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Low Voltage Amplifier Circuit with IC BA518

This Circuit use IC BA518 or you can use the IC BA547 , this is low mono power amplifier. Maximum power output 5W . But this is also low voltage amplifier with minimum voltage require 2 Volt. And maximum voltage 12 Volt .Impedance 8 Ohm , support small speakers.
Circuit schematic below :

Click image to view large

Troubleshooting if circuit not working  :

  • Check components are can be use or not , also check the use avometer or other measuring instrument. 
  • Check the voltage on each component. 
  •  If there is a voltage that has not been entered on the components, then see if there is a broken line or short-circuit PCB , thereb inhibiting the incoming flow.
  • Then check  whether the input and output cables are still good or not.

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