Sunday, March 25, 2018

DIY 500W Class-D TL494 Switching Amplifier

Power Amplifier Class D using TL494 IRF N Channel mosfet
In this project, I will share about class-d power amplifier using TL494 IC for PWM, and use N-Channel MOSFET transistor as the final amplifier. This circuit is not so complicated and cheap to make practice making power amplifier class-d. This power amplifier circuit can be supplied with 30V to 100V DC asymmetric power supply using 8VDC bias voltage up to 12VDC. For the output power of this amplifier can generate power up to 500Watt, pretty good is not it? to make this power amplifier please see the circuit schematic of TL494 Power Amplifier below along with PCB Layout design that you can download in the form of .PDF format.
TL494 Power Amplifier Class-D SMPS Audio PWM to Audio
Part List:
C2, C3=1N
C4, C6=10uF/50V
C7, C9, C10=220uF-1000uF/100V
C8= 100N/400V
C11, C12= 1uF - 4u7F / 400V
Q1= MJE350
Q2, Q3=MJE340
Q4, Q5= IRF540, IRF460, IRF250, IRF 4227 N-Channel Mosfet
U1= TL494, TL494CN
L1= 22uH - 35uH
J1= Audio input
J2= Bias Voltage 8-12V
J3= +V 30- 100V DC
J4= Speaker Output

Below the PCB Layout Design for Power Amplifier Class-D TL494, You can download and print the PDF file:
PCB Power Amplifier TL494 Class-D Amplifier PWM SMPS Audio
Download PCB.PDF: PCB Power Amplifier TL494

DIY Power Amplifier class-d high power amplifier
In the picture above is when PCB I etching using Ferichloride and shake it into the container. For more details, I will update the video complete making this class-d power amplifier using TL494.

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


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can this be able to drive two 12" 420w RMS sony xplod bass ans two 12" 100w RMS cone speaker.

This look amazing, what is the THD for this amp?

Do not be deceive it does not work and is a scam. Please do class AB amplifier and live the scam yoy.wart your fund. Try Nelson pass circuit it has class A and class Ab they all work fine and the sound quality is of it best and you will be amazed.

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hi what is the minimum impedance that this amplifier supports?