Thursday, June 21, 2018

Join PCB Design Contest To Win $1000

PCBWay design contest, pcb design contest
PCBWay is a PCB prototype and assembly manufacturer with over 10 years experience. In order to provide a platform for electronic hobbyists to communicate and learn from each other, they hold the PCB design contest.

Compared to the 1st PCB design contest, this time not only the prize become better, but also they invite so many experienced engineer as judge, such as Kicad project leader “Wayne Stambaugh”, Diptrace senior engineer “Alex Mihailenko”.

Now let’s look at the specific circumstances of the contest: 

1. Rewards

“The Best Designs”
1st Prize:  $1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
2nd Prize:  $500 in cash + $50 in coupons+ 5000 PCBWay Beans
3rd Prize:  $200 in cash + $20 in coupons+ 2000 PCBWay Beans

“The Most Popular Designs”
1st Prize: $1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
2nd Prize:  $500 in cash + $50 in coupons+ 5000 PCBWay Beans
3rd Prize:  $200 in cash + $20 in coupons+ 2000 PCBWay Beans

Special Prize for Assistive Technology (AT) 
$1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
2. How to join and post your project?

a. Choose your PCB design parameters and upload PCB file 
PCB Design contest pcbway

PCBWay PCB Design Contest

b. Share your project by click “Share & Sell” button
PCB Design Contest

c. Describe your PCB project. (Add Keywords: PCB Design Contest)
PCB Design Contest PCBWay

Now let's start and join the PCB design contest to get $ 1000!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

200W Super Simple Power Amplifier

Hello guys, this time I will share a circuit of the power amplifier that is very simple but still put forward the sound quality and the power is quite large. This is a super simple power amplifier 200Watt output power that driven by final transistor 2SA1943 and 2SC5200 1 set. Power amplifier type is OCL with Class AB system, and include bias trimpot for setting DC Output power amplifier.
Below is the super simple power amplifier circuit diagram.
200W Super Simple Power Amplifier Circuit
Component List:
R1 100k
R2 33k
R3,R6 560R
R4-R5,R8 27k
R7,R9 56R
R10 1k
R11 4k7
R12 10k
R13-R14 330R
R15-R16 0R22
Q1-Q2 2N5401
Q3 MJE350
Q4 MJE340
Q5 C4793
Q6 A1837
Q7 2SC5200
Q8 2SA1943
D1-D5 1N4007

Connector J1 is for audio signal input, J2 Power Amplifier Output, J3 -VDC, J4 +VDC, J5 GND.

This Super Simple Power Amplifier 200W it can work with Power Supply minimum 25VDC up to 45VDC. It can deliver maximum output power up to 200W with 8 Ohm impedance output load.

Below the PCB Layout Super simple power amplifier in 2 Layout Gerber view.
PCB Layout design 200W Super Simple Power Amplifier

Friday, June 15, 2018

Why PCBWay is the best PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

As an electronic engineer, we often run into a situation: you have a new idea and designed the circuit schematic, but feel overwhelmed if prototype, purchase components and assembly by yourself.

Considering everyone’s needs, here we recommend you the most suitable PCB Assembly Company ---PCBWay

PCBWay is a Chinese manufacturer with over 10 years' experience in PCB prototype and assembly service. They have helped so many electronics engineers assemble projects. Their excellent service wins wide reputation from all over word engineers. The following are a few reasons why we recommend PCBWay Assembly Service.

1. PCB Assembly service only $88/10 pcs and Free Shipping
To help more electronic enthusiasts build projects at a lower price, PCBWay decided assembly price dropped to $88/10 pcs and the free stencils (usually frameless is $10). What is more, they added a production line last month to upgrade their assembly service, it helps reduce delivery time significantly.

PCBWay logo

A new event is held on 2nd, May at PCBWay----Free Shipment for Assembly Order. Once you place PCB assembly order, it will reduce freight cost.

PCB Assembly

Usually, you can get professional reply within 24 hours, there are sales on duty at any time. Or you can use online chat with them.

2. Crowdfunding project will enjoy 6% off (up to $300)

Kickstarter's mission is "Bring your project to life". That can’t be better if bring a project to life at a lower price. In order to help creators, PCBWay cooperated with Kickstarter and Crowd Supply platform, any crowd-funding project that assembly in PCBWay will enjoy 6% off (up to $300). Detail information check here:
PCB Way cheap

3. Component Quality assurance

As we mentioned before, PCBWay added a new production line (link to
) to upgrade their assembly service. It means less money for better service. And the components they purchased are all original from Digikey, Mouser, etc. It will help you avoid losses due to the use of bad quality components. Usually, the delivery time of assembly is 15 days.

