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500W Class-D Amp IRS20957 SMD

Hello, at this time I will share about power amplifier class-d using IRS20957 class-d amp driver, this amplifier using half-bridge topology, mono power amplifier. Output power amplifier up-to 500W RMS at load 4 Ohm with supply voltage 90VDC. continous output power up-to 300W RMS.

In the previous post Power Amplifier Class-D IRS20957 Behringer B215D I have also made this amplifier, but the difference in the component that I use. in this post, I use the SMD component, so it looks even tinier, and this is highly recommended for power amplifier lovers with a simple and minimalist design that doesn't take up much space. 
And for the PCB driver, I made it apart to make it more minimalist, and it looks cooler. besides that, the PCB with 2 layer design is also quite cheap if we order at JLCPCB because the dimensions are below 10x10cm.

The following circuit schematic for IRS20957 drivers:
Driver schematic 500W Class-D Amp IRS20957 SMD
 Complete amplifier schematic:
Power 500W Class-D Amp IRS20957 SMD

PCB Layout design in two separate design;
PCB Layout 500W Class-D Amp IRS20957 SMD

Video Assembly and test

Download Gerber, Schematic, BoM (Part List) in one compressed file, extract first before using:

12 comments for "500W Class-D Amp IRS20957 SMD"

  1. Hi, I wish to build my own version of this amplifier. Seeing your schematic, am I to understand that the .pdf file also contains the schematic from the zipped schematic-image as well?

  2. hi, what a nice design, i am very excited to try make it at home.. i already download the zip file for the gerber file, but one thing, can i, please, get the password for the zip file? i couldn't extract it without the password.. big thanks to you..

  3. No se puede abrir el enlace

  4. what is the purpose of led/Ldr component. Is is a limiter?

    1. if the led is on, the resistance will decrease, and it will decrease the gain or volume of the amplifier. so it will be safer for the amplifier

  5. there is no mute. csd of ic pin left it safe?

  6. Спасибо большое вам будьте здоровы