Thursday, February 01, 2018

Yamaha Power Amplifier PA-2400 Schematic & PCB

In this post I will only share the schematic circuit of Yamaha PA-2400 power amplifier, the Power Amplifier is very tough that has power up to 2000W even more. Yamaha Power Amplifier is very suitable for concerts, Dj amplifiers, or can also be used at home. With a wide power supply voltage ranging from 45V - 100V, it allows you to operate this Yamaha power amplifier.

Immediately, see the power amplifier circuit scheme:
Yamaha Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram PA-2400
If you want to make this Yamaha power amplifier please use PCB in the picture. If the picture is less clear please download link below:
Power Amplifier Yamaha PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout.PDF
This time i will update with my Yamaha Power Amplifier Driver + Final Transistor Toshiba 2SC5200 and 2SA1943. For PCB Driver more loud Bass you can download here:

See also my Video about making this PCB Driver Power Amplifier and testing Yamaha Power Amplifier PA-2400 more Bass sound output below: PCB Power Amplifier Driver.PDF

DIY PCB Power Amplifier Driver Video

Tested Yamaha PA-2400 Amplifier Video

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


Pls geve me diagram 1000w power amp

Pls geve me diagram 1000w power amp

Pls help me for making power amp 1000w or 1500w pls send may plss.....

It has huge noise after connect audio source ... how i handle it..

Maaf mas Wahyu. Oh ya ini power nya pakai power supply simetris kaya socl gak ya kang.... Tolong di jawab secepatnya kang Mau di coba soalnya

put input balance before main in, or try to change capacitors in driver transistor , lower than original parts.

iya mas pake power supply simetris (CT)

The yamaha pa2400 can produce it.

Pls bro if u can try this amp and troubleshoot if any errors and upload a correct pcb layout ...and video...

Pls bro if u can try this amp and troubleshoot if any errors and upload a correct pcb layout ...and video...

Pls wahyu concerns abut my matter...

Yeah its tested on video youtube

mas Wahyu, saya udah ada Yiroshi jk dibanding dng Yamaha ini powerfull mana ( untuk nada low / sub nya ). Untuk kejernihan suara vote mana, terima kasih. Sallam

Pls. can you give me the complete parts lists of your Yamaha PA-2400. Together with its power supply diagram?

Is it possible to send me better quality PCB, and layout files, also schematic diagram please

Can you clarify the specs of the output inductor?

In the schematic it is labeled as "15T/1mm"

Pls sur give me All components name (rasistors, capacitor,transistirs), this pdf can not show clear numbers

oi amigo boa noite, que soluçao eh essa que vc usa pra passar do papel pro fenolite?

Nuwan Max : solution to huge noise after connecting audio source - inter change the connecting wire of audio input on board or from jack.
Your audio source is catching ground after its connected.
So that means the audio input are wrongly connected on board.
Inter-change the wires of audio input.
It should solve your issue.

bro can give me partlist for this yamaha 2400,,,,,

bro can u send me the complete partlist for this yamaha PA-2400 ,,,,,thanks n advance

Plezz provide class H type amplifire

this where you get Yamaha amp from

sir help me... can u please provide me all the parts and components of the yamaha pa 2400 and pcb lay out sir

list of parts pls..

If there is a transformer in place of power supply, then how many watts will it be

where is the parts list bro?

por lo visto esto no sirve ni contesta preguntas entonces para que hacer un canal si no lo tomas en serio ??????

मे ने तो pdf निकाली हैं मगर मै अभी न ही दि खाणे वाला जिस्को चाहिए ओ मेरी

वेट करे ans का

How many bass speakers can use on one channel

Can i get a dimension of pcb board of pdf yamaha power amp PA 2400.

Why there is no power on mje 340 shows only less than 1 volt

master can i ask the complete partslist of yamaha pa-2400? bec. the volt of capacitor was not indicated on the schem only the farad..pls send to my acc...thank you very much.