Tuesday, November 06, 2018

CLASS-D Power Amplifier D900 IR2110 - SMD

Class-D D900 IR2110 Power Amplifier

On this occasion I will share a very good and simple D-class power amplifier scheme with 900W RMS power, this scheme I design in Easyeda. This scheme originally is made by Mr.Kartino Surodipo.  This D900 new design have 2 features that is New Feedback design and Input Comparator. here is the power amplifier scheme:
D900 IR2110 Schematic
Downlaod Schematic .PDF for more detail: Schematic Class-D Power Amplifier D900 IR2110 SMD

I design the pcb layout using the SMD component, and you can see the component list via .xls file download here: BoM CLASS-D Power Amplifier D900 IR2110 - SMD

Recommended Power Supply that using for this class-d amplifier: 50VDC - 90VDC with current minimum 10A.

PCB Layout D900

PCB Layout Class-D D900

Power Amplifier Class-D D900 SMD

Saturday, September 29, 2018

DIY 2x300W High-Performance TAS5630 Class-D Amplifier

What I previously posted 600W Stereo Class-D Amplifier TAS5630, The TAS5630 power will be upgraded with an additional preamplifier OPA1632 and OPA2134, and for the Op-Amp power supply and + 12V bias, TAS5630 amplifiers use a voltage regulator circuit LM317 (TL317) and LM337 (TL337). So that this power amplifier can produce high-performance sound, with very low THD. Power amplifiers can be used for all frequency ranging from low frequency to high frequency. There was also the addition of indicator such as Ready, Reset, OTW, / SD indicator.  Here are the circuit schemes from Power Amplifier TAS5630 2x300 Watt High-performance Class-D amplifier.

TAS5630 Class-D Amplifier Schematic.
class-d power amplifier circuit
OPA1632 High-Performance, Fully-Differential Audio Operational Amplifier + OPA2134 High Performance Op-Amp circuit.
TAS5630 class-d amplifier circuit
 Power Amplifier indicator, Voltage control VCM, Voltage Regulator schematic.
CLass-d Power amplifier tas5630
Power Amplifier Part List.

tas5630 class-d amplifier circuit

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Gerber File Power Amplifier Class-D D4K5

Gerber File class-d power amplifier d4k5
For Gerber files needed for the process of making PCB D4K5 class-d amplifiers, you can see the amplifier scheme here: 4500W High Power Class-D Amplifier D4K5, There are so many DIY'ers friends requesting this D4K5 Class-D PCB file, Download the Gerber file at the very bottom of this post. And before you download this D4K5 PCB D-class.

I will share tips on how to order PCB on JLCPCB by using a PCB d4k5 Gerber file. Here's how to order in JLCPCB:

1. At first, visit JLCPCB (https://jlcpcb.com/) then register the account or log in if you already have a JLCPCB account.
Gerber File Power Amplifier Class-D D4K5

2. Click quote now and will open a new tab.

JLCPCB Shipping

3. Click add your Gerber file, and file explorer will appear.
4. Select the file D4K5 - CADCAM file that has been downloaded.
5. Click Open and please wait for file uploading.

JLCPCB free shipping

After Gerber file uploaded you can see the PCB Layout and see PCB dimensions automatically.

JLCPCB shipping cost

Select the PCB option as shown below or as you wish, you can change the PCB color, PCB thickness, etc.
JLCPCB design rules

7. Click SAVE TO CART, to put in a shopping basket

JLCPCB componenets

8. Click Checkout securely

JLCPCB review payment

9. Add shipping address
10. Fill in the form according to your shipping address.

JLCPCB payment method

11. Then click Checkout, after you choose shipping courier and choose a payment method.

JLCPCB free shipping

For the payment method review before payment, you must wait for the gerber file to be reviewed before making a payment.

JLCPCB free payment

12. Pay button is not yet available when reviewing the gerber file has not been completed.

13. And when the review is complete you can pay for the next process of making PCB and shipping to your address.
JLCPCB discount

Example of a package box JLCPCB
JLCPCB review

This PCB Power Amplifier CLass-D D4K5 ordered at JLCPCB.com
PCB Power D4K5 Power Amplifier Class-D 4500W
PCB class d full bridge class-d d4k5 power amplifier


Video Assembling and Test

Friday, September 07, 2018

Best Place to Buy Electronic Components Online in India for Business

India is witnessing unprecedented growth as a developing country and this is also reflected on the electronic front. The market for electronic products is expected to continue its explosive growth with analysts expecting the industry to be worth about $130 billion this year 2018. This growth will no doubt be driven by rising local demands although about 70 percent of the total demands for electronic components are fulfilled through imports.

