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1000W Inverter 12/24VDC to 220VAC with EGS002 High Frequency Transformer

This type of inverter has a high power efficiency of up to 95%, meaning that the power issued by the battery to the output power at 220v ac will be distributed 95% with relatively low power usage at a certain inverter capacity so that it can save battery power if you have a sufficient battery system, slightly different from the low-frequency inverter EGS002. In most cases the damage to the inverter is more of a high-frequency type or switching inverter because there are many in the market and a wide price range so that it can be found at competitive prices, most cases are damage to the H-Bridge MOSFET which meets directly with a 220v load, different from low type inverters frequency using a transformer, to build a high-frequency type inverter with good quality and durability requires more supporting components in order to get good quality on the inverter

I have made a high-frequency transformer version of the inverter, with an input voltage of 24VDC which you can see in the preview schematic below, to see more details you can download the PDF version of the schematic.

1000W Inverter 12/24VDC to 220VAC with EGS002 High Freq

And to make it easier to build this inverter, I have designed the PCB Layout Inverter EGS002 High-Frequency transformer version, which you can see in the PCB layout preview below.

PCB Layout 1000W Inverter 12/24VDC to 220VAC with EGS002 High Freq
The PCB is fixed, I added several features such as Over Current Protection,  Automatic switch, Remote Switch, Under Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Warning (Beeper), Fan Control by thermal sensing. You can download PCB with Gerber format, and you can order at PCB Fabricate online like JLCPCB.

And the following is a video of the assembly, along with testing this EGS002 High Freq Inverter. This inverter can produce up to 1000W- 2000W depending on the input voltage, the greater the current capacity of the battery, the greater the power output.

In the video, I use the FDP054N10 MOSFET for the DC STEP UP part and the W20N50 MOSFET for the SPWM EGS002 section.

The selection of the MOSFET greatly affects the power output as well as the shape of the sine wave. For components such as resistors, capacitors, and others, use quality components, install the values as stated on the PCB label or download the part list below.

The PCB is working normally 100%


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  1. Can you share also the editable schematic file? What editor did you used ? Thanks