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Subwoofer Power Amplifier Class-D Dual Bridge TPA3116D2

Subwoofer Power Amplifier Class-D Dual Bridge TPA3116D2
In this post, I will share the circuit scheme and PCB layout of the Power Amplifier Subwoofer that uses the TPA3116D2 IC, TPA3116D2 is an amplifier chip with a Class-D system which also has many features. Features>90% Power Efficiency Combined With Low Idle Loss Greatly Reduces Heat Sink Size, there is also thermal protection, overload current output, etc.

Power amplifiers are suitable for use subwoofer speakers, and the performance is very good. The power amplifier also has a wide power voltage ranging from 5V to 24V. And the recommendation for the subwoofer amplifier circuit using this TPA IC is 24VDC. The following is the circuit scheme of the Subwoofer Power amplifier using the TPA3116D2 IC and 4558 Preamp:

Circuit Subwoofer Power Amplifier Class-D Dual Bridge TPA3116D2
For component lists you can download the BOM (Bill of Materials) Link

In the above scheme there are several circuits, namely:

12V regulated PSU, I use this regulator circuit to supply Preamp 4558 voltage and 4558 Subwoofer filter. Why should the voltage be regulated 12V? because the suitable voltage for the 4558 filter preamp and subwoofer is 12V. So when we use 24V voltage, then the voltage entering the 12V preamp is not more. If the 24V voltage goes into this preamp it will cause a sound defect or it can make the IC burn (IC 4558).

Preamp 4558 and Subwoofer Filter, this circuit is used to amplify input signals and filter low (Bass) tones with output frequencies ranging from 10Hz-250Hz. So the power amplifier will work and only produces bass or low tones.

2x TPA3116D2 Bridge Mode, this is a Class-D power amplifier circuit that I assemble in such a way as to maximize IC performance. By using 2 pieces of TPA3116D2 IC which are bridged so that it can produce an output power of up to 100W/CH with 24V power voltage and 4 Ohm output impedance. Why do I use 2 power amplifiers? because I will use double coil speakers. Where the power /channel will control 1 piece of coil speaker, this will make the subwoofer speaker more bass, and more sub kick.

To make it easier to assemble this power amplifier, I have prepared a PCB Layout along with a PDF file that you can download at the end of the post.

PCB Power amplifier subwoofer tpa3116d2

PCB Double Layer from JLCPCB

TPA3116D2 PCB Layout power amplifier
 Top Layer

TPA3116 PCB Layout design
Bottom Layer

Very good quality PCB as detailed.
PCB from JLCPCB details:
  • Layers: 2
  • Dimension: 71mm * 86mm
  • PCB Qty: 15
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6
  • PCB Color: Red
  • Surface Finish: HASL (with lead)
  • Copper Weight: 1
  • Gold Fingers: No
  • Material Details: FR4-Standard Tg 140C
This video test Subwoofer Power Amplifier Class-D Dual Bridge TPA3116D2


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