Friday, April 19, 2019

Super OCL Power Amplifier 500W DEF

Super OCL power amplifier with double emitter follower on final transistor it can deliver power output more stability, and this version I have added capacitor decoupling on the final transistor. This amplifier is a wide power supply range minimum power supply voltage 25VDC to 90VDC symmetrical power supply, and minimum current 5Ampere. Output maximum of this amp up to 500W.

Below the schematic and PCB Layout design, you can download this project and PCB Gerber file at the end of the post.
Super OCL Power Amplifier 500W DEF

The final transistor can be using: 2SC5200/2SA1943, NJW0302/NJW0281G, MJL21193/MJL21194, C6011, 2151
Driver transistor can be using: B507/D313, C5171/A1930, MJE15032/MJE15033, C4793/A1837

The final transistor is upgradable for more high power output

Tested Amplifier video:


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

TDA7294 subwoofer amplifier PCB layout

TDA7294 subwoofer amplifier circuit
The TDA7294 power amplifier is intended for the use of subwoofer speakers because the amplifier with the TDA7294 chip is equipped with a subwoofer preamp, there are also frequency and phase settings so we can add or reduce the output frequency as we wish, and for the phase, we can set from 0-180 level.

For frequencies, we can set low tone cuts starting from 100Hz-500Hz on the middle potentiometer. The Preamp Subwoofer IC uses two TL074 and one single opamp NE5532 or 4558

This subwoofer power amplifier can you download the Gerber file, with a double layer 10x10cm PCB size, the file is at the end of the post. and for the next, you can order on the site of the PCB manufacturer provider like JLCPCB.
TDA7294 subwoofer amplifier PCB layout

For the power supply, you can use from 12V to 40V symmetrical DC with a current of at least 5A, to get maximum results. This subwoofer amplifier TDA7294 has two outputs so the total power output can be 60W RMS.

Gerber File TDA7294 stereo subwoofer
BoM TDA7294 Subwoofer amplifier

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Power Amplifier Rockola Exp with Speaker Protector

This PCB Layout for power amplifier Rockola Exp with Speaker Protector, you can download PCB Layout as PDF format file, at the end of this post. The power amplifier Rockola is very familiar also for PA (Public Adress) audio system. This amplifier can deliver high power output up to 2kW, but, it must use an extra Final Transistor's, you can using transistor 2SC5200/ 2SA1943 as a final transistor as much 10 pair transistor.  Power supply recommended 65VAC symmetrical power supply with current up to 20A.

Below the Power Amplifier Rockola Exp with Speaker Protector  PCB Layout 

Power Amplifier Rockola Exp with Speaker Protector

Download PCB Layout PDF:
Complete Rockola Exp with speaker Protector

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Power Amplifier 120VAC STANER AMP TEF PCB

This PCB Layout for power amplifier STANER TEF (Three Emitter Follower) Fix and complete PCB Layout PDF you can download at the end of this post. This power amplifier can be supplied with 120VAC Power Supply Circuit and can deliver output up to 2000W power RMS with using a powerful power supply, this power amplifier specified for PA amplifier using in outdoor. If you want this amplifier maximum working you must add transistor final such as 2SC5200/2SA1943 10 pair. If you want to make this fixed STANER AMP TEF, you can see PCB Layout design below, and you can download PCB as PDF file format:
Power Amplifier 120VAC STANER AMP TEF PCB
Power Amplifier 120VAC STANER AMP TEF PCB

Power Amplifier PCB Layout Yamaha PX5 download PDF

Download the file PCB Layout Yamaha PX5 Power Amplifier for your DIY PCB this Yamaha amplifier. This high power amplifier can be used for PA (Public Address) amplifier. Recommended use for 15"-18" speaker for 1 channel mono. Power supply voltage -80VDC +80VDC. The final transistor can use 2SC5200/2SA1943 Toshiba
Yamaha PX5 power amplifier PCB Layout download PDF

Download PDF
PX5 Yamaha Power Amplifier PCB Layout pdf

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Automatic 12V Battery Charger Circuit

Hello friends, on this occasion, I will share tips on how to make an automatic circuit to recharge a 12V battery or a motorbike/car battery that can be on / off automatically when the battery is under voltage it will automatically drain and charge off when the battery is full. Next is the circuit scheme of automatic 12V battery charging or Accui:
Automatic 12V Battery Charger Circuit Schematic
The workings of the circuit above use IC 555 as a voltage detector from the battery that goes to pin 2 IC 555, when the battery is in a state of voltage that is precisely at 11.8V, the trigger pin is also not filled so the output of IC 555 will be voltage + so turn on the Relay and charger will be connected by a 12V battery, and when the battery voltage is full at 13.8V then the Pin Threshold (6) will be charged and the output voltage will be - and the relay will be disconnected instantly the charger is not connected, the charger connector on J2. And to add a voltmeter display you can also add on the J3 Header pin. The battery connector is on J1 Terminal Block. To simplify the assembly I provide a PCB Layout diagram with 2 layers as shown below:
PCB Automatic 12V Battery Charger Circuit Schematic

To adjust the on/off relay you must calibrate yourself on R3, R4, R5, and R6

To simplify PCB creation you can download PCB Layout Gerber along with BoM (Bill of Material) below:
PCB Layout Automatic 12V Battery charging.gerber
BoM Automatic 12V Battery Charger

