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TPA3116D2 Power amplifier class-D schematic

TPA3116D2 power amplifier circuit schematic
Hello on this occasion, I will share the circuit scheme and PCB class-d power amplifier using IC TPA3116D2/ TPA3116, Power Amplifier IC TPA3116D2 use is already no doubt his abilities, you can see the power amplifier TPA3116D2 KIT test video below, which is supplied with a voltage of 12V 15A:
In the video I used the TPA3116D2 stereo kit for driving Subwoofer speaker 8 Inch 4 Ohm 200W, kit TPA3116D2 stereo can produce 50W + 50W. And for the circuit scheme that I will share this is PBTL mode or mono output which can produce 100W power. Below for the schematic TPA3116D2 PBTL Mode.
Class D TPA3116D2 schematic circuit skema rangkaian

A little explanation with PBTL mode is quoted from the TPA3116D2 datasheet

Mono Mode (PBTL)
The TPA31xxD2 family can be connected in MONO mode enabling up to 100W output power. This is done by:
• Connect INPL and INNL directly to Ground (without capacitors) this sets the device in Mono mode during
power up.
• Connect OUTPR and OUTNR together for the positive speaker terminal and OUTNL and OUTPL together for
the negative pin.
• Analog input signal is applied to INPR and INNR
TPA3116D2 class-d power amplifier

For friends who want to create their own PCB, I provide images and PDF files to be printed using transfer paper to the paper size A4, the following PCB layout design image and PDF files is at the end of the posting that you can download.
TPA3116D2 PCB Layout design 100W Power Amplifier class d
PCB Layout TPA3116D2 PBTL 100W .PDF

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  1. How do I connect volume/gain control to this amplifier?