For the various companies; both small and large ones who are the drivers at the forefront of this electronic revolution, it is always a hard work trying to find a reliable components supplier from whom they can source their electronic components. Because of the unavailability of a good supply chain among other problems, these people whose profession and activities revolve around the use of quality electronic components often face a hard task.

Major problems electronic components users face in India
 It’s no denying the fact that lots of electronic components distributors are gradually investing into e-commerce both to expand their own reach and enable the customers to buy conveniently on their own timetable. We’ll briefly discuss a few of the problem most people face after which we’ll then discuss the best place to buy electronic component online in India.

The “BOM” Problem –do you really need to purchase one by one?
For most buyers, purchasing electronic components online in India is still done the old-fashioned way, think telephone or fax. When you have to buy online from a distributor without a smooth and convenient BOM solution, then the process is still as painful and hard as it has always been. Take for instance a 100 “board in a box” PCBA with about 200 different parts. Imagine the pain if you have to purchase each part separately when you need this for work? Do you continue to repeat the same process of finding the part, clicking the details page, and adding part quantity over and over again? There’s got to be a way and there actually is!

How do you ensure the quality of your electronic components?
Counterfeit and fake products are not only experienced in the electronics industry. It is seen in virtually every business sector and for an industry of this nature and potential; it is something most electronic technicians would have to be wary of. Looking at how the electronics industry works, lots of electronic wastes are often repackaged and reshaped in Asia which is the destination of about 87% of the world’s total electronic waste. Those products that are not completely destroyed are usually repackaged and retouched after which they then enter circulation again.

Such substandard products not only impact parts performance, they also pose security challenges. The possibility of falling victim to such products is high. The penalties for distributing counterfeit products is not quite stiff making it even more attractive to criminals who are interested in making excessive profits from the hard-earned cash of unsuspecting individuals. Coupled with the absence of effective legislation and an ever-increasing demand for components, most people who often engage in buying electronic components in India often have to contend with quality challenges but with Allchips, this too can become a thing of the past.

How do you justify excessive electronic parts and the problem of parts NO.?
A lot of people choose to buy from Avnet. Some buy from Mouser while some others prefer Digikey. What all of these distributors have in common are their excessive electronic components’ prices. For the small companies and electronic technicians who are the majority of users, this can pose a big problem. With all of these problems, where then do we recommend that you buy electronic components online in India? 

Allchips: India’s best electronic components online marketplace
Allchips have come a long way and can easily lay claim to being the best place to buy electronic components online in India. The Allchips story is a truly inspiring one. The company which was founded by the Walsoon in 2007 why Allchips?
Aside from the voluminous stock available and the credibility of Allchips, there are still a lot of other reasons why people who buy electronic components in India can rely on Allchips’ online platform to meet their components needs. 

Along with working with partners that either meet or exceed international certification standards, Allchips sets out to make purchases easier, convenient, valuable, and hitch-free compared to most other distributors of electronic parts in India. 

There is the smart and intelligent BOM service which eliminates the avoidable troubles associated with other distributors who fall short of this standard. The Allchips BOM IN ONE BOX is a one-stop purchasing and stocking service that makes it very easy and stress-free to place orders and purchases online without undergoing the usually rigorous repetitive processes.
as made a series of acquisitions and accomplishments over the years to become one of the best electronic component distributors globally. The electronic components supply chain platform has more than 100,000,000 parts in stock and is in partnership with about 2500 international brands with ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standard certifications. 

Best Place to Buy Electronic Components Online in India for Business

Purchasing Service
With 30 professional purchasers having more than 5 years of experience in the field, the purchasing service is made much faster and responsive. BOM lists are typically replied within 6 hours and all electronic components in your BOM list are delivered “IN ONE BOX”.
Stocking service
Allchips new storage center of 2018 is meant to increase speed by as much as up to 10 times faster. This will eliminate most of the problems people often face as the storage capacity and the speed of delivery will both be greatly improved.

