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Bass Treeble Booster Circuit

The tone amplifier circuit I have often referred to the Tone Booster. Its function is to strengthen the bass and treble tone gain for the audio devices you have at home. 

Should be emphasized again that this circuit I recommend to audiophiles who want to have a booming audio device prominent bass and treble powerful. The circuit is suitable for lovers of loud music is not music smoother or softer (mellow) due to the addition of the amplifier's tone of voice produced louder.

Actually I have a lot of product on the market to strengthen the bass and treble tone gain like Galaksi 4558, Turbo Bass, Giga Bass, and etc, it so forth but in my opinion, I do not like the product market because of the frequency of the tones produced less powerful. This means that most of the commercially available voice was too smooth and lacking bass boom, despite the fact that for the bass tones already powerfull according to me. 

But if you do not like the loud music, no anything because the music tastes of each individual. But this circuit worth the try to complete your audio device at home. See the schematic diagram below :

Bass Treeble Booster 
Bass Treeble Booster tone

The Schematic above are still in mono version, so if your audio device using the stereo version (L & R) you just make one more circuit to be paired to the device next to it.

This scheme is quite simple and not are expensive, the core of the circuit tone booster is a circuit filter tone passive consisting of R and C are collated in such a way so as to get the tone of the pass, then the circuit reinforced by an NPN transistor to be in get voice prominent and steady.

Different transistor sometimes her voice was different circuit transistor eg C945, C1815, C1162 and D313 may be even harder. But my advice to use only standard transistor C829 or C1815 is enough.

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