4. Perfect After-Sales Service
This is the most prominent feature service of PCBWay. I am not sure whether you ever deal with after-sale issues with other company, it will make you frustrate. Most of them shirk responsibility and do nothing.

There is an after-sales service channel on PCBWay background system. If you are not satisfied with the PCB quality or service, you can make a complaint directly and their after-sales team will respond to you within 24 hours. If is their problem, they will refund or reproduce for you. It is so wonderful, they are really a responsible company like Amazon in PCB field.

How to ordering pcbway

PCBWay Production

Above all, if you need PCB assembly service, just try PCBWay.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

LM1036 Stereo Tone Control

lm1036 tone control stereo
On this occasion I will share the stereo tone control circuit scheme using LM1036 IC, tone control circuit is highly recommended for the use of power amplifiers with room-scale that can produce a very clear sound, bass tones are more powerful, clear vocal sound and clear treble.

This tone control circuit has four settings for volume, balance, treble, and bass. below for circuit diagram tone control LM1036:
tone control lm1036 stereo circuit diagram
Component List:
C1= 47U
C2, C16= 470n
C3, C15= 1n
C4, C7, C9, C12= 220n
C5, C14= 10U
C6, C13= 330n
C8= 10n
C10-C11= 1u
R1-R4= 47k
U1= LM1036

LM1036 Features from Datasheet:
• Wide Supply Voltage Range, 9V to 16V volume and balance circuit for stereo applications in 
• Large Volume Control Range, 75 dB Typical car radio, TV and audio systems. An additional 
• Tone Control, ±15 dB Typical control input allows loudness compensation to be simply effected.
• Channel Separation, 75 dB Typical 
• Low Distortion, 0.06% Typical for An Input Four control inputs provide control of the bass, treble, Level of 0.3 Vrms balance and volume functions through application of DC voltages from a remote control system or, 
• High Signal to Noise, 80 dB Typical for an alternatively, from four potentiometers which may be Input Level of 0.3 Vrms biased from a zener regulated supply provided on the 
• Few External Components Required

LM1036 IC Diagram:
For who want to make this lm1036 Tone control circuit, I have provided PCB file with PDF format that you can print and transfer to PCB. That way you can easily make this tone control circuit without complicated manual connecting. How to transfer images to PCB.
PCB Layout Tone Control lm1036 stereo

Sunday, May 27, 2018

1200W Power Amplifier Crown XLS 1200

Power Amplifier Crown 1200W CROWN XLS
This time I will share about power amplifier circuit Crown XLS x6FT, where this power amplifier can be produced 1200W RMS. This power amplifier Crown XLS x6FT can be supplied with a voltage of at least 45V DC to 90V DC, and to get maximum power you can use a Power supply with high voltage and current. For example, using 75V 20A. Final Transistor power amplifier using 6x 2SC5200 / 2SA1943. Below you can see the schematic power amplifier.
Crown XLS schematic power amplifier
crown power amplifier circuit diagram

PCB Layout Crown XLS power amplifier 2 Layer
PCB Power Amplifier crown XLS
Power amplifier crown PCB Layout
Finished PCB Power Amplifier Crown 1200W
PCB High Power Amplifier Crown 1200W

Crown Power Amplifier circuit

Schematic + PCB Layout design Power Amplifier Crown XLS.RAR


Friday, May 25, 2018

HiFi Class-D Discrete Power Amplifier

HiFi Class-D Discrete Power Amplifier
Hello, friends this time I will share the scheme of class-d power amplifier circuit using discrete components (transistors, resistors, capacitors) without using IC. The power amplifier can produce output power 200 Watt to 500W RMS, which only use final transistor Mosfet N-channel as much as 2 pieces. In this circuit, I use 2 pieces of final transistor IRF540. This IRF540 MOSFET transistor can control voltage up to 100V with maximum current 28A continuously. So I just use the transistor for the final amplifier (switching PWM). Power amplifier class-d super HiFi can be supplied up to 45V DC CT. and for circuit schematics also PCB Layout design I can see below:

HiFi Class-D Discrete Power Amplifier Circuit
PCB Layout in 2 Layers:
PCB Layout Design HiFi Class-D Discrete Power Amplifier


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Subwoofer Filter 4558 complete Power Supply

Subwoofer Filter 4558 circuit

Hello friends, this time I will share the 4558 filter subwoofer circuit which is similar to the previous filter subwoofer. Why is a subwoofer filter needed for a power amplifier circuit? For the important problem whether or not it depends on the usefulness of the power amplifier itself, whether the power amplifier is devoted to subwoofer speakers or not. If so, then this subwoofer circuit is very important.

