Tuesday, August 14, 2018

TPA3116D2 Power amplifier class-D schematic

TPA3116D2 power amplifier circuit schematic
Hello on this occasion, I will share the circuit scheme and PCB class-d power amplifier using IC TPA3116D2/ TPA3116, Power Amplifier IC TPA3116D2 use is already no doubt his abilities, you can see the power amplifier TPA3116D2 KIT test video below, which is supplied with a voltage of 12V 15A:
In the video I used the TPA3116D2 stereo kit for driving Subwoofer speaker 8 Inch 4 Ohm 200W, kit TPA3116D2 stereo can produce 50W + 50W. And for the circuit scheme that I will share this is PBTL mode or mono output which can produce 100W power. Below for the schematic TPA3116D2 PBTL Mode.
Class D TPA3116D2 schematic circuit skema rangkaian

A little explanation with PBTL mode is quoted from the TPA3116D2 datasheet

Mono Mode (PBTL)
The TPA31xxD2 family can be connected in MONO mode enabling up to 100W output power. This is done by:
• Connect INPL and INNL directly to Ground (without capacitors) this sets the device in Mono mode during
power up.
• Connect OUTPR and OUTNR together for the positive speaker terminal and OUTNL and OUTPL together for
the negative pin.
• Analog input signal is applied to INPR and INNR
TPA3116D2 class-d power amplifier

For friends who want to create their own PCB, I provide images and PDF files to be printed using transfer paper to the paper size A4, the following PCB layout design image and PDF files is at the end of the posting that you can download.
TPA3116D2 PCB Layout design 100W Power Amplifier class d
PCB Layout TPA3116D2 PBTL 100W .PDF

PCBWay after-sale service review

When I need PCB prototype and PCB assembly service, the first manufacturer jumps to my mind is PCBWay. Because of their good PCB quality and excellent service, you can get a quick response for any questions.

Recently I am planning to participate in makerfaire that held in my city. I plan to show my Arduino project and offer small gifts to the audience who likes my project. I chose PCBWay ruler as a gift that found in PCBWay open source community, it seems very good.

PCB Way after-sale

After 7 days I received the PCBWay ruler, here is the picture:
PCB Layout cool design

This ruler looks beautiful, right? Good silkscreen, matt black solder mask, immersion gold, but did you find out anything wrong?

Yes, the series of holes, only the first three holes were immersion gold. I don't know why this problem happen as I noted that all the holes must immersion gold. This is the first time I met a production problem with PCBWay. Ok, I guess there is a first time for everything.
So what to do next? I found there is “Open Dispute” on this order:

PCBWay online service

PCB order PCBway

They have online after-sale system, wow, it’s good. I upload the picture, submit the reason and wait for their reply.

PCBway review

I don’t know how PCBWay generally deals with after-sale issues. To be honest I am a little nervous because I heard usually Chinese companies offer poorly after-sales service. I don’t know whether PCBWay will deal with such a small problem. It will be a loss for them if they reproduce and ship to me.

A few hours later I received emails from their after-sales team:

PCBWay review

It’s such a surprise! They took responsibility for their mistakes and reproduce the ruler in 24 hours. From here we can see that PCBWay has very high standards for themselves and care the feeling of clients.

Now I receive the new ruler.
PCBWay pcb layout design
It left a deep impression on me. I don’t think other companies’ after-sales service can compare with PCBWay’s. They are the “Amazon” in PCB prototype and assembly field.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

10 Channel Equalizer using 4558 IC

10 Channel Equalizer using 4558 IC

In this post, I will share about the equalizer for audio power amplifiers, more precisely the 10 Channel equalizer circuit. I designed this equalizer circuit using the op-amp 4558 IC as a signal amplifier that is regulated by capacitors and resistors. And the component that I use is the SMD component, why do I use the SMD component? because it can reduce the PCB dimension and reduce the noise level because the PCB path that can be pressed is as close as possible. For this 10 channel equalizer circuit scheme you can see below:

10 Channel Equalizer using 4558 IC
This equalizer circuit requires a symmetrical power supply of at least 12V to 15Volt, and settings ranging from RV 1 starting from 30Hz, 64Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, 20kHz.

