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200W HiFi Discrete UcD Class-D Amplifier

HiFi Discrete Class-D UcD Pleci is a D-class power amplifier with UcD topology, a topology that previously elcircuit had posted the Class-D UcD superlite amplifier and UcD X-Lite Fullbridge is an amplifier family designed by Mr. Kartino Surodipo, Class-D master amplifier from Indonesia. Here is a picture of the finished power amplifier from UcD Pleci amplifier. This amplifier at a glance like icepower250a 250W, but the design is not at all similar.
200W HiFi Discrete UcD Class-D Amplifier
The name, "Pleci" is a popular bird name in Indonesia, with a small physique but the chirp is very melodious and shrill. Just as the name suggests the Class D UcD Pleci discrete power amplifier also produces detailed sound and high freq can come out clearly and softly, like class AB.

Later I will compare the sound of this power amplifier with the power amplifier chip class AB LM1875 which is famous for its performance which is also very good. And this Class-D amplifier has the potential to achieve a class of LM1875 amplifier chip sound, but with high efficiency (One of the advantages of class-D amplifiers).

In the finished circuit image, I mix it with Discrete Op-Amp, so that the sound produced will be more natural. Discrete Op-Amp The quality is approximately equivalent to the Op-Amp chips for $ 25 USD. So, it will make this class D amplifier more classy and luxurious in terms of sound. Later I will update the assembly and test video. This class D amplifier is recommended for indoor use. Unlike other class D amplifiers which are focused on SPL only, but this class-d discrete amplifier is focused on the use of HiFi Home Audio. so don't expect to get an amplifier power above 500W RMS. Following the discrete power amplifier D class UcD Pleci scheme, this circuit diagram I re-scheme in the EasyEDA online application.

Class-D Discrete Amplifier
Download Larger image as PDF file

To use the power supply, it needs symmetrical voltages ranging from 30VDC - 60VDC, for maximum performance the minimum supply is 45VDC 10A. In the above class d power amplifier circuit, I have added DC Protection, Signal Indicators, and fuses on the main power supply.

Does this amplifier still need an external 12V DC bias voltage?
The answer is yes, because besides I use to supply DCP circuits and Speaker delay I use 12V voltage, and also used to supply mosfet driver voltages. This PWM amplifier speed without changing the component value, the speed is above 350kHz. So you can maximize clarity and high tone detail.

Then, can this power amplifier be used for a subwoofer?
The answer is very, very good, and even better, because it can be more detailed voice not only for mid and hi.

What is the LPF value?
For inductors, you can use a 15-22uH inductor, you can use a 3.3cm MS130 core or use a T-130 core or use a shielded inductor like I used, the RM12 core.

Op-amps can use dual discrete op-amps or use Op-Amp ICs, there are 2 alternatives namely DIP or SMD.

Here is a picture of the PCB Layout amplifier class D-UcD Pleci, this PCB Layout can also be downloaded in the Gerber format, and the download file also has a clearer scheme in PDF format.
PCB Layout amplifier

Ahh ... there's an SMD component!
Yes, I did design the PCB Layout using a combination of SMD components, maybe some people will feel it difficult to solder SMD components.
No need to worry, and you can use the SMT Assembly services from JLCPCB, how can you visit the following link:How to solder SMD components easily with JLCPCB SMT Assembly Service
Discrete Class-D amplifier Hifi

And download the files needed to use the SMT Assembly services below.

Video assembling and test

Gerber File, BoM, CPL, Schematic HiFi Discrete UcD Class-D Amplifier

5 comments for "200W HiFi Discrete UcD Class-D Amplifier"

  1. Woww its beatiful amp, and incredible sound. I like it

  2. Replies
    1. there is no available for sale. it just for DIY ers

  3. Nice amp , looks very neat and classy.
    I want to build but I want to know how to adjust the two trim pots .

    1. 10k trimpot for dco set. 200r trimpot for dead time set.