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Power Class-D UcD Xlite Fullbridge Proffesional Audio Amp

Hello guys, on this occasion we share the power amplifier scheme, also called super power amplifier with the D-class fullbridge Ucology topology, where this power amplifier is great for subwoofers with 18 "to 2000W RMS speaker sizes. This power amplifier scheme was designed by Mr. Kartino Surodipo, and indeed dedicated to professional audio use, follows the Fullbridge UcD power amplifier scheme:
Power  Class-D UcD Fullbridge Proffesional Audio Amp

To assemble the power amplifier we also shared the PCB Layout.PDF, to make it easier to assemble this fullbridge UcD amplifier kit.
Power Class-D UcD Fullbridge Proffesional Audio Amp 2000W RMS
Layout with a single layer design is equipped with a fuse, Speaker Delay, DC Protection,

For the Layout, we provide 2 versions of the SMD version in the form of a Gerber file with a part list (BoM file) to make it easier for you to search for components and references.

Video making and test

Schematic + PCB Layout Through Hole Single sided PCB
Schematic, PCB, Partlist UcD Fullbridge SMD

note: extra the .RAR file at first.

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  1. Hi

    what is top borad which you connect on top of mainboard?

  2. Hi

  3. dear sir

    Kindly provide me Gerber file of through hole pcb.

    i get the smd version . but please help for through hole version.

    waiting for your reply.