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50 ohm dummy load

Assemble their own 50 ohm dummy load with a capacity of 40 watts. first of all we need is a 1k resistor 2watt as many as 20 seeds, plain PCB, and also the female connector just as the picture above. The first step is the form of a round PCB with the above picture just as much as 2 pieces of 3 cm diameter, to which drilled the diameter of the connector. 

With the goal as a PCB connector while the other will not need to be drilled due to the bottom. two pairs of resistors that is just as in the picture. if the test is finished living, 50 g 0hm what? if the resistor is not needed to be corrected again. What if want a bigger watt capacity, we simply replace the resistor, 1K5 ato 2k, of course, if using a 2k resistor smakin much we need. resistor which point no matter how much we want to attach. critical values ​​should be 50 ohms and the value of each resistor must be equal. survived the experiment may be useful

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