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1600W Power Amplifier + Speaker Protector

1600W Power Amplifier + Speaker Protector
Power amplifier with high power output that is greatly needed by many audiophiles. Especially for field or concert, and in addition to the SPL car audio designation. Eg for controlling the use of extreme subwoofer speakers. So it takes a lot of power.
And the following is a power amplifier circuit that can generate output power up to 1600Watt at 4Ohm speaker load. In addition to having a large power, the power amplifier is already equipped with the protection of speakers. The function of the protection speakers is that the speakers are protected by DC voltage which can damage the speakers. It also can cut off the output current when the circuit occurs, so the power amplifier circuit remains safe.

Back to the discussion of this power amplifier. This power amplifier uses 4 final sets of 2SC3264 and 2SA1295 transistors. Where each transistor can flow current up to 18A and has power 200W.

To get a large power, the role of power supply amplifier is very important. Power supply for this amplifier at least 20A with max voltage 100V.

Below is the circuit scheme of 1600W Power Amplifier + Speaker Protector
Power amplifier with high power output
C1 1n
C2-C3 470n
C4-C6,C14 100u
C7,C15-C18 100u
C8 18p
C9 100n
C10-C11 10p
C12 150n
C13 100n
R1 33k
R2 220R
R3,R8,R46,R48 10k
R4-R5,R42 4k7
R6,R9 18k
R7 10R
R10 470R
R11-R12,R14 100R
R13 15k
R15 22k
R16-R17,R40 100R
R18-R21 120R
R22-R23 470R
R24-R31 0R22
R32-R39 1R
R41 6k8-10k
R43 180k
R44 68k
R45 47k
R47 82R
U1 7812
Q1-Q4 BC546BP
Q5 BD681
Q6-Q8 MJE340
Q9-Q10 MJE350
Q11 A968
Q12 C2344
Q13-Q16 A1295
Q17-Q20 C3264
Q21-Q23 2N5551
D1 MZD15
D2 MZD18
D3,D10 LED
D4-D9,D11 1N4007
12V SIL-100-02
GND,OUT,V+,V- 26630101RP2
INPUT SIL-100-03
RV1 5K

Power amplifier blazer pcb

Assembling power amplifier blazer with PCB Double layer
Assembling power amplifier blazer with PCB Double layer

Resistor 1R/0.5W base divider final transistor soldered at the bottom PCB because topside PCB is filled with resistor 5W.
1000W monoblock power amplifier blazer

monoblock power amplifier blazer 1600W

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Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board
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PCB Layout 1600W Power Amplifier PDF
Bill of materials 1600W Power amplifier + speaker protector
Gerber files power amplifier + speaker protector

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  1. Hola como puedo comprar la placa ??

    1. you can buy pcb by ordering at pcb fabricate, download gerber files at attachment file and upload it.

  2. salut,vreau si eu un amplificator streo 1600w+1600w,se poate

  3. How could you modify the circuit for 2 ohms speakers?