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800W Power Amplifier Circuit

This is one of the power amplifier circuits with high power, capable of controlling some 12inchi size speakers in one circuit of this power amplifier. This power amplifier circuit is bothered easy, but it will be easier because we will share the circuit diagram and PCB Layout.

800W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
800 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
Component List
Q1=2 x 2N5401

In the circuit above use Sanken final transistor or also use Toshiba 2sc5200 / 2sa1943. To parallel the final transistor you can visit this link: Booster Amplifier circuit ( Transistor Final ). Power Supply circuit using 45V-75V DC Symmetrical with 10 Ampere or better current ratings.

Below the PCB Layout 800W Power Amplifier Circuit 
PCB Layout 800W Power Amplifier

PCB Layout 800W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

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  1. hi what is the pcb size please .

  2. Is it possible to send me better quality PCB, and layout files, also schematic diagram please [email protected]

  3. what is the rx and ry value