Wednesday, October 26, 2016

750W Mono Power Amplifier Schematic and PCB

Hello diy'ers i will post about high power amplifier circuit complete PCB Layout design, i'm already making this power amplifier that have output power about 750W mono , and if stereo this power amplifier have output power 1500 Watt. Based on transistor as an amplfying audio signal then amplified signal will operating speaker's. This schematic diagram and pcb layout for 750W Mono Power Amplifier .

750W Mono Power Amplifier Schematic diagram
Circuit power amplifiers above strengthened by the transistor comprises of transistor buffer , driver, and final transistor.

Buffer transistor on the Transistor A564 , C828, A1837 , C4793.
Buffer transistor on the Transistor A564 , C828, A1837 , C4793

Driver Transistor using C5200 and A1943 ( Datasheet C5200 A1943 )
Transistor using C5200 and A1943

Final stage Transistor using C3264 A1295 / 2SC3264 2SA1295
C3264 A1295 / 2SC3264 2SA1295

For Power Supply using 63VDC that can give ouput power about 750 Watt RMS. This power amplifier circuit can drive 12" -15" subwoofer or woofer speakers about 300-500W. Dont forget to give speaker protection circuit on the output power amplifier , it can usefull if ouput short circuit occurs.

PCB Layout 750W Mono Power Amplifier

PCB Power Amplifier 750W Mono

PCB Layout Power Amplifier 750W

PCB 750W Mono Power Amplifier, sorry im just using very poor camera phone, So that the line is not clearly. But this PCB is already to assemble with components.
PCB 750W Mono Power Amplifier

DIY KIT 750W power amplifier with final transistor sanken 2SC2922 2SA1216 , driver transistor C4468 A1695 D1763 B1186 .
DIY 750W power ammplifier kit

DIY KIT 750W power amplifier with final transistor sanken 2SC2922 2SA1216 , driver transistor C4468 A1695 D1763 B1186 .

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


im not found that layout.. where is it ?

the layout is already in real pcb, there is not clear image. If you want an clear image please give your email and i will send it.

Please send the Proteus file to Also I want to ask what ampere of transformer you used for this mono circuit

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im using 10Ampere transformer 40v

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He man u try cave amplifire circuit this one have dual power supply rail and its give this amplifire 90-0-90 and 45-0-45 both supply use

nice circuit, if possoble inviat to me e-mail this project for try contruction, ty very much.

Good day, i just wanna try this circuit please can send the pcb lay out & how many ampere need for this mono amplifier? more power and keep sharing your knowledge to email add.

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What is the purpose of vr1 5k?..Can I use 2sa1216 and 2sc2922 for the output trans?

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I would like to buy the 750 watt amplifier kit.
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