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Power Amplifier Class-D IRS20957 Behringer B215D

Class-D IRS20957 High Performance Amplifier
Class D Power Amplifier circuit is on the rise especially in recent years due to its very high efficiency and relatively cheap price and Advantages of Class D Power Amplifier Circuits

The advantages of class D power amplifiers are:
  • Efficiency on supply power requirements
  • Simple physical size
  • Cool design and very practical
  • The heat produced is very minimal
Class D audio amplifier is a switching amplifier or PWM as previously explained. By applying the Switching model it can reduce the power loss in the final amplifier and allow for the efficiency of 90% - 95%. The input audio signal is used to modulate the PWM carrier signal that drives the final amplifier. Before being fed to the speaker, the Low Pass Filter (LPF) is passed to eliminate the high-frequency PWM carrier.

And on this occasion I will share the schematic along with the PCB layout for the D-class power amplifier, the Behringer B215D schematic power amplifier you can see below:

Power Amplifier Class-D Behringer B215D Schematic and PCB
My above scheme taken directly from the original scheme of the BEHRINGER B215D or can view more details you can visit this link:

And for PCB layout you can print it yourself because I also provide PDF files for PCB Power Amplifier Behringer B215D. PCB Layout with double layer boards:
Power Amplifier Class-D Behringer B215D PCB Layout
The PCB layout includes input balance, protection, and signal paneling. The components used are SMD packaged, specifically for IC IRS20957, you can buy the IC in the nearest electronic shop or online store. With cheap prices around 2 $ USD.

The amplifier uses 2 MOSFET transistors for the final and uses LPF with a 22uH core. For the power supply, you can use a power supply with a voltage of 50V - 90VDC with a current of at least 10Ampere. And the target power that can be produced by this amplifier is 600W RMS.
Power Amplifier Class-D Behringer B215D Schematic and PCB

Video Class-D Amplifier IRS20957


Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


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Please post the schematic of your board that includes protections.