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Car Amplifier Circuit 2 x 30 W stereo

This circuit use the IC AN7166  . On circuit have an advantage is very loud sound , although only 30W this circuit is like a 100 W transistor power amplifier. Its so good circuit with IC AN7166 . This circuit require minimum voltage 12 V and Maximum voltage 24 volt , I recomended voltage for this circuit is 18 volt. And use the battery supply current 5 Ampere. Maximum power output of one speaker 30 W with impedance 4 Ohm.

See this circuit schematic below :

Click image to view large
Capacitor thats connect legs IC 4 and 3 is 1 nF . And capacitor thats connect legs IC 9 and 3 is 1 nF. For the input capacitor at 1 uF ( L and R ) for output capacitor at 1000uF with voltage 50 V or higher.

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