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500W Power Amplifier 2SC2922, 2SA1216 with PCB Layout Design

This is high power amplifier has Output power about 500 Watt with the compatible voltage supply is under 63 Volt or same. If this amplifier operated the transistor output recommended to be placed on the good heatsink. Because, the transistor will be hot. Transistor Output using SANKEN 2SC2922 and 2SA1216. This amplifier is mono circuit if you want to stereo you can multiple it, and the power output is about 1000Watts. Below describe the Circuit Diagram of 500W Power Amplifier:
500W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Use this tone control Parametric Tone Control 4558 for matched tone setting.

Could you repeat that? can occur made to add to offered audio power amplifier? The answer is either decrease load impedance otherwise increase supply voltage.Drop the impedance, the extra current is wanted, making the construction of low impedance output stages another testing (at hand are selected other matter-of-fact limits), so consent to's increase supply voltage.

Sanken Transistor 2SC2922 [NPN] and 2SA1216 [PNP]

Sanken Transistor 2SC2922 [NPN] and 2SA1216 [PNP]

Components/parts list : 
R1,R11  47K
R2,R3 33K
R4 1K5
R5,R7 2K2
R6,R8 100R
R9,R10 56R
R12 820R
R13 10R/5W

C1 220nF
C2,C3,C4 100uF/100V
C5,C6 100pF
C7 100nF/100V

D1,D2 IN4002

TR1,TR2 D438
TR3,TR4 B560
TR5,TR8 A958
TR6,TR7 C2168
TR9,TR10 2SC2922
TR11,TR12 2SA1216

Layout PCB 500W Power Amplifier but you must change the transistor for more powerful output.

Layout PCB 500W power Amplifier

PCB Layout 500W Power AMplifier

500w power amplifier

500W Power Amplifier using 2SC2922, 2SA1216

Assembled 500W Power Amplifier with 2SC2922, 2SA1216
Assembled 500W Power Amplifier with 2SC2922, 2SA1216

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


Very thanks João Batista, if you need information about it, dont hesitate to tell me.

Awsome !! .. This is what i need.. Thank's Dude. can you send me an email for the schematic diagram of the main board of the amplifier so i could control the bass and treble.. and also the output audio diagram for 2 speaker's.. this would help me a lot Dude.. thank'z Dude In Advance.. im a newbie in electronic's

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Pls send me the schematic diagram and pbc layout thank you
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Okay dude, please wait. Thanks for viewing circuit

The schematic diagram is on the above , but the pcb layout im sending in mail

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Hi! Can you please send me the PCB layout of this? Thank you!


I havent received the PCB layout. Please send . Thank you.


Hi! Can you please send me the PCB layout of this? I'm new in electron. Thank you!

Please check again, also check in bulk or spam folders.

Give me your email. I will sent layout design.

Hey please send me th complete circuit and power supply and best tone control circuit for this circuit,thank you. mlupandala@gmail.com

hey i also need layout my email is : shahabubar1@gmail.com

Power supply circuit you can se in this elcircuit site. And tone control that matched for power amplifier use the 4558 parametric tone control.

Power supply circuit you can se in this elcircuit site. And tone control that matched for power amplifier use the 4558 parametric tone control.

hi can u please mail me pcb layout ?
please send at garvgandhi7@gmail.com

You can see the image of pcb layout in view larger to see it clearly.

mee too plz send me pcb layout mikenaever@gmail.com thank u bro

you can see the pcb layout at image post

Thanks for this. How many amperes is required to power this circuit? Also if I double the circuit to make it stereo, would I need to get a more powerful transformer?

you can use 20 Ampere transformer.. if you want stereo you can use 40 ampere

Thanks for the prompt reply. If I want to scale this circuit to 1000 watts output, what would I add to the circuit and what would be the transformer rating. Thanks again.

Hi Could you send me an email for the schematic diagram of the main board of the amplifier so i could control the bass and treble.. and also is it possible to connect 2 speaker's and a subwoofer so would need 3 outputs thx. adymatthews@hotmail.co.uk

you must to multiply this amplifier and make a full bridge amplifier.. so if 500w x 2 it sounds good to be 1000w power output

do you need this amplifier to be 2.1 channel ? i will make post about it.. and try to make with videos include inside.

