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Gerber File Power Amplifier Class-D D4K5

Gerber File class-d power amplifier d4k5
For Gerber files needed for the process of making PCB D4K5 class-d amplifiers, you can see the amplifier scheme here: 4500W High Power Class-D Amplifier D4K5, There are so many DIY'ers friends requesting this D4K5 Class-D PCB file, Download the Gerber file at the very bottom of this post. And before you download this D4K5 PCB D-class.

This more high power than this D4k5 see here: Class-D Amplifier D1K5 Pro Dual Feedback and this video assembling and test load: Video D1k5 Pro Dual Feedback

I will share tips on how to order PCB on JLCPCB by using a PCB d4k5 Gerber file. Here's how to order in JLCPCB:

1. At first, visit JLCPCB ( then register the account or log in if you already have a JLCPCB account.
Gerber File Power Amplifier Class-D D4K5

2. Click quote now and will open a new tab.

JLCPCB Shipping

3. Click add your Gerber file, and file explorer will appear.
4. Select the file D4K5 - CADCAM file that has been downloaded.
5. Click Open and please wait for file uploading.

JLCPCB free shipping

After Gerber file uploaded you can see the PCB Layout and see PCB dimensions automatically.

JLCPCB shipping cost

Select the PCB option as shown below or as you wish, you can change the PCB color, PCB thickness, etc.
JLCPCB design rules

7. Click SAVE TO CART, to put in a shopping basket

JLCPCB componenets

8. Click Checkout securely

JLCPCB review payment

9. Add shipping address
10. Fill in the form according to your shipping address.

JLCPCB payment method

11. Then click Checkout, after you choose shipping courier and choose a payment method.

JLCPCB free shipping

For the payment method review before payment, you must wait for the gerber file to be reviewed before making a payment.

JLCPCB free payment

12. Pay button is not yet available when reviewing the gerber file has not been completed.

13. And when the review is complete you can pay for the next process of making PCB and shipping to your address.
JLCPCB discount

Example of a package box JLCPCB
JLCPCB review

This PCB Power Amplifier CLass-D D4K5 ordered at
PCB Power D4K5 Power Amplifier Class-D 4500W
PCB class d full bridge class-d d4k5 power amplifier


Video Assembling and Test

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  1. hi wahyu, so many files, what specific file I upload to JLCPCB?

  2. Replies
    1. This work also bro. And i will update in my youtube

  3. Hi sir what is the use/pupose of the trimmer located at the right side of ic cd4049, can you tell me how and when to adjust this trimmer?

  4. Trimmer adjust current limit protection,

  5. After some time the mosfet shorted what is the problem

  6. RV1 = 10K Trimpot
    How do I make adjustments?
    Please tell me how to make adjustments.

    1. set the trimpot into minimum and you can see the led will blinks some times you add more gain. and if led protec on amplifier will off

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  8. Bro can u give me link for buying gacun kit

  9. Good work lot's of help from this page keep it up cheers ...

  10. We finished the PCB production and today we tested the sound.
    The sound was powerful and sounded very appealing.
    However, the coil generates a lot of heat.
    Is it normal to generate heat?

  11. Hi Bro how much price of this super class-D ? I want this i can't find all this components that's why asking the price if i can affordable then i'll sure buy it thank you : )

  12. I have tested the amp sound power is greater than class ab.

  13. Wahyu Eko Romadhon Nice to meet you.
    I would like to purchase the power supply you used to test the amplifier ......
    Please tell us the route you can buy.

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  15. I want to pay the PCB and the shipping in advance, but there is no such option. I'm not always personally at the address

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  17. Was capacitor 220uF 16v turned upside down? In the old version of our standing around? How should stand?

  18. HI, Gerber File-D D4K5 not faund, error 404,
    reload file,

  19. What is RMS voltage/ohm load of 4k5 amp giving?

  20. I could not download the gerber file. Can anybody send me the file-D D4K5? My e-mail [email protected]

  21. I could not download the gerber file. Can anybody send me the file-D D4K5? My e-mail [email protected]

  22. Can anyone send me the full file?

  23. 1 trong 2 kênh 4k5 của tôi bị nóng nguyên nhân là gì ?

  24. Có được đo dao động không ?

  25. Si alcuien me puede ayudar cuál es la función del trimpot y como regular gracias

  26. Cuál es la función del Trimpot y como regular