Monday, February 28, 2011

Transistor checker tool with circuit

The above sequence is a circuit of development of the transistor circuit tester before, which of course added few more components , and resulting in even be better. Examiners transistor circuit above only knows his gain is only on the collector . In addition to well known techniques of data materials used therein . That is , if the elements germanium and the like which are in the tool is still functioning or vice versa.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Power amplifier circuit with IC LM386

IC LM386 is working for the amplifier audio circuit with a low power output , range from 0.325 watts to 2 watts with impedance 8 ohm. In this circuit requires voltage of 12 volts to the maximum work, and maximum current 3 Amp.
Components List :
R1=33K / 0,25W
R2=1K / 0,25W
R3=10R / 1W

Friday, February 25, 2011

USB to phone battery charger circuit

Without any  USB to phone battery charger circuit we can charging phone battery using port on USB computer , but it will quickly damage the phone battery, and the battery will bulge. Because the voltage which was issued on usb is 5 volts , while the average-voltage phone battery 3.5 - 3.7 volts. That's why this USB to phone battery charger circuit is required , this USB to phone battery charger circuit reduce votlage to 3.7 volt usb, but will not reduce currents and  will make a durable phone battery.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Phone Battery Charger circuit

The circuit above is a simple circuit to charge phone battery . Charge battery uses an output transformer secondary voltage fast-flowing with 9 Volt 350 mA. First voltage 220/110/120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz , will be reduced to 9 volts,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

-15 Volt output regulated power supply circuit

The circuit above get from -20 volt DC the rectifier diode which is fed to the collector of the Darling pn pass transistor , a TIP105 . The diode use IN4007. The base drive to the TIP105 is supplied through resistor R5. The base of the TIP105 is driven from Vz terminal at pin 9 , which is the anode of a 6.2 -V zener diode that connects to the emitter of the uA723 output control transistor.

+15 V output regulated power supply circuit with uA723 and 2N3055

The supply receive from 220 /120/110 Volt AC , then lowered by the transformer . Then receives +20 Volts DC from rectifier / filter section. This applied to pin 11 and 12 of the IC uA723/LM723 , as well as to the collector of the 2N3055 series pass transistor. The output through R1 and R2, providing about 7 V with respect to ground at pin 4. The reference terminal at pin 6 is tied directly to pin 5 , the non inverting input of the error amplifier . For fine trimming the output voltage , a potentiometer can be installed between R1 and R2. A 100-pF capacitor from pin 13 to pin 4 furnishes gain compensation for the amplifier.

Dual Tracking regulator circuit

A IC MAX634 inverting regulator is combined with a IC MAX630 to provide a dual tracking approximately 15 Volt output from a 12 Volt DC battery. The reference for the - 15 Volt output is derived from the positive output via R3 and R4. Both regulators are set to maximize output power at low battery voltages by reducing the oscillator frequency , via LBR, when V Batt falls to 8,5 volt.

Low power audio amplifier with IC TA7066P

The TA7066P is original monolithic Intregated Circuit Audio Power Amplifier. Package IC is SIP10-16 and manufactered by TOSHIBA.  The above sequence is a series of low-grade intregated circuit amplifier , which was very small output . But this amplifier is very high impedance power output. For more details , see description below.

Stereo Audio Amplifier with IC TEA2024

 The circuit above is based on IC TEA2024, package IC is SIP2-10 and manufactered by THOMSON. Circuit above can be applied anywhere as long as the speaker must be required , do not use powered speakers, it will make this circuit of hot , especially on the IC. So the use of powered speakers with the power output of this circuit.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Low battery detector circuit

You feel confused to detect wether a battery is low or high, or you want to be notified if the battery and has expired , this circuit can detect if a battery has begun to decrease its strength. Circuit is based on LM4250 IC is able to detect if the battery runs out and will issue a notification signal.

Low battery detector circuit

Battery charger circuit

This cahrger based on chargeing voltage 2,4 Volts per cell , in accordance with most manufacterers recomendation. This circuit pulses the battery under with 14.4 Volts ( 6 cells x 2,4 volts per cell) at a rate 120 Hz.

