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Stereo Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875

This is a stereo power amplifier Gainclone LM1875, a lot of people are interested in this Gainclone power amplifier, one of my own. There are also many who modify this power amplifier to be more powerful and also pleasant to hear and demand among various audiophile circles.

Some projects are also available that make this Gainclone power amplifier for home theater 5.1 channel audio project, usually combined with LM3886 Gainclone power amplifier as a power amplifier for subwoofer speakers. For the Power LM3886 circuit, you can see this link: 200W LM3886 Gainclone Amplifier & Parallel Gainclone amplifier LM3886.

Below is the scheme of LM1875 stereo Gainclone power amplifier circuit:
Stereo Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875
Components List:
R1,R6= 1M
R2,R10= 22K
R3, R8= 1K
R4, R6= 20K
R5, R7= 1R/3Watt

C1,C11= 2u2F Audio Grade Capacitor
C2,C12= 22uF 50V
C3,C4,C8,C10= 100N MkP
C5,C10= 220N Decoupling Ceramic Disc
C6,C7,C13,C14= 100uF 50V

U1,U2= LM1875, LM1875T

Power Supply= 35V DC Symmetrical
Pin 5 LM1875= +35V
Pin 3 LM1875= -35V

Output Power= 2x 20W RMS 8Ohm Load
Stereo PCB Layout Design Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875:
PCB Stereo Gainclone Power Amplifier LM1875

[VIDEO] Tested Stereo Gainclone Amplifier LM1875

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