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High Power Mosfet Amplifier IRF540N

1000W Mosfet Power Amplifier
This is my project high power amplifier circuit using MOSFET transistor as main amplifier, but this circuit is still a prototype which later I will make it into a circuit of power amplifiers that are ready to be tested. Previously visit also power amplifier circuit using mosfet listed below.
If you see a list of power amplifiers above, this amplifier is the same system. Unlike the Mosfet amplifier using a D-class amplifier system. In this project, I use the IRF540N transistor for its final amplifier, where this transistor can be voltage current flowing up to 33A and can power up to 130W each transistor. In this amplifier can use as much as 12x MOSFET transistor can be applied up to 1560W maximum. However, by using power supply voltages are qualified. In this power amplifier, I will supply with a voltage of 60V DC with a current rating of 20Ampere, making it possible to spend up to 1000Watt. Large enough if the output power up to 1000 Watt that can drive 15Inch woofer speakers as much as 2 pieces, but must still see the power speakers are used.

Below the schematic of high power MOSFET amplifier IRF540N:

High Power Amplifier Circuit using Mosfet
 PCB Layout Design High Power Mosfet Amplifier IRF540N:
PCB High Power Amplifier
PCB layout design power amplifier mosfet irf540n

12 comments for "High Power Mosfet Amplifier IRF540N"

  1. Which speaker impedance must be to get 1000W?

  2. excuse are indonesian?

  3. You are idiot
    This circuit never works
    You'll lose your transistors when you give power on this circuit

    1. Please make this 1000watt irf540n mosfet amplifier power supply diagram with testing.i am making this circuit but all diode are blast?

    2. This amplifier can't output 1000W, have you checked according to the component schematic?