Quality guarantee
Even with so much stock, Allchips only deals original manufacturers and authorized agents. Knowing this, you can rest assured that quality will always be at its very best as they offer absolutely genuine products. With a 360-days quality guarantee, Allchips guarantees there won’t be any fake or counterfeit product.
First-class support service
Customer experience is also important in today’s marketplace and Allchips has an excellent after sales service that is up there with the very best. With all of these benefits and a host of others, Allchips is definitely the best place to buy electronic components online in India. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

600W Stereo Class-D Amplifier TAS5630

High-power class D amplifier using TAS5630 IC, with integrated closed-loop feedback technology (known as PurePath HD technology) with the ability to drive up to 300W mono 600W stereo. Stereo into 4-Ω to 8-Ω speakers from a single 50-V power supply voltage Class-G Power Supply. 

PurePath HD technology enables traditional AB-amplifier performance (< 0.03% THD) levels while – Stereo Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) providing the power efficiency of traditional class-D amplifier.

PurePath HD technology enables lower idle losses making the device even more efficient. Coupled with TI’s class-G power-supply reference design for TAS563x, industry-leading levels of efficiency can be achieved.

Power Amplifier Schematic Typical Differential-Input BTL Application With BD Modulation Filters, DKD Package:
600W Stereo Class-D Amplifier TAS5630

PCB Layout design, for DIY'ers you can download PDF format at the end of this post.
PCB Layout TAS5630

PCB Layout for TAS5630 Typical Differential-Input BTL Application With BD Modulation Filters, DKD Package:
PCB Layout TAS5630 class-d amplifier circuit

PCB Layout TAS5630 design

3D Visualizer for TAS5630 Typical Differential-Input BTL Application With BD Modulation Filters, DKD Package:
TAS5630 PCB Layout

Video How to make your own PCB Layout for TAS5630
TAS5630 BoM
TAS5630 PCB Layout Typical Differential-Input BTL Application With BD Modulation Filters, DKD Package

TAS5630 Datasheet

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Comparator Circuit Class-D Amplifier

Class D - Class D audio amplifier is a switching amplifier or PWM as previously explained. By applying the Switching model can reduce power loss in the final amplifier and allow for 90% - 95% efficiency. The input audio signal is used to modulate the PWM carrier signal that drives the final amplifier. Before being fed to the speaker first pass the Low Pass Filter (LPF) to eliminate the high frequency of the PWM carrier.

Then what is the function of the comparator in the class-d amplifier?

Comparator serves to digitize the audio input signal by comparing the audio signal with the sawtooth signal. The result of this comparison circuit is a digital copy signal from the analog audio input signal. Low-frequency components of digital signals represent audio input signals, while high-frequency components of digital signals are not used or ignored.

But the schematic that I shared this only in the error amp section is not complete, this I made because to replace the damaged error amp section per block. So just install this circuit to power-d class, a class-d power amplifier that can be used is like:
Schematic Diagram:

Comparator Circuit Class-D Amplifier
Connector Description:
IN= Audio Input
O= Feedback
V-=Power Voltage Amplifier (-V)
V+= Power Voltage Amplifier (+)
B= To Base 2N5401

Part list for the schematic above you can download from the link at the end of this post.

PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout Comparator Circuit Class-D Amplifier
 3D Visual Design
Comparator Circuit Class-D Amplifier

Comparator Circuit Class-D Amplifier
BoM (Bill of Materials)
PCB Layout PDF

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Subwoofer Power Amplifier Class-D Dual Bridge TPA3116D2

Subwoofer Power Amplifier Class-D Dual Bridge TPA3116D2
In this post, I will share the circuit scheme and PCB layout of the Power Amplifier Subwoofer that uses the TPA3116D2 IC, TPA3116D2 is an amplifier chip with a Class-D system which also has many features. Features>90% Power Efficiency Combined With Low Idle Loss Greatly Reduces Heat Sink Size, there is also thermal protection, overload current output, etc.

Power amplifiers are suitable for use subwoofer speakers, and the performance is very good. The power amplifier also has a wide power voltage ranging from 5V to 24V. And the recommendation for the subwoofer amplifier circuit using this TPA IC is 24VDC. The following is the circuit scheme of the Subwoofer Power amplifier using the TPA3116D2 IC and 4558 Preamp:

Circuit Subwoofer Power Amplifier Class-D Dual Bridge TPA3116D2
For component lists you can download the BOM (Bill of Materials) Link

In the above scheme there are several circuits, namely:

12V regulated PSU, I use this regulator circuit to supply Preamp 4558 voltage and 4558 Subwoofer filter. Why should the voltage be regulated 12V? because the suitable voltage for the 4558 filter preamp and subwoofer is 12V. So when we use 24V voltage, then the voltage entering the 12V preamp is not more. If the 24V voltage goes into this preamp it will cause a sound defect or it can make the IC burn (IC 4558).