For PCB layout I use a double layer using  60mm mono potentiometer. Following PCB Layout for 10 Channel Equalizer:
10 Channel Equalizer using 4558 IC
PCB Layout Equalizer 10 Channel .pdf

Thursday, July 26, 2018

2.1 HiFi Preamplifier LM1036 + Subwoofer Filter 4558

Hello friends, I have not updated this blog since I'm still busy with my latest project I uploaded on my youtube account. And on this occasion, I will share a series of HiFi preamplifier, more precisely 2.1 channel preamplifier. Wherein a 2.1 HiFi preamplifier circuit which serves as a tone control for two pieces of satellite speakers (stereo speakers) and also to set a low signal (subwoofer) / Low pass filter. Here is a circuit of 2.1 preamplifiers:
2.1 HiFi Preamplifier LM1036 + Subwoofer Filter 4558
In the above circuit scheme using IC LM1036 for its stereo tone control, why I use LM1036 IC? because, this IC is very good for a stereo tone control circuit which has 4 settings that are low, high, balance and volume. The sound issued using the IC LM1036 is very clean and clear. And the stereo tone control circuit using the LM1036 IC is very much in the market, and it costs about $ 15- $ 20 USD and is usually equipped with additional Op-Amp IC.

And this is where the excess of this 2.1 Preamplifier circuit, there is a circuit of stereo LM1036 and 4558 preamp and 4558 subwoofer filter that makes your subwoofer speakers more kicked once. In addition, this HiFi preamplifier 2.1 series also I have equipped with regulator power supply 15V 7815 and 7915 so do not have to bother making a power supply circuit from AC to DC voltage. You just give AC voltage of at least 12V - 24V. Interested to make this circuit?

I have prepared Gerber files and Bill of materials, download link you can see at the end of this post.

Gerber View and 3D Visual of 2.1 HiFi Preamplifier 
2.1 HiFi Preamplifier LM1036 + Subwoofer Filter 4558

PCB 2.1 HiFi Preamplifier LM1036 + Subwoofer Filter 4558

PCB 2.1 HiFi Preamplifier LM1036 + Subwoofer Filter 4558

Gerber File
Bill of Materials

Friday, July 06, 2018

Input Balance Power Amplifier 4558 - SMD

Input Balance Power Amplifier 4558 - SMD

Input Balance Power Amplifier is a circuit which will filter the original signal with a shadow signal so it will get a low noise input and a clear signal that will be forwarded to the power amplifier. There is a shadow signal or weakened signal from various interference on long cable input, so expect to use long cable at input either microphone cable or output cable mixer and other audio accessories.

This Input Balance circuit is suitable for installation on Yiroshi Amplifier, SOCL 504, or another power amplifier with no input balance.
This input balance circuit is highly recommended, and it is recommended to use long cable accessories. Do not underestimate the use of long cables, therefore long cable usage is often disrupted by wild signal either from radio frequency, wireless, or other signals. Besides being used for field audio, this input balance circuit can also be used for car audio that already uses a power amplifier, which can filter out wild signals into the car's power amplifier. Usually called audio storing, where the output power amplifier will issue noise that will be louder if RPM up. This input balance circuit can overcome these constraints.

Below the circuit diagram input balance power amplifier:
Input Balance Power Amplifier 4558 CIrcuit
Quantity   References Value Stock Code
5 C1-C4,C8 10U Digikey P5148-ND
2 C5-C6 100n Farnell 499-687
1 C7 220p Farnell 499-609
1 R1 5.60K Digikey 311-5.60KCDKR-ND
1 R2 4.75k Digikey RT0805DRD074K75L-ND
9 R3-R6,R10-R12,R14,R16 10K Digikey P10KCBTR-ND
2 R7-R8 47.0 Digikey RT1206FRE0747RL-ND
2 R9,R15 100k Digikey RT0805DRE07100KL-ND
1 R13 1.2K Digikey P1.2KZTR-ND
1 U1 RC4558
1 OUTPUT SIL-100-02
1 RV1 1k
*Package of SMD components you can search by using keywords from Stock-code.

This input balance can use power supply voltage 15V DC Symmetrical by using Op-Amp IC 4558 with SO8 SMD (Surface Mount Device) Package. Below the PCB layout design Input Balance SMD double layer:
PCB layout Input Balance Power Amplifier 4558 - SMD
PCB Size 25mm X 30mm


Thursday, July 05, 2018

Yiroshi Power Amplifier - SMD

This is my third project for Yiroshi Power Amplifier Circuit, the power amplifier circuit is very super quality, many have tested the power of this Yiroshi power amplifier. Power amplifier Yiroshi suitable for outdoor or indoor or used for the bass amplifier (subwoofer amplifier). Previously I have made this Yiroshi amp circuit in a stereo version of Yiroshi amplifier, which I have tested and worked well. 

