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1200W Power Amplifier Crown XLS 1200

Power Amplifier Crown 1200W CROWN XLS
This time I will share about power amplifier circuit Crown XLS x6FT, where this power amplifier can be produced 1200W RMS. This power amplifier Crown XLS x6FT can be supplied with a voltage of at least 45V DC to 90V DC, and to get maximum power you can use a Power supply with high voltage and current. For example, using 75V 20A. Final Transistor power amplifier using 6x 2SC5200 / 2SA1943. Below you can see the schematic power amplifier.
Crown XLS schematic power amplifier
crown power amplifier circuit diagram

PCB Layout Crown XLS power amplifier 2 Layer
PCB Power Amplifier crown XLS
Power amplifier crown PCB Layout
Finished PCB Power Amplifier Crown 1200W

Troubleshooting in component installation, consider the image below:
Power Amplifier crown troubleshooting

Explanation of number labels:

1. You can use a non-polar 10uF / 25V capacitor or polarized capacitor in series 22uF + 22uF and attach the foot + to the PCB

2. Same as number one, but if you use a series polarized capacitor that is 2u2F + 2u2F and attach the foot + to the PCB,

3. Resistor 1/4W 470R 5% Tolerance

4. Use the MUR120 diode or you can not use the diode.

5. Resistors installed at the bottom, ie 2x470R / 2W instead of 2x0.5R 5W.

PCB High Power Amplifier Crown 1200W

Crown Power Amplifier circuit

Schematic + PCB Layout design Power Amplifier Crown XLS.RAR


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    1. next will be updated power amplifier

    2. can you send me the components that u used? and that power supply u have? i wanna try it for the first time.

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  3. link is corrupt Schematic + PCB Layout design Power Amplifier Crown XLS.RAR

    1. Try to download gerber files. And password

  4. recieved your PCBs, I ordered for the Crown XLS.....need a parts list, very hard to read schematic, also PCB is missing some component details, please respond, or, I will contact JLCPCB, and request a refund , I have messaged you on different forums many times...NO RESPONSE..this the PCBs I ordered.......I am very angry.....

  5. Please provide the list of components used in this amplifier circuit

  6. hello friend I'm from Colombia and I liked your work, but you can do me the favor of passing me the list of the components and the measures of the card I would appreciate it.

  7. I have a small problem with this. IF you are using 90V, the total allowed current per transistor is 600mA. It means total ~7Ampers on the output. This is so far from the 1200Watts. On 4Ohms it would require 17Ampers on the output, and in case of 8Ohm 12Ampers, but a lot higher voltage. This amplifier could handle only about 600 - 640Watts. For maximum 10ms with non-repeative pulse, it can deliver 1200Watts. I don't really understand how you calculated the 1200Watts, but 6 pair of 2SC5200 / 2SA1943 could not deliver this amount of power. I recommend to check the Power-Derating curve and SOA (Safe Operating Area) charts of these transistors, before you've been surprised by some smoke that comming out from the transistors and your speakers.

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  9. My friend, you evidently do not like my comment about errors in your circuit??? These errors are caused by your complete ignorance of the principles of power amplifiers. You created a completely non-functional hybrid of several circuits. This scheme is not viable.

  10. I got your PCB, and then I just threw it in the trash. I'm not going to waste time spoiling the transistors on your illiterate development, fit only to lie in a landfill. And believe me, many competent radio engineers will do the same as I do.