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Subwoofer Amplifier with Power SOCL 500W

In this project, I will make a special power amplifier for the subwoofer speaker that I use for a power amplifier circuit that is Power SOCL 500W which use 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 final transistor 1 set/pair. Then for my subwoofer preamp use 4558 subwoofer filter/ 4558 subwoofer module. For power amplifier and subwoofer filter, each requires different power supply voltage. This power amplifier can be supplied with power supply from 25V to 63V DC Symmetrical. And for my subwoofer preamp circuit use 15V regulator power supply using IC 7815 and 7915

The power supply of subwoofer preamp needs stable starting from 12V to 15V recommend from me. Above 15V, the filter subwoofer circuit can generate buzzing noise or even damage the IC 4558. It is recommended to use 12 or 15 Volt regulator power supply, which will make stable voltage so good for sound and component itself. The following circuit scheme for subwoofer power amplifier using SOCL + preamp subwoofer.
Subwoofer Power Amplifier Circuit

In the circuit scheme to get more details the circuit please click the link that is in the first paragraph. For the circuit connection, you can see in the schematic above, there is a power supply voltage connection, where the power supply for the preamp subwoofer is taken from the output of 7815 and 7915 while the input of the regulated power supply is taken directly from the symmetric voltage of the power amplifier. You can take the voltage + and - only, while the ground is connected to all circuits.
15V Regulated Power Supply Video Schematic, PCB design

Wiring Circuit for PCB
Power SOCL 500W Subwoofer Amplifier

For input sound signal output that enter from the media player, go first to the subwoofer filter circuit and will be forwarded to the power amplifier, so the output of this SOCL power amplifier becomes a low tone which is good for subwoofer speakers.

This subwoofer power amplifier circuit is very satisfactory, which can control 12-inch subwoofers with ease. See the following SOCL power subwoofer amplifier videos, making amplifier and test with subwoofer speaker.

Subwoofer Amplifier with Power SOCL [VIDEOS]

6 comments for "Subwoofer Amplifier with Power SOCL 500W"

  1. what is the ampere I have to supply for 300 watt amplifier. It says 70 volts only. reply on [email protected]

  2. what is the ampere I have to supply for 300 watt amplifier. It says 70 volts only. reply on [email protected]

  3. Can I take this circuit diagram and share it for free with other electrons BBS?

  4. What type of diodes you have used to rectify it?