But in this post, I make this Yiroshi power amplifier circuit by using some component of SMD (Surface Mount Device) in buffer circuit and its driver. Some components that I change to SMD eg 2N5401 transistors with mmbt5401, 2N5551 and mmbt5551 and some capacitors and resistors. And for transistor driver still use the same transistor as Yiroshi previous amplifier, as well as on the final part of the transistor which still uses 2SC5200 and 2SA1943. Here's the circuit scheme:

Yiroshi Power Amplifier - SMD
 Component List:
47KΩR2, R9, R440805
100ΩR3, R40805
560ΩR10, R111206
100Ω(100R)R16, R170805
220Ω(221)R18, R191206
100RR22, R230805
A1837Q11, Q15TO-220(TO-220-3)
C4793Q12, Q14TO-220(TO-220-3)
10Ω(10R)R27, R282512
100ΩR33, R361206
120Ω(121)R34, R352512
470Ω(471)R37, R382512
10ΩR39, R401210
0.47Ω(R47)R41, R42DIP-RES-15.5MMX5MM

Power amplifier Yyiroshi SMD has a PCB design is smaller because it uses some SMD part and with double layer PCB design so that the path and components can be arranged as neatly as possible and as small as possible. This is the first design of Yiroshi Power Amplifier that uses SMD part, allows for future I will update again with PCB smaller and can be more quality again. Here's PCB Layout design:
PCB Layout design Yiroshi amplifier

Top Bottom PCB Layout Design
Top Bottom PCB Layout Design Power Amplifeir yiroshi
PCB Size 83mm*58mm

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Power Amplifier SOCL 504 SMD Ver1.0

Power Amplifier SOCL 504 SMD

Super OCL or also called SOCL power amplifier in this post I present with a very mini design. Using multiple SMD components (Surface Mount Device) so as to reduce PCB dimensions due to very small components of size mm, but still has a very good power amplifier performance like the previous SOCL 504 power amplifier

For Power Amplifier SOCL 504 is the first I use in the smd part, which I publish with version 1.0, I will update later to obtain maximum results and minimalist design.

The following is a circuit schematic power amplifier SOCL 504 SMD:

Schematic circuit Power Amplifier SOCL 504 SMD

For component list you can download with PDF format here: Bill Of Materials for SOCL 504 smd ver 1 0

PCB Layout I design using double layer PCB you can print your own PCB by using double layer PCB or single layer that taped into two layers.
PCB Layout Design Power Amplifier SOCL 504 SMD

Download PCB Layout design .PDF: PCB Layout SOCL 504.PDF
Download Gerber Files: SOCL 504 SMD Ver 1.0

6 reasons PCBWay is the best PCB manufacturer

There is an increasing number of online PCB prototype companies in recent years, and the price is getting lower and lower, which is definitely good news for an electronic enthusiast. So which company offer the most cost-effective service?

Here I recommend the highly acclaimed PCB manufacturer- PCBWay
Their high-quality PCB and perfect service win wide reputation from all over word engineers. Here are 6 reasons why we recommend PCBWay.

1. PCB prototype as low as $5/10 pcs

The goal of PCBWay is "Better, Faster, Cheaper". In order to help more electronic enthusiasts build projects at a lower price, they are the first manufacturer to announce PCB prototype price will drop to $5/10pcs. The actual PCB prototype price is $ 0 after using the coupon for new registrants. What’s more, the stencil only needs $10. And the same price for different solder mask color. Generally speaking, the delivery time of PCBWay is only 2-3 days.

PCB prototype as low as $5/10 pcs

High-quality Raw Material of PCBWay

2. High-quality Raw Material of PCBWay 

Compared with other PCB manufacturers who use low-quality conductive adhesive materials, PCBWay always insists on quality first, using high-quality raw materials. For detailed reference to “Refuse conductive adhesive technology in PCB manufacture” 

Different raw materials can cause a huge gap in quality. Professional evaluation agencies ever detected PCB copper thickness and raw materials flame resistance that from PCBWay are better than other manufacturers.

3. You can track PCB production progress in PCBWay background

Are you curious about your PCB production statue after place order? Many companies don't support such services, but in the PCBWay background system, you can see the progress of the PCB production and track the express number after shipment.
 track PCB production progress in PCBWay background
4.      Share your PCB design in PCBWay community

PCBWay always support the development of open-source community and ever sponsored the 2017 Open Source Hardware Summit. In order to help electronic enthusiasts communicate with each other better, you can share your PCB design in PCBWay community and vote the most popular PCB design. If others like your design and place order, you can get 10% commission.

Share your PCB design in PCBWay community

5.       Apply for PCBWay sponsorship for your non-profit project

Considering a large proportion of electronics enthusiasts are students or beginners, there are dedicated channels for sponsorship to encourage them to create their own projects. PCbWay has sponsored more than 1000 projects so far, including robots, rockets, racing cars and so on. And they also sponsor Makerfaire, SHA2017 and other activities.
PCBWay sponsorship for your non-profit project

6.      Perfect After-sale Service of PCBWay
This is the most prominent feature service of PCBWay. I am not sure whether you ever deal with after-sale issues with other company, it will make you frustrated. Most of them shirk responsibility and do nothing.
There is an after-sales service channel on PCBWay background system. If you are not satisfied with the PCB quality or service, you can make a complaint directly and their after-sales team will respond to you within 24 hours. If it is their problem, they will refund or reproduce for you. It is so wonderful, they are really a responsible company like Amazon in PCB field.
Perfect After-sale Service of PCBWay

Above all, if you need PCB prototype service, just try PCBWay.