Usefulness is very good, but it also can clarify the low tone and eliminate the middle tone and high tone, so that bass issued by subwoofer speakers getting kicked. Back to the topic of this subwoofer circuit, this circuit I design and I modify it by adding a regulated power supply circuit by IC 7815 and 7915. Below the circuit schematic of subwoofer filter complete power supply:

Subwoofer Filter 4558
 PCB Layout Design Subwoofer Filter Circuit:
PCB Layout Subwoofer FIlter 4558
 PCB Layout Design Subwoofer Filter in two layers:
PCB Layout Design Subwoofer Filter 4558 in two layers

PCB Layout Subwoofer Filter (top).pdf
PCB Layout Subwoofer Filter (bottom).pdf
PCB Layout Subwoofer Filter.Gerber 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Class-D Power Amplifier Circuit D1K5

On this occasion, I will share the power amplifier circuit, power amplifier circuit with the class-d system. The power amplifier is very good used for large power. This power amplifier can be supplied from 65V to 95V DC with a minimum current of 10A or better. And can generate power up to 1500Watt RMS, so big is not it?

The D-class amplifier is an electronic amplifier that uses transistor switching as the primary method for power, unlike class A, class B, or AB-class linear amplifier that uses the active resistance of the transistor. Therefore, this amplifier has a higher benefit, with additional results for the required heat sink. Filter the LC pass under smoothing the pulses.

The efficiency of a high D-class amplifier stems from the fact that the output stage never operates in a linear or active state. The output of the D-class amplifier consists only of ON or OFF. When the appliance is alive, the current that flows is maximum, but the voltage that runs it is ideally zero, and when the appliance dies, the voltage that stretches it is maximized, but the current that flows is zero.

Below the 2 Layers PCB Layout Power amplifier Class-D D1K5:
PCB Layout Power amplifier Class-D D1K5

Finished Power Amplifier 1500W Class-D D1k5
High Power Amplifier Class-D Circuit

Power Amplifier Class-D D1K5

Power Amplifier class d 1500W

Video Power Amplifier 

Gerber Files: Class D D1K5

Friday, May 04, 2018

Power SOCL504 2.1 Channel Amplifier

Power Amplifier SOCL 504 for stereo + subwoofer speakers
This is my project about Power Amplifier SOCL504, which I applied for the use of 2.1 (stereo + subwoofer) speaker system. Why am I using this SOCL504 driver for the use of 2.1 speaker channels? Yes, because the power amplifier driver is very suitable for use in various places, both in the homeroom and outdoors. And for the sound produced is also very satisfactory. Adopted from a variety of modifications SOCL504 power amplifier, this circuit highly recommends for you who like to make audio power amplifier.

And below for the SOCL504 power amplifier circuit that I combine to get a power amplifier with a 2.1 channel speaker system.

Power SOCL504 2.1 Channel Amplifier Circuit Schematic
Circuit Description
There are 3 sets of power amplifier SOCL 504, in the blue and green line is using for stereo (satellite speaker's) and the red line is using for subwoofer speaker. The 3 power amplifier SOCL504 I have prepared for its preamplifier you can see here: 2.1 Channel Preamplifier.
The difference between the stereo and the subwoofer amplifier is found in the capacitor of the A1837 and C4793 driver transistors. For stereo power amplifier I use 220pF and my subwoofer uses 100pF. What is the purpose?
The goal is to place high-frequency output. The higher pico size of the capacitor, the high tone gets bigger so the treble sound will get out but its make more noise also. And the right value is 220pF and the subwoofer amplifier uses 100pF.
In addition to capacitors, the final transistor is also different. Only in number, for stereo amplifiers use 1 set 2SC5200 2SA11943 and subwoofer amp using 2 final sets of transistors. It aims to distinguish the output power and power amplifier power to control the small or large power speakers. And obviously for subwoofer speakers will need more power so that I put 2 pieces of the final transistor for the subwoofer amplifier.
The power supply uses a bridge diode that I give the capacitor to filter and coupling AC to DC circuit. and my capacitors bank and filters use 24 x 680uF - 1000uF / 100V and 4 x 100N / 275V. The input AC voltage is very wide, starting from 20V AC - 75V AC CT.

