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+15 V output regulated power supply circuit with uA723 and 2N3055

The supply receive from 220 /120/110 Volt AC , then lowered by the transformer . Then receives +20 Volts DC from rectifier / filter section. This applied to pin 11 and 12 of the IC uA723/LM723 , as well as to the collector of the 2N3055 series pass transistor. The output through R1 and R2, providing about 7 V with respect to ground at pin 4. The reference terminal at pin 6 is tied directly to pin 5 , the non inverting input of the error amplifier . For fine trimming the output voltage , a potentiometer can be installed between R1 and R2. A 100-pF capacitor from pin 13 to pin 4 furnishes gain compensation for the amplifier.
Base drive to the 2N3055 pass transistor is furnishes by pin of the uA723. Since desired output of the supply is 1 Ampere, maximum current limit is set to 1,5 Ampere by resistor Rsc whose value is 0,422 Ohm. A 100uF electrolytic capacitor is used for ripple voltage reduction at the output. A 1 kOhm output resistor provides stability for the power supply under no - load conditions. The 2N3055 pass transistor must be mounted on an adequate heatsink.

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