Variable charger circuit

Indeed the accu charger circuit , the voltage required must be in accordance with voltage batteries , such accu 12 volts the the output voltage should not be above 12 volts and 12 volts should not be too down. If it does not comply with the required voltage , it will make the batteries or accu quickly broken. But not to worry to find the right voltage to charge to accu, the voltage control circuit is equipped to facilitate in determining the voltage.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Power Amplifier circuit schematic based on IC TDA7255

Power amplifier circuit schematic based on IC TDA7255 This circuit equipped with 2 switches that are useful for loudness and filtering, on SW1 as the loudness , SW2 as a filter. It also equipped with direct  adjust of sound on Potentiometer 10k , but only useful as a master volume.

Power Amplifier circuit schematic based on IC TDA7255
Minimum Voltage  : 8 volts
Maximum Voltage : 18 volts
Maximum Power   : 2 X 13 Watt stereo
Impedance Power  : 4 Ohms

Schematic Power Amplifier with IC TDA7370

Here..... this circuit is stereo power amplifier , based on IC TDA7370, its nice Intregated Power amplifier , He does not have hre slightest sound buzzing , although power amplifiers without additional reinforcement , such as filters , tone control, etc.

TDA7240 / TDA7241 amplifier schematic

On this circuit based at IC TDA7240A , this circuit require minimum voltage 8 volt and maximum voltage 18 volt DC. Max power output 40 Watt with 4 Ohm impedance. this circuit can use to Amplifiy the audio device. See the circuit schematic below :

Low voltage audio amplifier circuit from 0,9 volts

Here i share power amplifier based on IC TDA7236 . This amplifier require minimum voltage 0,9 volt and maximum voltage is 1, 6 volt , its very low voltage amplifier. You can use this amplifier everywhere just with one battery 1,5 volt. Power output 16 mW with 32 ohms impedance. see circut below :

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Very Low Power Amplifier circuit

This circuit based on IC TDA7233 or you can use  IC TDA7233D . Minimum supply voltage 1,8 volts  and aximum voltage 15 volts. Power Output 1 Watt with 1 Ohm impedance. This circuit include mute switch, which allows you to the mute sound completely.

Very Low Power Amplifier circuit

1,6 Watt intregated circuit audio amplifier

This Circut based on IC TDA7231 , Minimum voltage require 2 Volts and maximum voltage 15 volts . I recomended voltage is 12 volt DC. Power output 1,6 Watt with 4 Ohm impedance. See audio amplifier with IC TDA7231 below :

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Master mixer circuit

This circuit is used for controlling the volume of output  and then entered the mixer, but this circuit not only as the volume setting. 

This circuit also serves to reduce noise , and increase the gain  at the signal coming from the output. See schematic , PCB line ,and construction below
Master mixer circuit with one potentiometer 
Master mixer circuit

Master mixer circuit with one potentiometer
Looked Down
Master mixer circuit with one potentiometer
Looked Up

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 W mini audio amplifier circuit

In this circuit requires only three components , namely IC TDA7052 , and 2 capacitor electrolyte. Actually , only with IC we are able to run this amplifier , but the sound less than the maximum. This amplifier circuit requires a minimum voltage of 3 volts and 15 volts maximum. Was 1 Watt power output with 4 Ohm impedance. See this circuit below :

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Very simple stereo amplifier circuit

This is very very simple circuit audio amplifier  based on IC7057T  , you just use 3 components you can make this circuit . And the minimum voltage is 1 Volts , with just 1 Volt  you can operate this amplifier. Maximum voltage 6,5 volts . Maximum Power output 35mW with 32 ohms impedance. See circuit below :

30W , TDA3000 intregated audio amplifier

This circuit based on IC TDA3000 or you can use IC TDA2870 , minimum voltage require 12 volts and maximum voltage require 35 volts DC. Maximum ouput power 30 Watts mono audio amplifier with 4 Ohm impedance. see below the circuit :

Low Power Audio Amplifier Circuit with IC TDA2824S

This is stereo audio amplifier with based on ICTDA2824S , Minimum voltage require 3 volts and maximum voltage 17 volts . Maximum output power 2 X 2 Watt , its low power amplifier. Output impedance  4 ohm. see schematic audio below :

Circuit Battery - Charging Regulator

The Charger Circuits / Circuit Battery - Charging Regulator is capable of charging a 12-Volts battery at up to six ampere rate. Other voltages and currents , from 6 to 600 Volts and up to 300 Ampere , can be accomodated by suitable component selection. When the battery voltage reches its fully charged level , the charging SCR shuts off , and a trickle charge , as determined by the value of R4 , continues to flow.

Accu charger use a diac and triac

This circuit can be used to charge Accu and cells battery , the circuit can has a very stable output that would make the battery last longer  and maximize the added battery capacity. When charge was also quite fast , so it can optimize the time.

Accu charger circuit use a diac and triac

A diac is used in the gate circuit to provide a threshold level for firing the triac . C3 and R4 provide a transient suppression network. R1 , R2 , R3 , C1 , and C2 provide a hase - shift network for the signal being applied to the gate. R1 is selected to limit the maximum charging current at full rotation of R2.

Simple Nicad Battery Zapper circuit

This circuit is used to clear the nicad battery internal shorts in nickel - cadmium batteries. To operate this circuit , connect AC cable , then connect a Nicad battery  to the output + , -  and press PB (push button) for three second. See circuit below :

Monday, February 14, 2011

Schematic Audio Power Amplifier with IC TDA2822

TDA2822 is manufactered by PHILIPS , its based on this amplifier . Minimum voltage 3 volts and maximum voltage 15 volts. Power output 2 x 1,8 stereo with 4 Ohm impedance. Quiescent current 6 mA , sensitive input is 30 Hz to 18 kHz. See circuit diagram below :

2 X 1,8 Watt stereo low power amplifier circuit

This is Low power amplifier , based on IC TDA2824 product of Philips. Maximum output is about 2 X 1,8 Watt , these include low  output amplifier type. Minimum required voltage 3 Volts and maximum voltage of 18 volts DC.

Schematic Audio Power Amplifier with IC TDA2612

This amplifier circuit based on IC TDA2612 produced by siemens , minimum voltage require for this circuit is 10 Volts and amximum voltage require 35 volts DC. Power output 25 watt with 4 ohm impedance.Frequncy response 20Hz to 20kHz. Quiescent current is 70 mA. This is a mono circuit amplifier. See circuit below :

TDA2610 power amplifier circuit

On this schematic TDA2610 power amplifier circuit need ,
Power Supply with voltage : 15 -35 V, if voltage is under 15 volt so the sound will be weak. and is higher 35V will cause the IC hot and fast risk. Output power 14 Watt with impedance 10 Ohms. See circuit diagram  below :

Isolated Feedback Power Suplly Circuit

This is a power supply circuit using isolated feedback capabilities of the TL3103 for both current voltage sensing. This supply is powered from the AC power line and has an output of 5 Volts at 1.5 A. Both output voltage and current are sensed and the error voltages are applied to the errer amplifiers of the TL594 PWM control IS. See circuit below :

Sunday, February 13, 2011

120 Watt power amplifier with IC TDA2025

120 Watt power amplifier ,Minimum voltage require 12 Volts and maximum voltage require 40 Volts DC . This circuit is very simple , but output is very high . Power output 120 Watt 4 Ohm impedance. See circuit below :

120 Watt power amplifier with IC TDA2025
TDA2025 Very high intregated Power IC

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Low power switching regulator

This circuit is a simple battery-powered switching regulator provides 5V out from a 9V source with 80% efficiency and 50-mA output capability. When Q1 is oon , its collector voltage rises , forcing current trhough the iinductor. The output voltage rises , causing A1's output to rise . Q1 cutts off and the output drops low enough for A1 to turn Q1. The 1 uF capacitor ensures low battery impedance at high frequencies , preventing sag during switching. See schematic diagram below :

2 X 20 W car amplifier circuit with TDA2009

Minimum Voltage required for this circuit  8 volt and maximum voltage 28 volt . Its can use to amplifier on the electronic devices such us Radio , DVD , MP4 , MP5 , and etc. To amplify the signal sound to audio sound , Maximum output power 2 x 20 Watts with impedance 4 ohm. The circuit is stereo amplifier. You can use the circuit to car amplifier because support to subwoofer speaker. See schematic diagram below :

Power Amplifier 2 x 12 W by TDA2007

TDA2007 Amplifier Circuit ,  this is stereo power amplifier with power output 2 x 12Watts . Minimum voltage require 8 volts and maximum voltage require 26 volts , with DC supply voltage. Impedance output is 8 ohms. See schematic diagram below :

Friday, February 11, 2011

How to create a simple adjusting volume for amplifier

This circuit usually used for amplifier that do not require additional device in one box amplifiers. Enhancements such as Equalizer , Tone Control , Mixer , etc.  Only by requiring a potentiometer mono or stereo if stereo power amplifier , and few  cables you can make this circuit easily.
See picture below :

 First connect the cable from the power amplifier input to pin2 potentio , and connect ground to pin 1 , then connect the output of tuner or other media player to pin 3. Try turning to the right then the sound will be high , and if played left back then the sound will below.

100 Watt Power amplifier with IC TDA1514

Power Amplifier TDA1514 , this power use the IC TDA1514 , minimum require voltage 12 Volt  and maximum voltage 30 volts DC. Power output maximum 100 Watt mono with 8 ohms impedance. this circuit is High output power amplifier with IC.

See schematic below :
100 Watt Power amplifier with IC TDA1514

2 X 30 Watt stereo amplifier by TDA1510

This power amplifier can use IC TDA1510 or TDA1515, minimum voltage require 6 volt and maximum voltage require 18 Volt, Voltage with DC supply voltage.Power output  2x 30 Watt stereo amplifier , with 2 ohms impedance , its is low impedance . You can use the fullrange or woofer speakers. see schematic below :

Thursday, February 10, 2011

60 watt power amplifier circuit with TDA1512

This  is low noise power amplifier , high output power amplifier for full range speakers, but you can use the woofer speakers to this circuit .  Maximum output power 60 Watt with impedance 4 Ohms see circuit below :

HiFi Amplifier circuit schematic

This is HiFi amplifier use the IC TDA1111 . The circuit is quite easy to use, but the constraints on the IC is difficult to find my local region. If you have this IC , it is very suitable is made by this circuit. Minimum voltage on the circuit 6-Volt and a maximum of 20 volts. And voltage suitable for supply of 12 Volt. Maximum power output of 40 Watts with 4 ohms impedance, and frequncy of about 20Hz to 20kHz. See the circuit below :

60 Watt Subwoofer Amplifer Circuit

THis is very nice amplifier circuit , because High output , and voltage required is also not too large, and suitable for th subwoofer speaker.This circuit use IC TDA1102 ,  Minimum require voltage 6 volt and maximum voltage 16 volt with impedance 4 ohm . This circuit perfect those of you wear the speakers subwoofer especially in the small room , like in the car. See circuit subwoofer below :

Low noise amplifier circuit with IC TDA1037

This power amplifier use IC TDA1037 or you can use TDA1037D for main operation .  Minimum require voltage 4 volt and maximum voltage 28 volt , a considerable distance away stress. And power output 5 watt and maximum 10 Watt with imoedance 4 Ohm. The output is filteriing and low noise. see amplifier circuit schematic below :

5W power amplifier with IC TDA1016

This circuit use IC TDA1016 , minimum require voltage for this circuit 3 volt and maximum require voltage 15 volt .Its mono 5 Watt power output with impedance 4 Ohm , Current required 14 mA. In order for this circuit work optimally , the voltage should be at least 9 volts and the speakers should be higher 4 Ohm or equivalent, and use the speaker woofer. See Amplifier circuit schematic below :
5W power amplifier with IC TDA1016

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

0,5 Watt power amplifier circuit with TDA1015T

This circuit is also Very simple and easy to make , simply by using the IC and 6 other components such as resistor and capacitor, you have to run this circuit. The IC uses TDA1015T , minimum voltage require 3 volt and maximum voltage required 12 volt. Power output 0,5 Watt mono , its low power amplifier.
Power amplifier Schematic below :

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Schematic Power Amplifier TDA1013

Power amplifier using IC TDA1013 , minimum require voltage 15 volt and maximum voltage 35 volt . But you can adjust supply voltage with potentio meter 10K Ohm . Maximum power output 12 Watt with impedance 4 Ohm.
See schematic power below :

Circuit can be used for :
  • Tuner
  • Tape
  • CD
  • DVD
  • MP3,MP4,MP5 Player
  • PC
  • etc.

20 Watt Schematics power amplifier

This circuit is mono amplifier use IC TDA1010A .Minimum voltage require 4V and maximum voltage 24V. To avoid damaged IC please use supply voltage 12 volt and must be filtering voltage. Power output 20 W with impedance 4 Ohm. IC equation with : TDA1011, TDA1011A , TDA1015 , and TDA1020.
See circuit schematic and troubleshooting amplifier :

20 Watt Schematics power amplifier

If circuit circuit above not working , errors may occur in :
  • Supply Voltage.
  • Damaged Component , such as : IC , resistor or capcitor.
  • Input output cable not connected.
  • Damaged speaker.
  • Short-circuit input with ground.
Can be used for :
  • Tuner
  • Pream Head / Tape
  • Mic
  • CD or DVD player
  • PC
  • MP4 player
  • etc.

18 W stereo amplifier circuit

TDA1009 circuit amplifier , this circuit is stereo amplifier and simple schematic .Minimum voltage require 9V and maximum voltage 24V. To avoid damaged IC please use supply voltage 12 volt and must be filtering voltage. Power output 2 X 18 W with impedance 4 Ohm.See circuit schematic and troubleshooting amplifier :

Monday, February 07, 2011

How to make Nicad Battery charger

Nicad battery charger , this circuit just use transformer not  CT and  3 LEDs lamp. And its very very simple circuit charger . This circuit constant current LEDs to adjust charging current. It uses LEDs that pass a constant  current about 15 mA for an applied voltage range of 2 to 18 Volt.

They can be paralleled to give any multiple of 15 mA and they light up when current is flowing. The circuit will charge single cell at 15 , 30 , or 45 mA , or cells in series up to the rated supply voltage limit about 14 Volt.
See schematic below :

How to make Nicad Battery charger
Click to view larger

Simple 9V charger battery circuit

This is very simple charger 9V - 30V battery charger with main operation by IC LM317L and 2N222 transistor. Direct input DC voltage , the recomended capacitor is 1000uf. It can be filtering Output voltage and make long-lasting battery. And easy to make this circuit , without using the PCB would be able to.
See the Charger Schematic and troubleshooting below :

14 V battery charger circuit and troubleshooting

This circuit is also use operational amplifier IC LM324 to drive the VN64GA with the error signal and to control output voltage. This output voltage is pulsating DC , which is quite satisfactory for battery charging. This circuit also can be converted to the system regulated DC supply.

Low Voltage Amplifier Circuit with IC BA518

This Circuit use IC BA518 or you can use the IC BA547 , this is low mono power amplifier. Maximum power output 5W . But this is also low voltage amplifier with minimum voltage require 2 Volt. And maximum voltage 12 Volt .Impedance 8 Ohm , support small speakers.
Circuit schematic below :

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Simple Inverter circuit with IC556 timer chip

This circuit is low power inverter , in this circuit only save a few components, about 9 parts. Voltage input from 10 volt to 16 volt DC into 60-Hz.  And then voltage will be raised to about 115 V with power 25 W. The first section of IC 556 timer chip is wire as an astable oscilator with R2 and C1 setting the frequncy. The output is available at IC 556 pin 5. The second section is wired as a phase inverter. That output is available at IC 556 pin 9.

Simple Inverter circuit with IC556 timer chip circuit diagram

The transformer use 120 V / 18 VCT unit that is connected backwards, so that it steps the voltage up rather than down. At resistor R3 and R4 keep output transistor Q1 and Q2 from loading the transistor. The transistor drive the transformer . The circuit can you use to supply lamp or other electronic devices.

Variable Voltage Regulator with IC LM117K

Varible Voltage regulator is a circuit that serves to supply a component or electronic equipment. It is similiar to the power supply, but on Variable Voltage regulator has an adjustable output. And adjusted by potentiometer not rotary switch. Voltage input about 1 Volt to 35 Volt Maximum. This is use 5A transformer but if you have a 3A transformer its can be use.
Schematic below :

2 X 20 Watt Car Amplifier

This is a very simple circuit power amplifier with IC LA4440. This circuit is a circuit the first time i learned to make a power amplifier. Power output 2 X 20 Watt with stereo speakers. Minimum Voltage 9 Volt and maximum voltage 24 V. The Circuit is also very easy to make. For novices , this circuit is suitable for use . The material is also readily available at electronics store. 
See schematic below :

10 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit

IC BA514 it's the main of  this circuit. This is actually low power output with minimum power output 2 W but maximum output 10W . Minimum voltage require 9 Volt and maximum voltage 14 Volt . Impedance output 4 Ohm.
Power Amplifier Schematic below :

Saturday, February 05, 2011

5.1 surround amplifier circuit schematic

This 5.1 surround amplifier circuit schematic use the IC AN7168 as the main component from this circuit . Minimum voltage required 12V and maximum voltage 24V , I recomended it 12 V because the voltage support on are components. But if you want to better a loud sound you can raise it. 

Maximum power output 40W with impedance 4 ohm . This 5.1 surround amplifier circuit schematic also support to make surround sound or 5.1 speaker. Use this amplifier on rear speaker , left right , and center but dont use to subwoofer speaker. See 5.1 surround amplifier circuit schematic below :

5.1 surround amplifier circuit schematic
Click to view large
If you want to make a 5.1 surround sound you must make 5 the circuit of 5.1 surround amplifier circuit schematic , for left and right speaker , rear left and right speaker , and center speaker. Use the subwoofer speaker with support amlplifier subwoofer circuit .

Car amplifier circuit with IC BA532

Minimum Voltage required for this circuit  6 volt and maximum voltage 18 volt . Its can use to amplifier on the electronic devices such us Radio , DVD , MP4 , MP5 , and etc. To amplify the signal sound to audio sound , If  you want to bring amplfier you can use the 6V  rechargeable battery is able to turn it. What use the rechargeable battery ? because with rechargeable battery when battery runs out , you can charge back.

See Amplifier schematic with IC BA511 below :

Woofer speaker amplifier circuit

In the circuit use a IC AN7171 . Minimum requirment  voltage is 12 volt and maximum voltage is 15  volt . Power output 2 X 30 W with impedance 4 Ohm . Speaker match woofer speaker , and operate it on the small room. This circuit matches variety of input device such us mixer , equalizer , tone control , processor , galaxy , bass boost , giga bass , and etc
This circuit schematic below :

AN7171 amplifier schematic
Output speaker is stereo , output couple with ground and add commponent resistor 2,2 Ohm and capacitor 100 nF.

Power amplifier circuit 60 W mono

Wow this is nice intregated amplifier circuit , because this IC can be power output up to 60 Watt . With minimum require voltage 8 V , and maximum voltage 35 V . But this circuit is'nt so good to working on car , because output sound is very loud but not smooth. Amplifier so good working on full range , with speaker full range 100W and impedance 8 Ohm.
Below it is schematic :

Car Amplifier Circuit 2 x 30 W stereo

This circuit use the IC AN7166  . On circuit have an advantage is very loud sound , although only 30W this circuit is like a 100 W transistor power amplifier. Its so good circuit with IC AN7166 . This circuit require minimum voltage 12 V and Maximum voltage 24 volt , I recomended voltage for this circuit is 18 volt. And use the battery supply current 5 Ampere. Maximum power output of one speaker 30 W with impedance 4 Ohm.

See this circuit schematic below :

Power Amplifier Circuit 2 x 20 W stereo with IC AN7156N

This circuit operate with IC AN7156N . You just can use this IC , because hav'nt similarity it. In this Circuit have 2 input IN R and IN L and have Output R and L . Voltage supply require 15 V , minimum voltage 9 V and maximum voltage 24V . And the voltage must DC voltage , and better the DC voltage filtering .
Maximum Output for 1 speaker 25 W , so this circuit have maximum output 2 X 25 W with minimum impedance 4 ohm. See this circuit schematic below :

