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Switching Mode Power Supply 10A 20-50V DC CT

Switching Mode Power Supply
This is a power supply circuit with switching mode with output voltages ranging from 20 Volts to 50 Volt DC CT Symmetrical 5 up to 10 Amperage very suitable for power amplifier circuit. By using Gacun TV Module 29 "and also some other supporting components such as transformer etc, you can make this power supply circuit. Below the schematic circuit:
SMPS Power Amplifier 10Amper
Component list power amplifier with output 10A 20 - 50V
R1= 2K2/ 3W
R2= 2K2/ 3W
R3= 510R 1/2W

C1= 1uF / 450V
C2= 1uF/ 450V
C3= 220uF / 400V
C4= 4700uF/ 80V
C5= 4700uF/ 80V
C6= 100N
C7= 100N
C8= 1N/ 2kV

BR1= Bridge Diode 3A
D1= MUR820TR Ultra Fast Diode
D2= MUR820TR Ultra Fast Diode

TR1= EMI Filter
TR2= Transformer with GAP Primary Winding=  45 Turns , Secondary Winding= 1 Turn : 5Volt Output.

Connector & Misc:
J1= AC Input 220V
J2= Output DC Symmetrical 1: +Volt 2: Ground 3: -Volt
Gacun Module:
SMPS Power supply with gacun module
SMPS Assembled:
SMPS Power amplifier 10A best

Gacun power supply for power amplifier

Tested Switching Mode Power Supply 10A 20-50VDC

10 comments for "Switching Mode Power Supply 10A 20-50V DC CT"

  1. sir hpw to I make gakun controll.... please reply

  2. U can buy it at online shop . But this product is only popular in indonesia .I have never seen this product outside Indonesia

  3. Can you provide the commercial part numbers for the Gacun module and TR1 and TR2?

  4. Please add pcb layout.thank you

  5. Podria ser posible mas datos de la fuente o video de como la construye como los exelentes videos que he visto sube. Desde ya gracias desde Argentina

  6. Sir can u sent me the details of Sm transformer construction
    I want make different power Sm transformer

  7. untuk lilitan primer dan sekunder ukuran kawatnya brp mm?

  8. Hello brother it's me Sandeep Ur old friend, first me try to assemble 4k5amp ,many MOSFET are damnege ,the brother u the amplifier is working super,now i want to make this gacun smps .pls tell me the primary wire swg and need any air gap to to winding , thanks brother +918921058775 whats app India

    1. This circuit is not compatible with D4K5 amplifier