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Flip Flop Led Circuit

Flip Flop LED
Flip flop circuit is a series of free runing multivibrator given the burden of LEDs on each side of the transition changes its output signal. Flip flop circuit with LEDs is quite simple, that is prepared with 2 units and 2 units of 2N3904 transistor circuit tank circuit composed by the RC circuit. 
LED indicators signal a change that is placed on each side of the flip flop will be lit in turn by the fire and extinguished the same as the charge and discharge capacitor. Flip flop circuit is quite simple as shown in the picture below.

Flip Flop LED series

The working principle is the flip flop over when the series voltage source is given then the 10uF capacitor will be charged through R 470 and the LED will then be forwarded to triger the transistor base so that the transistor will turn ON and LEDs. this occurs alternately on each side, so that the LED light will illuminate in turn as well.

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