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Dear Bro... i'm new electronic so Could you give me Power supply & tone control diagram please?

by email: visakmytap@gmail.com

Thank ...!

hello visak you can search in here.. the power supply and tone control circuit.

Pls send me the schematic diagram and pbc layout thank you denistrembl@gmail.com thanks !

you can see the schematic and pcb at the post above, or you can downliad the pdf file. Doyou can't see it?

me too sirs... please send the complete layout of this project including the good power supply and efficient that drives this power amp.
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500wx2=1000watts? is this sure sir.. I ask sir.

okay raffi i will send the pcb layout

Hey, can you send me a pcb layout?
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Also maybe some more information about a power supply?
Really like your projects keep it up

hello dear,

i have sent you mail pcb layout and matching power supply circuit

Can i have also a pdf lay out ..send in my email...lizaquinol@ymail.com

PCB Layout design is just in .jpg image.

Hello sir, I believe this schematic is really great that's I am trying to make this, however, I cannot find any D438 transistor. Is there any possible replacement for this? Thanks a lot.

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Hello Paoj,

This really amazing power amplifier circuit, do you make this one?
D438 transistor is for driving circuit before final transistor,

you can replace D438 using D400,BD139

Thank you very much. Yes I am making this one. Hopefully it will succeed. Thanks a lot.

If you have any problem . contact me.. or you can add on facebook

Sir, please send me pcb layout for fully bridged 1500 watt rms.
Thanks in advance

Thank you sir Wahyu Eko Romadhon. I really appreciate it.

you ca. use the 1600w power amplifier

Your wellcome and good luck for build this amp.

Pls send me complete pcb circuit layout of 300 watts by providing fullbridge and volume controls

you can use the 150W OCL by multiplying it, using BTL modul you can find here. For tone control circuit using parametric tone control for best sound output.

Hi Sir ptf send me pls my Id www.gopalsankar8@gmail.com

Hello dear,

i already sent you the pdf file the circuit and pcb layout , please check your email.

Please give me the power supply circuit in

you can see in here. for good power supply amplifier

can you please give to me pcb layout

Hello Obey,
You can download the pcb layout on attachment post image.


hi can you send pcb of it on my email id sun50rays@gmail.com

hello nayyar,

you can see it on post in pcb layout design parts.

Hi! Could you send me the PCB layout of this? Thank you!

Thank You!

PCB Layout on post but is not black and white.

Yes it can be has output power up to 500W for mono , and stereo 1000W PMPO.

Im so sorry for the PCB Layout isnt Black white, i will update for it.

hola esta interasante porfavor me puede mandar el circuito completo y pcb a mi correo bripeka78@gmail.com

please sir send me the PCB layout of this? Thank you

sir I like the design. can you pleas send me the PCB lay-out and the parts placement? thank you and more power. Looking forward of your patience in sending my request via my email. here's my e-mail add, godfridogoetheamano@yahoo.com

Hello yasin, the pcb is attach on post.

Hello, im interested with this circuit. Can you send to my email the design on pcb. And also for the power supply ang tone control. Thanks in advance.
This is my email address: jomarloreno@gmail.com

the pcb design is attach on post sir.

Apakah sirkuit ampli ini masih bisa di tambah tr final...

Please send me pcb lay out i want to build as my project thank you sir !

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pls sent pcb layout
mail id nathpranab2015@gmail.com

PCB Design is attach on post, you can click the image to view more larger and clear pcb image

por favor envienme los datos al correo es lo que necesito jhonlara19@outlook.com saludos desde colombia


Send me pcb layout of this on snilsunilvaishnav383@gmail

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Please send me the layout power supply and tone control

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please send mo the pcb layout!!! here's my gmail!!! hopealmodal@gmail.com

Hi, I'm excited i found the site to find any electronic circuit for a good hobbi project.. Do you guys are able to sell printed pcb board layout only? If yes,please replay me @ leonb9825@gmail.com
Thank in advance

Please sent me ......proloydj9600@gmail.com

Please send me the layout / circuit diagram of power supply in this 500watts audio..... Email:- proloydj9600@gmail.com

bro what are the replacement on the circuit if i use 100v i want upgrade this circuit

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Hi! Can we add short circuit and over load protector for this amplifier? And is it posible to configure it in mono bridge output. Please response me on my email add edgarm.colcol@gmail.com. thank you very much!