Wednesday, February 09, 2011

0,5 Watt power amplifier circuit with TDA1015T

This circuit is also Very simple and easy to make , simply by using the IC and 6 other components such as resistor and capacitor, you have to run this circuit. The IC uses TDA1015T , minimum voltage require 3 volt and maximum voltage required 12 volt. Power output 0,5 Watt mono , its low power amplifier.
Power amplifier Schematic below :
0,5 Watt power amplifier circuit with TDA1015T
Click image to view larger

If the amplifier does not work , please check :
  • Supply voltage
  • Components , its damaged or not.
  • Input connected or not
  • Output connected or not
  • Supply voltage of each components
  • Line PCB.

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.