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Subwoofer Module Amplifier using 4558 with PCB

Subwoofer Module amplifier Circuit is indeed very popular with the audio hobbyist. The circuit that I publish, is a circuit of modules that use the subwoofer amplifier ic op-amp 4558 which acts as a reinforcement of bass tones (subwoofer) assisted of it's by the workings of some supporting components such as resistors, capacitors. 

The workings of this circuit adds to the gain on the frequency of low tone (LPF), so that the sound output is generated for the subwoofer speaker to be more steady and loud bang, but with the voice that minimal noise, in addition to the performance of the power supply should also be stable, so that it will sound hum was gone. Below circuit diagram, PCB design, and How to assemble audio signal subwoofer module amplifier.

Subwoofer Module Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Subwoofer Module Amplifier Circuit Diagram

This circuit requires little components, are also easily accessible. for the power supply voltage, symmetric voltage 15VDC required for maximum results. And PCB layout below will help you more easily to assemble.

PCB Design Subwoofer Module Amplifier

Subwoofer Filter using IC 4558 PCB Layout design

PCB Design Subwoofer Module Amplifier using 4558

Subwoofer Module Assembled Video:

Wiring Diagram

Next, for the installation, only parallel input audio subwoofer output with tone control circuit, so that if the Volume on the tone control circuit in any state 0, Subwoofer can still set the volume. because the output of the subwoofer module with an output paralel tone control.

subwoofer wiring diagram circuit
 Enough circuit Subwoofer Module Amplifier. if anyone ask please comment below.

This 12VDC Subwoofer Filter/ Subwoofer Module/ Low pass filter. Using +12V DC power supply and ground, But both Subwoofer circuit using main op-amp 4558 tl74.
subwoofer pass filter

12V Subwoofer filter

Subwoofer module subwoofer low pass filter

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


i have found anything in here, thank very much

your welcome darmawan,

thanks for visit, i hope you enjoy in here. :-)

please sent the 4558d using circuit to

if you cant see circuit please click this link https://4*bp*blogspot*com/-eqUX1_Sfxbc/Vx-UWlL8OOI/AAAAAAAAErM/YN0Il8mtfbIyFtdZFvwvvj8-7H0tXDBUwCLcB/s640/subwoofer%2Bmodul%2Bwith%2B4558.jpg

please change * with .


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Hi Sir' i Cant UnderStand The list of Components plz Write Them in Detail.
The PCB layout Qualty is Bad plz Upload A Good Quality Picture

Hi Sir' i Cant UnderStand The list of Components plz Write Them in Detail.
The PCB layout Qualty is Bad plz Upload A Good Quality Picture

Hi Sir' i Cant UnderStand The list of Components plz Write Them in Detail.
The PCB layout Qualty is Bad plz Upload A Good Quality Picture

please can you provide the component you not understand?
sorry for the layout, i will update with clear image.

Please check your power supply and make sure the ic 4558 working properly

Please complete the upload LPF & bass boost circuit

you can search in here.. about bass boost and lpf circuit

I really like your blog, the information you’ve provided on the website is just accurate. If you guys want to know more for the same you can visit this awesome website

Ne5532_bass_filter_circuit did not work

use 4558 circuit.. subwoofer filter

I am getting humming no clear sound but it's amazing work

I am getting humming no clear sound but it's amazing work

what the power supply you using for subwoofer module?

Hi , WAHYU Eko Romadhon, I have a subwoofer model sav - 1007 SUPERSONIC it's a 200 w output of music 4 ohms power supply 24,15,volts. After playing some hard music it suddenly went down and distorted music which you can hardly hear is coming out even with the volume high.Please help what could be the problem and what should I check? It has 3 x 4558d, 1 x lm 358p, a cd 2399 or k246 and fm 62429.

what the power amplifier using? and please check the power supply voltage, what the voltage is many drop or not ? if yes you must change the electrolityc capacitor on power supply.

Sir PCB banane ke liye konsi ink use karte hai printer mai. Mai bahut pareshan hu muze homemade PCB banane ka tarika to pata hai but koi apne youtube video par ye nahi batata ki konsi ink PCB ke banane ke liye chahiye so please help me

Hello i dont understand with your speak

Sir making a homemade PCB which type of ink are used in printer to print a PCB design in glossy paper and stick in PCB board using a heat so please help me and name of the ink

You can use the printer ink, but u must use a transfering pcb by using a lotion and a iron or heater.

mas Wahyu, itu kalo liat diagramnya, yg dipake outputnya kok cuman chanel R saja, sedangkan yg chanel L dari tone control langsung masuk Power ampli?

PreAmp Subwoofer control ini dikhususkan utk power amplifier yang digunakan untuk mengendalikan speaker subwoofer (low freq), jadi utk keluaran hanya mono dari dua input L /R.

i not sell the kit, but you can made it yourself.

I have a problem in JBL125 power amplifier and pre-amplifiers. There are 2 problems.
First one is 15+ and - , both voltages are 12-13V. Biggest problem is the pre amplifier circuit. When it is working, sub woofer is working, but no sound from pre amplifier speakers. I replaced first 4558D ic connected to the small speakers. But no sound. What can I do for this problem? Can you answe this problem to solve the issue of pre- amp speakers? Thanks in advance...

Please check ground input, what its connected to input? and check the potetiometer if there it have. Or you can check the amplifier before connecting to the preamplifier is there any have sound output?

Thank you for your advice. I checked the the main amp connected to the sub woofer. That side work properly when I give the input through a DVD. Problem is the pre amp as I mentioned earlier. 4858D connected to speakers front and rear. 4558D pin number 321 other pins connected to 657 input line.
Model JBL-125 pre amp SCS125A PRE-SCH.

Okay sir, it would be difficult.

Good luck

to increasing your filter subwoofer. changes all mylar 470nf to 330nf. and then change mylar 47nf to 39 nf. to avoid subwoofer clipping or crash when potentio is raised. thanks and keep smile

its more gain frequency filter if you change it

Can You Give me The Size OF this 4558 "that black and white print"

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Oh yes, yes, my friend is what I'm looking for. It weighs very interesting.

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This is one of the best subwoofer module I found here and i'm proud of it's quality results. Thank you sir for solving one of my querries.

In need of car audio booster circuits with printed boards if possible sir

There are so many correction in the diagram sir, If you have a facebook account I can share you the changes I made based on your work

First, I change 56k to 1k resistor. Next I change 1M to 100K resistor but between the 6 and 7 pin I put 224 ceramic capacitor. Next I changed 474J to 224J polyester capacitor. Next I replaced 47J to 224 at pins 1 & 2. And finally I put 2 pcs of 1K resistors parallel to the volume connection and attached to 2 pcs of 50V 4.7 uF capacitor to make it stereo. From the ground, I didn't attached the non invertin input to the negative but rather I put 2 pcs of 10K resistors both + and - of the supply in your diagram rather than 1.8K resistor to avoid increase of heat in the IC. The results is it will work at 10 to 15 vots DC and it emitts super bass that make my balls to shake out

Hello Mr. Manager.I would like to learn about your drawings, it is 1000w, 1500, 1600w, 1700w, and what have you already test these montages? I need these montages, what are your conditions? Thank you, Yvon.DRC

Is it connectable with any power amplifier? I drive jbl gto1202d dvc 12"
By 8 transistor (1943/5200) through a passive crossover.

What is the cutoff frequency of this subwoofer module

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Sir John Uriel Antigua please update me with a circuit on this pin of a subwoofer module on my facebook account ... acc: calvo matunda. Email Thanks.

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