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Battery Charger based on AVR ATMega 8535

Battery Charger in general can be interpreted as a means to recharge the battery charge. Principles of good charger circuit is capable of providing resources to perform effectively charging the battery, efficient and safe. AVR-Based Battery Charger ATMega 8535 With LCD Display This is an idea that had just emerged from the author.
In AVR-Based Battery Charger design ATMega 8535 With LCD Display is using AVR microcontroller processor charger with ATMega 8535, process the data viewer charger with LCD, a safety from a hot temperature with the temperature sensor LM35 and several buttons for setting the charger. And component power charger Battery Charger Based on AVR ATMega 8535 With LCD Display is a FET.
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Function-Based Battery Charger Part Series AVR ATMega 8535 With LCD Display
ATMega 8535 AVR microcontroller serves as the controlling process of the charger.
Button S1 - S5 as input data charger settings (setting the current, maximum temperature, peak voltage batteries)
LM35 Temperature Sensor function as heat sensors in the battery during charge.
LCD Display function to display data and display settings charger battery charger process measurement data.
FET serves as a power charger that will flow into the battery charging current.

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