ? please answer asap .