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10 Minute Timer with IC 555

Applications of 555 timer IC is very diverse, one series of 10 Minute Timer with IC 555. 10 Minute Timer This circuit uses IC NE555 is set as a monostable multivibrator. The timing of the timer circuit 10 minutes with the IC 555 is governed by the configuration of C2, R4 and R5. The greater the value of C2 at 10-minute timer circuit with IC 555 timer is active then the time will stay longer. 

Total resistance value between R4 and R5 also determine the active circuit 10 minute timer with IC 555, where the greater the value the longer time was also active. The core active setting the timer on the set of C2 charging time for 10 minutes on the timer circuit with IC 555. So, with the value of C2 remain so with time on the circuit timing Timer 10 minutes by IC 555 can be set by changing the resistance value R 4 + R 5. Indicators of active timer at 10 minute timer circuit with IC 555 uses the LED D2 and D3 will light up only one course to identify the active timer and the timer has not been met.

Figure 10 Minute Timer circuit with IC 555

10 Minute Timer with IC 555


S1 is used to set / reset timer
R5 is used to set the timer to the desired time

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