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Active Bass Audio Power Amplifier - Subwoofer System Project

Last week i make Active Bass ( Subwoofer ) Audio Amplifier complete speaker box design. The audio circuit is I specialize for low tone (Bass). Power Amplifier circuit using most popular amplifier circuit 750W Mono Power Amplifier.

However I was slightly modified for the driver transistor and transistor final.Circuit power amplifier and components you can see in the picture below.

750W Power Amplifier

For power amplifier scheme above you can see here : 750W Mono Power Amplifier Schematic . 
I modify the driver transistor and the final is on the B1786 A1837 transistor C4793 with the D1763. In the circuit using the transistor is highly recommended because the transistor is very powerful and not overly burdened so that the transistor is not hot. Then for transistor C5200 and a1943 I change with c4468 and a1695. Transistor I replace the smaller underneath because the load is not covered much by these transistors, will be handed over by the final transistor. For my final transistor using 2SC2922 and 2SA1216 5DY original. The sound emitted is not broken and is suitable for use mono bass.
Sanken Power Amplifier

2sc2922 2sa1216 Power Amplifier

High Power Amplifier Bass Subwoofer

Below is a picture-making  speaker box and component placement into the speaker box.

Speaker I am using 8 inch Woofer 100W / 8Ohm 2 x. 
Speaker box using plywood materials MDF

Subwoofer Box Design

8 Inch Speaker

Bass Speaker Design

Subwoofer speaker system

Design subwoofer box audio

Complete active bass speaker system

Bass active speaker system

For specifications of the power supply I use 10Ampere transformer, two capacitors 10000uF / 50V diode bridge. The circuit power supply you can find many on this site.

Bass Enhancher / Subwoofer filter iam using the most popular subwoofer filter using ic 4558 you can see here : Module Subwoofer using 4558

Why do I use this 750W power amplifier? why not use other power amplifier circuit.
Because this power amplifier is matched for 8 inch speaker , so if you want to upgrade speaker you can replace with 8 inch subwoofer speaker with higher power.

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