Friday, September 22, 2017

Power Amplifier Class-D Fullbridge D2K 2000Watts

This is high power amplifier circuit with Class-D system fullbridge which has a power output up to 2000W RMS with the voltage about 90VDC Symmetrical Power Supply (Recomended using Switching Mode Power Supply). Audio Class D amplifier is basically a switching-amplifier or Pulse Width Modulation-Amplifier. A class D audio amplifier has 90% efficiency when the speaker is loaded. While theoretically the Class D audio amplifier has an ideal efficiency of 100%. This Class-D Fullbridge Power Amplifier schematic is originally designed by Mr.Kartino Surodipo. Below the schematic circuit design and PCB Layout Power Amplifier, if you want the PDF file you can download at the links on attachment.

Schematic Design:
Circuit Schematic of Power Amplifier Class-D Fullbridge D2K 2000Watts
PCB Layout Design:
PCB Power Amplifier D2K
Final Mosfet Transistor N-CHANNEL IRFP4227:
Mosfet IRFP4227 Buy

For the Final Mosfet Transistor you can buy here its TRUSTED by click this link : BUY IRFP4227

Project Power Amplifier Class-D Full Bridge 2000W D2K:
D2K Fullbridge Power Amplifier
Video Tested Power Amplifier By Mr.Kartino Surodipo:

Download PDF Files Schematic and PCB Layout for Larger view:

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


Can you tell who is make the clas d amp design?

you can see at the link Mr.Kartino Surodipo facebook. He is creator and design it. If you want to get more info u can tell with him.

already tested ?

yes its tested and works properly for class d amplifier.

Yes! Class D audio amplifier has 90% efficiency when the speaker is loaded.

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hi is it possible to write the parts we need to make this amp
its hard to find it one by one from the pdf you uploaded.
thank you.

just write or post it like the other project as a list (parts will need)

Okay sir i will contact my friend as post writer to update the part list, thanks for your suggestion.
Hope you enjoy in my site!

Help me. What is plugged into the bias connector?

You must plug a 12 v regulated supply.

I tested this version of pcb...and wont start. Sometimes start only one side of amplifier. Can tell me if someone already tested this version and work?

what the voltage of your power supply bias?

If i want not use bias point what can i do

Power supply voltage around 100v from ground

Where connect the bias point tell me

He bro i made this pcb but there have lots of bugs in pcb layout

Hi, can i get less power using a lower voltage? tanks, it looks so good bro!!

yes you can get a lower voltage but less output power.

Only low sida pulse are working high side is off

Hi. It's 2000w rms @ 4 ohms? Works with 2 ohms? How the output power in 2r?

it more hot on transistor 2 ohm, i suggested you dont use 2 ohm as long play it.

not working PCB,please update

Hi,can anyone explain what are all the benefits for D2K Fullbridge....!!!!Thank you...

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Hello brother pls tell the size of pcb

Hello brother pls tell the size of pcb

Bad circuit not working. Is wasthere of funds.

persamaan fetnya nomer seri IRFP4227 apa ya gan

Can anyone explain what are all the benefits for D2K Fullbridge.


amigo ya lo hice y funciona ala perfeccion

This PCB has many errors. Don't try this.