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Class-A Mosfet Power Amplifier 2SK1058

2SK1058 Class A Power Amplifier Circuit
DIY Mosfet Amplifier Class-A with transistor MOSFET 2SK1058 P-Channel Mosfet. This power amplifier circuit is a very simple design that produces in low stage output power. Basically this class A amplifier has a less good power efficiency, but in the use of Mosfet transistor slightly reduce the heat load on the transistor so that good impact on the performance of the amplifier. Still using a coupling capacitor on the output voltage to produce sounds that will be forwarded to the speaker. For the circuit and PCB scheme, you can see below.

Circuit Diagram:
Mosfet Power Amplifier Class-A 2SK1058 Circuit Diagram
Part List:
R1,R3 = 1K
R2 = 1M
C1 = 1uF / 0,47uF 50V
C2 = 33uF / 47uF 50V
C3 = 4700uF / 6800uF 50V
C4,C5 = 100N
C6 = 470uF 50V
Q1 = 2SK1058
RV1 = 47K - 50K Variable Resistor
RV2 = 100K Varible / Potentiometer
J1 = Audio Input
J2 = Power Supply DC 24V
J3 = Speaker Output Max 100W 4 Ohm

At the Circuit diagram above there is not labeled Resistor before speaker output, you can add more Resistor before speaker output (+) with value 0.47 Ohm 5W 4x Parallel.

PCB Layout Design
PCB Layout Mosfet Power Amplifier

PCB Layout Class-A Mosfet Amplifier

Design PCB Mosfet Amplifier 2SK1058

Thanks for guest, if you have done the project of this power amplifier you can contact me, I will add a post in here, such as picture or video. Or you may like this other post about Mosfet Amplifier below:

10 comments for "Class-A Mosfet Power Amplifier 2SK1058"

  1. What the output power value?

  2. Doyou have schematic for power supply circuit?

    1. i dont have, but you can search in here about assymmetrical power supply. You can use transformer output 24V with rate 3A current.

  3. Speaker output in (+ to speaker)and speaker output (+ to -) in 0.47om 5w resistor ??????

  4. 0.47om matching in 0.5 om ok sir
    And 2sk1058 matching mosfet sir please send me....

  5. 0.47om matching in 0.5 om ok sir
    And 2sk1058 matching mosfet sir please send me....

  6. aunque tengo una pequeña duda la resistencia R3 no debería ser de 15 ohm y 50w amigo