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TDA7293 vs TDA7294 Audio Power Amplifier Project

TDA7293 VS TDA7294 Power Amplifier
This is an audio power amplifier project using the TDA7294 and TDA7293 ICs that I will try to work on both. Both ICs are almost the same even very similar scheme can be used in a series of stereos. And in this post, I use one PCB stereo, where on the left side IC using TDA7293 IC and right side using ICTDA7294. Previously I will share the circuit scheme of both IC Power amplifier below with the required components.

Schematic Diagram Monolithic Power Amplifier
TDA7293 TDA7294 Power Amplifier Circuit

Component List


D1=RED LED Clip Detector for TDA7293

J1=Audio Input
J2=Output Speaker 
J3=Power Supply 1:+25VDC 2:GND 3:-25VDC

Integrated Circuit
IC1= TDA7294 / TDA7293

PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout TDA7293 TDA7294 Power Amplifier
PCB Power Amplifier TDA7294

TDA7294 & TDA7293
TDA7293 vs TDA7294 Sound
You can buy both IC at UTSOURCE by visit this link: Buy TDA7294 & Buy TDA7293

TDA7293 VS TDA7294 Specification

  1. Multipower BCD technology
  2. Very high operating voltage range (±50 V)
  3. DMOS power stage
  4. High output power (100 W into 8 Ω @ THD =10%, with VS = ±40 V)
  5. Muting and stand-by functions
  6. No switch on/off noise
  7. Very low distortion
  8. Very low noise 
  9. Short-circuit protected (with no input signal applied) 
  10. Thermal shutdown
  11. Clip detector
  12. Modularity (several devices can easily be connected in parallel to drive very low impedances)


  1. Very High Operating Voltage Range (±40V)
  2. DMOS Power Stage High Output Power up to 100W Music Power
  3. Muting/Standby Functions 
  4. No Switch ON/OFF Noise
  5. No Boucherot Cells
  6. Very Low Distortion
  7. Very Low Noise
  8. Short Circuit Protection
  9. Thermal Shutdown
Some components needed to make the project amplifier TDA7293 vs. TDA7294.
DIY TDA7293 Power Amplifier

TDA7293 Power Amplifier Circuit
This is the power amplifier project that was so ready to do testing of the sound produced. Do not miss to watch the video from this power amplifier at the bottom of the post, and do not forget to subscribe my youtube video channel.
TDA7294 vs TDA7293 Power Amplifier coparison

Assembling TDA7293 & TDA7294 Power Amplifier [VIDEO]

VIDEO Test TDA7294 TDA7293 with Subwoofer Speaker 12 Inch

VIDEO TEST TDA7294 with 8 Inch 2Ohm Subwoofer Speaker 200Watt

In the video test I use 25V power supply with 10 Amperage  voltage current using Switching Mode Power Supply.

Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


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Can i replace tda 7293 with tda 7294

Can i replace tda 7293 with tda 7294

yes you can replace tda7293 with tda7294

How can I download this cool project? Please help me

Thanx alot sir ur always helpfull i am also following u on youtube i need ur mail id i need ur is mine

Sir can I change tda7294 into tda7296 plz

I Want To Purchase PCB Of TDA7294 And TDA7293. HOW?

I see hea sink pads for these power amps here...

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