Preamp 4558 and Subwoofer Filter, this circuit is used to amplify input signals and filter low (Bass) tones with output frequencies ranging from 10Hz-250Hz. So the power amplifier will work and only produces bass or low tones.

2x TPA3116D2 Bridge Mode, this is a Class-D power amplifier circuit that I assemble in such a way as to maximize IC performance. By using 2 pieces of TPA3116D2 IC which are bridged so that it can produce an output power of up to 100W/CH with 24V power voltage and 4 Ohm output impedance. Why do I use 2 power amplifiers? because I will use double coil speakers. Where the power /channel will control 1 piece of coil speaker, this will make the subwoofer speaker more bass, and more sub kick.

To make it easier to assemble this power amplifier, I have prepared a PCB Layout along with a PDF file that you can download at the end of the post.

PCB Power amplifier subwoofer tpa3116d2

PCB Double Layer from JLCPCB

TPA3116D2 PCB Layout power amplifier
 Top Layer

TPA3116 PCB Layout design
Bottom Layer

Very good quality PCB as detailed.
PCB from JLCPCB details:
  • Layers: 2
  • Dimension: 71mm * 86mm
  • PCB Qty: 15
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6
  • PCB Color: Red
  • Surface Finish: HASL (with lead)
  • Copper Weight: 1
  • Gold Fingers: No
  • Material Details: FR4-Standard Tg 140C
This video test Subwoofer Power Amplifier Class-D Dual Bridge TPA3116D2


Saturday, August 18, 2018

TPA3116D2 DIY Audio Class-D Amplifier

TPA3116D2 DIY Audio Class-D Amplifier
Tpa3116D2 is a booming power-class class D this time, because the power amplifier using this IC is very powerful and very simple, because this power amplifier is class-d, so the output efficiency is also very high. And in this post, I will make a class-d power amplifier using the TPA3116D2 IC with a BTL system that has an output of up to 100W. You can view the TPA3116D2 schematic and PDF PCB Layout in this post: TPA3116D2 Power amplifier class-D schematic. Immediately we make the PCB:

First print PCB layout using A4 paper size, you can use HVS paper or transfer paper. Use a laserjet printer don't use an inkjet printer.
PCB transfer paper

Then make water to transfer the pathway to the PCB from the mixture mosquito repellent lotion (Diethyltoluamide 15%) and enough water.
PCB transfer liquid

Pour the liquid into the PCB to taste. Do not be too much because it will make it difficult when rubbing paper, the paper will be soft and easily destroyed. Conversely, if it is less,  the path will be difficult to attach to the PCB.
DIY PCB TPA3116D2 transfer liquid

Attach the print paper to the PCB.
DIY PCB TPA3116D2 PCB Layout design

Give the plastic over it, then rub it gently while pressed so that the path can attach to the PCB properly.
How to transfer PCB from paper

After the PCB image has been transferred, repair the path if something is damaged when removing the paper. Then etching the PCB using ferric chloride or vixal and vanish.
DIY PCB power amplifeir class-d tpa3116D2

After etching, check the PCB path again whether there is a short or not. Use the Avometer and turn the switch to Ohm meter.
DIYaudio tpa3116d2 class-d amplifier

After checking the path all is normal, masking PCB using UV curable solder mask. By giving masking this PCB makes it easy for us to solder the SMD component and also the TPA3116D2 IC itself so that the solder tin or solder paste does not overflow everywhere.
diyaudio tpa3116D2 class-d amplifier

IC TPA3116D2 that I bought from WINSOURCE.NET
BUY TPA3116D2 IC from winsource electronics]

Solder carefully IC TPA3116D2.
TPA3116D2 diyaudio power amplifier class-d

Finished TPA3116D2 DIY class-d power amplifier 100W BTL.
diyaudio tpa3116d2 class-d amplifier

See complete DIY Audio tpa3116d2 in the following video: