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Power Supply with regulator output use IC uA723

This circuit operating with IC uA723 and add amplified with transistor  TIP31 or similiar transistor with TIP31 . Input voltage for circuit about 10 - 40 volt DC , formerly of AC voltage 220 volts or 110 volts , then lowered by the transformer voltage to 30 volts. And the supply output voltage from 1 volt to 35 volt DC  you can adjust it on potentiometer  R2.
 See this circuit power supply below :

Output voltage transformer used 10 to 40 Volts . On resistor Rsc is the current limit set resistor. Its value is calculated as :

Rsc = 0.65 Volt

For Example : If you need current output 2.0 A

Rsc = 0.65 / 2.0 = 0.32 Ohm

So , you must use 0.32 Ohm to current output 2.0 A

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