PCBWay will continue to improve its production capacity and bring more surprises to us. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

1600W Power Amplifier + Speaker Protector

1600W Power Amplifier + Speaker Protector
Power amplifier with high power output that is greatly needed by many audiophiles. Especially for field or concert, and in addition to the SPL car audio designation. Eg for controlling the use of extreme subwoofer speakers. So it takes a lot of power.
And the following is a power amplifier circuit that can generate output power up to 1600Watt at 4Ohm speaker load. In addition to having a large power, the power amplifier is already equipped with the protection of speakers. The function of the protection speakers is that the speakers are protected by DC voltage which can damage the speakers. It also can cut off the output current when the circuit occurs, so the power amplifier circuit remains safe.

Back to the discussion of this power amplifier. This power amplifier uses 4 final sets of 2SC3264 and 2SA1295 transistors. Where each transistor can flow current up to 18A and has power 200W.

To get a large power, the role of power supply amplifier is very important. Power supply for this amplifier at least 20A with max voltage 100V.

Below is the circuit scheme of 1600W Power Amplifier + Speaker Protector
Power amplifier with high power output
C1 1n
C2-C3 470n
C4-C6,C14 100u
C7,C15-C18 100u
C8 18p
C9 100n
C10-C11 10p
C12 150n
C13 100n
R1 33k
R2 220R
R3,R8,R46,R48 10k
R4-R5,R42 4k7
R6,R9 18k
R7 10R
R10 470R
R11-R12,R14 100R
R13 15k
R15 22k
R16-R17,R40 100R
R18-R21 120R
R22-R23 470R
R24-R31 0R22
R32-R39 1R
R41 6k8-10k
R43 180k
R44 68k
R45 47k
R47 82R
U1 7812
Q1-Q4 BC546BP
Q5 BD681
Q6-Q8 MJE340
Q9-Q10 MJE350
Q11 A968
Q12 C2344
Q13-Q16 A1295
Q17-Q20 C3264
Q21-Q23 2N5551
D1 MZD15
D2 MZD18
D3,D10 LED
D4-D9,D11 1N4007
12V SIL-100-02
GND,OUT,V+,V- 26630101RP2
INPUT SIL-100-03
RV1 5K

Power amplifier blazer pcb

Assembling power amplifier blazer with PCB Double layer
Assembling power amplifier blazer with PCB Double layer

Resistor 1R/0.5W base divider final transistor soldered at the bottom PCB because topside PCB is filled with resistor 5W.
1000W monoblock power amplifier blazer

monoblock power amplifier blazer 1600W

XR2206 Function Signal Generator DIY Kit
Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board
Banggood App download (to get 10% off coupon)

PCB Layout 1600W Power Amplifier PDF
Bill of materials 1600W Power amplifier + speaker protector
Gerber files power amplifier + speaker protector

Join PCB Design Contest To Win $1000

PCBWay design contest, pcb design contest
PCBWay is a PCB prototype and assembly manufacturer with over 10 years experience. In order to provide a platform for electronic hobbyists to communicate and learn from each other, they hold the PCB design contest.

Compared to the 1st PCB design contest, this time not only the prize become better, but also they invite so many experienced engineer as judge, such as Kicad project leader “Wayne Stambaugh”, Diptrace senior engineer “Alex Mihailenko”.

Now let’s look at the specific circumstances of the contest: 

1. Rewards

“The Best Designs”
1st Prize:  $1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
2nd Prize:  $500 in cash + $50 in coupons+ 5000 PCBWay Beans
3rd Prize:  $200 in cash + $20 in coupons+ 2000 PCBWay Beans

“The Most Popular Designs”
1st Prize: $1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
2nd Prize:  $500 in cash + $50 in coupons+ 5000 PCBWay Beans
3rd Prize:  $200 in cash + $20 in coupons+ 2000 PCBWay Beans

Special Prize for Assistive Technology (AT) 
$1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans
2. How to join and post your project?

a. Choose your PCB design parameters and upload PCB file 
PCB Design contest pcbway

PCBWay PCB Design Contest

b. Share your project by click “Share & Sell” button
PCB Design Contest

c. Describe your PCB project. (Add Keywords: PCB Design Contest)
PCB Design Contest PCBWay

Now let's start and join the PCB design contest to get $ 1000!