Friday, February 04, 2011

Simple Power Supply Circuit , easy to make

This  is a very simple power supply and most popular to use. Because this circuit is simple and easy to make. Component required is Transformer ( CT transformer ) with output secondary 12 Volt, 4 diode , 2 Condensator Electrolit , Only this component you can make this power supply.
See Power Supply Schematic below :

Power Supply with regulator output use IC uA723

This circuit operating with IC uA723 and add amplified with transistor  TIP31 or similiar transistor with TIP31 . Input voltage for circuit about 10 - 40 volt DC , formerly of AC voltage 220 volts or 110 volts , then lowered by the transformer voltage to 30 volts. And the supply output voltage from 1 volt to 35 volt DC  you can adjust it on potentiometer  R2.
 See this circuit power supply below :

Universal Power Supply Circuit with IC LM317

This circuit is universal power supply , you can use this circuit to supply . On the IC you can adjustable regulator provides short circuit protection and automatic voltage adjust . The input voltage to the circuit regulator is supplyed by AC 220 V / 110 V and down voltage by transformator  then rectified by bridge diode . And output voltage is clear and stabilized .

See Universal Power Spply Schematic below :

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Faster Battery Charger Circuit 6-12 Volt with IC LM308 and LM317

This circuit is quickly charging the battery  . If you need a faster charger ,this circuit is recomended to you . And this charger is low temperature , the temperatur is 5 degree celcius. Input Voltage is 15 Volt DC , and Output voltage to charging 6 -12V and you can adjust by the D1 (see schematic). And adjust the D1 to 50 mV greater VZ than D2 (see schematic). Couple the D2 to battery.  This circuit operating by IC LM308 and LM317 and any other components. And you can use this circuit to charging Accu 6 or 12 Volt , dry or wet and other battery .

See this Schematic Circuit below :

14 Volt Battery Charger Circuit

This Circuit have output voltage 14 volt with current maximum 4A . Can be use on nicad battery and accu , wet and dry . But the accu must be 12 Volt and have current 4A or higher. The current fillter voltage build of IC CA3140 or LM324 . You can which two IC.  From the AC voltage will be lowered by trafo and rectified by diode .You can use diode up to 4A, this voltage to be supply for circuit.

See this 14 Volt Battery charger schematic circuit below :

Nicad Battery charger include voltage limiting

In this my circuit , which is one of a series of simple battery charger , but this circuit to charger the Nicad battery . This circuit included with current and voltage limting . Why use it ?? because with current voltage you can choose voltage to charge a battery , and the limiting voltage use limit voltage if the battery is fully, because if battery fully that damaged quickly.

See this schematic below :

12 Volt Nicad Battery charger

This circuit can be charged the 12 nicad battery , and the circut charger at 75mA until  until the battery is fully , when the battery is fully the voltage to be down . This charge can charged fully in a hour , because the charge can't quickly charged , But the charge can stabilized output voltage.

See this charger schematic below :

12 Volt Battery charger , and also can Accu Charger

This 12 Volt Battery charger circuit best performance to charger 12 volt battery . Why this charger is best performance because this 12 Volt Battery charger quickly to recharger battery and shuts off at full charge. Initially , charging current is limited 2 A , but you can change for the transistor. As the battery voltage rises , current  to the battery decreases , and when the current has decreases to 150 mA or 0.15 A  this 12 Volt Battery charger switches  to a lower float voltage , which prevents overcharge.

See this 12 volt battery charger schematic below :

12 Volt Battery charger
12 Volt Battery charger Click to view Enlarge
The 12 Volt Battery charger can be charger wet  accu and dry accu , and to be make the accu old last longer. The output charger goes to 14.5 Volt. As the battery or accu approaches full charge , the charging current decreases and the output voltage is reduced from 14.5 Volt to about 12.5 volt, terminating the charging.

Lead achid battery charger, up to 3 battery

This circuit ti charger battery cells up to 3 battery , this charger use an IC LM301A , IC LM334 and transistor 2N3906 for major surgery on this charger circuit. Maximum input voltage 14 volt for 5 battery. Ouput voltage 2,35 volt 180 mA for 1 battery. And the charger input voltage must be filtered DC that is at least 3 Volt higher than maximum required output voltage.

See battery charger circuit below :