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200 Watt Power Amplifier STK4050 - STK4046

Amplifier circuit with IC STK is tough and good quality. In this article an amplifier circuit with IC STK another base. Power "Amplifier 200Watt By STK4050" is an audio amplifier of the STK family with 200Watt power. To create a power amplifier with the STK4050 IC is not require many external components.

Power Amplifier uses symmetric 30Volt power supply system. Power Amplifier Circuit With this STK4050 can reproduce the power 200 Watts at 8 Ohm load spaker. In making Power Amplifier 200Watt With this STK4050 do not forget to provide adequate heat sink for the IC STK 4050 in order to avoid overheating.

Schematics Amplifier STK4050-STK4046
Circuit Diagram Amplifier STK4050-STK4046

STK PCB Layout Amplifier
PCB Layout Amplifier

Circuit Power Supply for Power Amplifier 200Watt By STK4050 been displayed in one image  above. IC STK 4050 in this series there are several types on the market including STK4050II, STK4050V and STK4050.
STK 4050 IC
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And below is a list of STK ICs are used for a good quality amplifier.

Datasheet STK IC Amplifier
Datasheet STK IC Amplifier

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