Speaker impedance: 4-8ohm
Supply voltage: AC 20-75V CT MIN 10A 
Final Transistor: Toshiba 2SC5200 NPN, 2SA1943 PNP
Channel: 3 channel (left, right, subwoofer) using this 2.1 Preamplifier Circuit
Total Output power: 200W * 2 + 600W * 1 subwoofer (Upgradable)
Output matching: 4-8 ohm
Frequency response range: 14-100khz

2 Layers PCB Layout SOCL504 Power Amplifier
PCB Layout Power SOCL504 2.1 Channel Amplifier
PCB Size 300mm x 135mm
For its PCB I provide 2 files that are in PDF format and Gerber RS274-X. Please download later at the end of the post. For pdf format, you can make it in double layer PCB with black and white picture top and bottom, make your own PCB tutorial you can see on my youtube channel video list. And for Gerber files, you can upload and order to PCB Prototype sites I highly recommend that PCBWay.com. Why PCBWay is recommended?
Because PCBWay is the most professional PCB manufacturer for prototype and low volume production. With more than a decade in the field, PCBWay committed to meet the needs of customers from various industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and other requests. As one of the PCB manufacturers and the most experienced SMT Assembler in China, PCBWay is strongly recommended to be your friend in terms of PCB production and component assembly. For ways to upload and order you can see in the video below along with designing the PCB. 

Complete Video Power Amplifier SOCL504 for 2.1 Channel Speakers.

PDF : Stereo + Subwoofer Power Amplifier SOCL504
Password: elcircuit.com

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

2.1 Stereo + Subwoofer Preamplifier Circuit

2.1 audio preamp  2.1 channel home amplifier  2.1 amplifier home  parasound p5 2.1 preamp  2.1 amplifier receiver  2.1 channel amplifier  preamp with room correction  amplifier 2.1 speaker system

Pre-amp 2.1 Stereo + Subwoofer this system is part of tone control for speaker 2.1 channel system. This 2.1 audio preamplifier circuit there are some settings, for subwoofer settings, there are VOLUME SUBWOOFER, FREQUENCY, and PHASE. As for stereo channel or satellite speakers, there are settings VOLUME, MIDDLE, TREBLE, AND MIDBASS. This circuit is very compatible with 2.1 Channel home audio amplifier and can be applied to car audio 2.1 channel amplifier.

Below the circuit schematic of 2.1 Preamp Tone Control:
2.1 amplifier circuit board
Component List
R1, R5= 5K6
R2, R6, R9, R33, R45, R46= 22K
R3, R4, R7, R8, R15, R21, R30, R31, R37, R42= 10K
R10, R25, R34= 68K
R11, R14, R16, R17, R20, R22, R47, R48= 1K
R12, R13, R18, R19= 100K
R23= 27K
R24= 470K
R26, R27= 3K9
R28, R29= 15K
R32= 100R
R35, R36, R40, R41= 8K2
R38, R39, R43, R44= 4K7
C1, C3, C6, C8=1u/25V
C2, C7, C13, C16= 22p
C4, C5, C9, C10= 56N/ 47N
C11, C14= 470N
C12, C15= 1N
C17, C18, C19, C20, C22, C24=100N
C21= 220N
C23= 47N
C25= 68N
C26, C29= 4N7
C27, C30= 10N
C28, C31= 2N2
C32, C33= 1000uF 50V
C34, C35= 22uF/50V
C36, C37, C40, C41, C42, C43= 220uF/ 25V
C38, C39, C44, C45= 100N
D1, D2, D3, D4=1N4007
D5, D6= Zener 12V - 15V
U1, U2, U3= NE5532
U4= TL084
Q1= TIP31 
Q2= TIP32
J1= Stereo Input
J2= Stereo + Subwoofer Ouptut 1.Sub Out 2. L Out 3.R Out 4. Gnd
J3= V Input AC 20V CT

PCB Layout Design

2.1 audio preamp  2.1 channel home amplifier  2.1 amplifier home  parasound p5 2.1 preamp  2.1 amplifier receiver  2.1 channel amplifier  preamp with room correction  amplifier 2.1 speaker system

Gerber Files= 2.1 Preamplifier PCB Gerber