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TPA3116D2 DIY Audio Class-D Amplifier

TPA3116D2 DIY Audio Class-D Amplifier
Tpa3116D2 is a booming power-class class D this time, because the power amplifier using this IC is very powerful and very simple, because this power amplifier is class-d, so the output efficiency is also very high. And in this post, I will make a class-d power amplifier using the TPA3116D2 IC with a BTL system that has an output of up to 100W. You can view the TPA3116D2 schematic and PDF PCB Layout in this post: TPA3116D2 Power amplifier class-D schematic. Immediately we make the PCB:

First print PCB layout using A4 paper size, you can use HVS paper or transfer paper. Use a laserjet printer don't use an inkjet printer.
PCB transfer paper

Then make water to transfer the pathway to the PCB from the mixture mosquito repellent lotion (Diethyltoluamide 15%) and enough water.
PCB transfer liquid

Pour the liquid into the PCB to taste. Do not be too much because it will make it difficult when rubbing paper, the paper will be soft and easily destroyed. Conversely, if it is less,  the path will be difficult to attach to the PCB.
DIY PCB TPA3116D2 transfer liquid

Attach the print paper to the PCB.
DIY PCB TPA3116D2 PCB Layout design

Give the plastic over it, then rub it gently while pressed so that the path can attach to the PCB properly.
How to transfer PCB from paper

After the PCB image has been transferred, repair the path if something is damaged when removing the paper. Then etching the PCB using ferric chloride or vixal and vanish.
DIY PCB power amplifeir class-d tpa3116D2

After etching, check the PCB path again whether there is a short or not. Use the Avometer and turn the switch to Ohm meter.
DIYaudio tpa3116d2 class-d amplifier

After checking the path all is normal, masking PCB using UV curable solder mask. By giving masking this PCB makes it easy for us to solder the SMD component and also the TPA3116D2 IC itself so that the solder tin or solder paste does not overflow everywhere.
diyaudio tpa3116D2 class-d amplifier

IC TPA3116D2 that I bought from WINSOURCE.NET
BUY TPA3116D2 IC from winsource electronics]

Solder carefully IC TPA3116D2.
TPA3116D2 diyaudio power amplifier class-d

Finished TPA3116D2 DIY class-d power amplifier 100W BTL.
diyaudio tpa3116d2 class-d amplifier

See complete DIY Audio tpa3116d2 in the following video:

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