800W Power Amplifier with Mosfet Final Transistor

Hello friends, in this post I will share a power amplifier circuit with the output power of up to 800 Watt using the final N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFET transistors.
Final Mosfet Transistor uses the IRFP240 series for N-Channel and IRFP924 for P-Channel. This power amplifier is very suitable for the Public Address audio system.
With a fairly large power up to 800W, this power amplifier is also suitable for the use of model speakers or woofers even suitable for subwoofer speakers.
For the use of certain speakers can also be added an active or passive crossover. For the subwoofer, you can also use the following subwoofer filter: Subwoofer Filter Circuit

And for the 800W power amplifier circuit you can see below with the PCB layout, and for clearer images, you can download the format. PDF at the end of the post.
800W Power Amplifier with Mosfet Final Transistor

PCB Layout 800W Power Amplifier with Mosfet Final Transistor


PCB Layout Power Amplifier APEX BX-20 PDF

In this post, I will share a PCB layout for the APEX BX-20 amplifier with a Class AB system that is very suitable for various sound system needs, because the sound produced is so clear.
In addition, the APEX BX-20 power amplifier also has considerable power, can be used outdoors or indoors. Can be used for mid speakers, high or low, subwoofer.
The following power amplifier PCB Layout APEX BX-20, please download the PDF format at the end of the post.
PCB Layout Power Amplifier APEX BX-20 PDF
If there is something to ask, please enter a comment in the comments column.


Saturday, February 09, 2019

Power Amplifier SOCL 506

This PCB Layout for Power Amplifier SOCL 506 with symmetrical power supply. You can upgrade the output power by adding the final transistor. This amplifier can be supplied 45VDC until 90VDC. See the PCB Layout below:

Power Amplifier SOCL 506

PCB Power Amplifier SOCL 506

PCB Layout Power Amplifier SOCL 506

Thursday, February 07, 2019

DIY Stereo Yiroshi Power Amplifier 1400W

DIY Stereo Yiroshi Power Amplifier 1400W
This my second project for Yiroshi Power Amplifier Circuit, the power amplifier circuit is indeed very super quality, many have tested the strength of this Yiroshi power amplifier. Power amplifier yiroshi is suitable for outdoor or indoor. Previously I have made this yiroshi amp circuit in the mono version. I have also tested it in the unboxed state of the box, using only 2SC2922 and 2SA1943 final transistors, this amplifier is capable of high enough power until my speakers are damaged and also my smps is damaged This power amplifier is tough enough, none of my final transistors parallels broken.

here is the circuit scheme of the stereo power amplifier yiroshi, the scheme below is still the same with the yiroshi circuit that superpower driver before, only later will replace the transistor previously used TIP3055 and TIP2955 I replace it with transistor 2SC5200 and 2SA1943. Because the previous transistor has only a maximum voltage of 60Volt with a maximum current of 15Ampere, so it is advisable to use a larger transistor maximum voltage and current. If for 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 transistors this is enough for me, maximum CE CE voltage up to 230V and maximum current up to 15 Ampere.
stereo power amplifier yiroshi NJW0302 NJW0281
In the above circuit scheme is a combined stereo of two series of yiroshi power amplifiers, so to list the components to make it easier for you to buy, please just look at the previous post here Yiroshi Power Amplifier Circuit.

To make it easier for this yiroshi amplifier circuit you can use this PCB Layout design:
PCB Layout design for stereo power amplifier yiroshi.

PCB Final Transistor Parallel for stereo amplifier yiroshi driver.
PCB Layout transistor final for yiroshi amplifier

I have made this stereo yiroshi power amplifier circuit, but this is still in the test process stage. and it turns out for PCB Layout for the driver you have to reverse the position of all transistors, so the same face with the top component layout. Later you will be able to see the location and position of the transistor, after the power amplifier is finished and ready to be produced.

For the final transistor, on this yiroshi stereo amplifier project, I do not use transistor Toshiba 2sc5200 and 2sa1943 as well as sanken transistor 2sc2922 and 2sa1216.

I am using transistor NJW0302 and NJW0281, the transistor price of NJW0302 and NJW0281 is almost the same as Toshiba transistor 2sc5200 and 2sa1943.

Both transistors both have 150Watt power output, and IC 15Ampere but for VCEO and VCBO are different, a 20Volt difference is higher transistor NJW0302 and NJW0281, where the maximum voltage is 250Volt.

The following is a final transistor picture of NJW0302 which is embedded in the PCB:
transistor NJW0302 and NJW0281 VS 2SA1943 2SC5200

And this is the final transistor image I've paralleled using the PCB Design layout above.I am using 14 pairs of NJW0302 and NJW0281 transistors and for per channel yiroshi driver I use 7 pairs of transistors.
Parallel final transistor NJW0302 NJW0281
Already tested power amplifier yiroshi I will supply with 20Ampere 60Volt Switching Mode Power Supply 
Stereo Yiroshi power amplifier high power amp circuit


Download File PCB Layout.PDF
PCB Stereo Yiroshi Amplifier
Transistor Final Top
Transistor Final Bottom