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2500W High Power Amplifier Class-D UcD 2000 Fullbridge - DiY

2500W High Power Amplifier Class-D UcD 2000 Fullbridge - DiY

Elcircuit will share the PCB layout Gerber file as well as how to assemble the UcD2000 or UcD2K full-bridge class-d amplifier, along with the trial version of the PCB, and the one shared at the end of the post is the final PCB version and its correct, just install the components according to the label on the PCB.

PCB 2500W High Power Amplifier Class-D UcD 2000 Fullbridge - DiY

 This PCB is printed on

The following is the schematic of the fullbridge UcD2000 amplifier designed by Kartino Surodipo, the design is simple, just like the UcD1k halfbridge amplifier, both using the LM311 IC for the comparator and the IR2110 Mosfet Driver. This UcD2000 amplifier can produce power from 2500W to 3000W RMS, at 90VDC CT power supply voltage with a load of 4 ohms. Very large power with an amplifier that is only 20x9.5cm in size and without using SMD components, and full protection.

Schematic UcD2000
Download Schematic PDF for the better image at the end of this post

This UcD2000 amplifier is also equipped with Over Current Protection, DC Protec, LED indicators and Limiter features that can be bypassed or activated and the limiter can be set.The amplifier is very suitable for subwoofer speakers by using a bottom boost buffer. and accentuate clartiy more if using premium flat buffer.

The following is for the fixed pcb layout UcD2000 Fullbridge by Wahyu Eko Romadhon,

PCB Layout UcD2000 Fullbridge

Its added an external buffer, so that the gain can be set more flexibly. no need to set the gain of the amplifier circuit.For the pcb buffer designed with a standing model. There are two versions for a flat buffer version (Red PCB) and a bottom boost version (Purple PCB) bottom boost function to highlight the bottom frequency.

PCB Buffer UcD2000 Fullbridge

The dimensions of the Amplifier PCB are quite small for a fullbridge amplifier which has a large power because it uses full throughole components, a PCB with a length of 20 and a width of 9.75cm. For those who want to download the PCB layout, you can visit the link at the end of the post. Print the PCB, you can print it on JLCPCB with the downloaded gerber file.Why should you be in JLCPCB? Because the JLCPCB is fast, the price is cheap, the quality of the PCB is very good, the delivery is also fast, it can ship all over the world.

First, visit the JLCPCB site. then Login oror register first (if you don't have an account) the button is in the top right corner. If you have logged into your account, then just click "Order Now"

Then click  "Add gerber gerber file"

Select the gerber file that has been downloaded at the end of the post link, but before using the downloaded file, the file with the name "Full UcD 2K mr.kartino (extract first)" must be extracted first.

The file already contains schematic same as PCB marking, BoM files, and PCB Layout gerber, for gerber there are three, 1 for amplifier board, and 2 buffer versions.
Then select gerber one by one, then double click. Wait for the upload process to complete.

Then select gerber one by one, then double click. Wait for the upload process to complete. then if you want to add another Gerber file, just click "Add gerber file" again. if the three PCBs have been uploaded and have selected the option for each PCB, then click the basket, and just go to payment by clicking (Secure Checkout), and complete the payment on the next page. Payment can use a credit card, or debit visa, and also paypal.

For assembling and test amplifier UcD2000 can be seen in the following video: 

High Power Class-D UcD2000 Fullbridge

Music test UcD2000 Fullbridge

Load Test UcD2000 Fullbridge at 8 Ohm Dummy Load

The amplifier is supplied with a voltage of 90 0 90V DC, it can produce 2500W RMS output power at 4 ohms, and it has not clipped, the output signal is still soft. no defects. Minimum power supply using 3000W can be 60-90VDC CT.


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