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10A 70V SMPS for Power Amplifier

Before the making of Gacun SMPS circuit for a power amplifier, we must know in advance what it is Gacun. If you are an electronics hobbyist who often dabbled with Power Supply TV, then you will not be familiar with Gacun module.

Kit / Module Power Supply Gacun is a very innovative breakthrough. Can be applied to any regulator including TV, as long as the transformer is still good. With this kit, the technicians are very helpful to replace the original regulator circuit.

In this article, we do not discuss more deeply about how to apply/install Gacun for TV regulator, but we will make power supply amplifier by using Gacun module which I will share what kind of Gacun circuit module itself. Which I have previously published on how to create an SMPS circuit with a poison module in this article: Switching Mode Power Supply 10A 20-50V DC CT

The following is an SMPS circuit 10A using Gacun more detail:
Switching Power Supply For power amplifier circuit using UC3843 IRFP460 K3911
Component List:
R4= 22R
R5= 1K5
R6= 39K
R7= 3K9
R8= 1K
R9= 820R
R10= 220K
R11= 0,1R - 0,22R 5W
R12= 5K6
R13= 220K 2W
C1= 100N 275V
C2= 220uF 400V
C3, C4, C8= 10N
C5, C6= 1uF 50V
C7= 2N2
C9= 22N
C10= 10uF 50V
C11= 47uF 50V
C12= 1N 400V
C13, C14, C15, C16= 1000uF 100V
D5, D6= 1N4148
D7= Zener 12V 500mW
D8, D9= MUR8060
BR1= Diode Bridge KBU4M
TR1= EMI Filter from TV PSU Circuit
TR2= Gacun Trafo MK201609
TR3= Primary Winding: 45Turns 0,6mm , Secondary Winding: 14Turns CT 14Turns 0,8mm. Core transformer using from former tv power supply.
IC1= UC3843
Q1= IRFP460, K3911

Examples of the finished Gacun SMPS circuit:
SMPS Gacun Power Supply for power amplifier circuit

3 comments for "10A 70V SMPS for Power Amplifier"

  1. plzzz sir upload the pcb digram

  2. Hello brother this really an SMPS ...i can't bellieve... 220v~ transormer isn 't EMI how can you obtain 300v for smps ... wrong schematic ... !!!