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Giga Bass for Bass Boost Circuit - PCB

Hello Friends, how are always healthy and happy yes, welcome to come back in this elcircuit,okay friends of this time I will share to you a layout  is an additional circuit for the purposes of the project of a circuit of audio that you make, Yea this time I share a PCB The circuit Giga Bass that's for sure you know if you frequent modifications in audio project.

Giga Bass circuit is a circuit auxiliary wherein the circuit which you create by relying on a tone control or with additional equalizer but the tone and beat it is still not kicking, This circuit functions as a circuit of galaksi 4558 tone boost. that might already know ahead in comparison with this circuit giga bass.

PCB Layout Design Giga Bass

Giga Bass for Bass Boost Circuit PCB

If we look at the appearance of pcb above, this giga bass was built by an Op-amp type TL 074 must have been a lot of known in the circles of the hobie electronics, Link image below for References Circuit diagram of Giga bass

Tone Control Giga Bass

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