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Power Amplifier 1500W Class D IR2110 CD4049

This high power amplifier has an output power of up to 1500W at 4Ohm impedance, using a class D power amplifier system, where the power amplifier system is very efficient, the efficiency up to more than 90%, much higher than the class AB power amplifier which reaches 50% Efficiency. As I described in my post class-D power amplifier prior to the posting: 200W Class D Amplifier & 900W Class D Amplifier.

Power 1500W Class D requires several components to make the power amplifier and also pay attention to the components available in the market including; IC Comparator using IC TL071, Transistor Level Shifter using 2N5401, IC Logic using CD4049 IC, protection IC using combination of NE555 and LM311, IC Driver using IC IR2110, with 2 pairs Different Power Mosfet, Toroid, Email Wire, Capacitor MKP , Resistor, Diode, Led, Nonpolar Capacitor, Elco, IC Socket, Heatsink, PCB, Male and female socket, Cable. And below the Circuit diagram of its power amp:

High Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram Class D titan
The above circuit is almost identical to the series of Power Amp D-Class 3000W Gambit, a significant difference that is in Mosfet Transistors are used, the Power Amplifier is only using 2 IRF MOSFET transistor amplifier, but this power amplifier also has a high-quality performance, Very large power output. To use Mosfet Transistor I suggest you use power MOSFET with IRFP4227 type because this transistor is very good compared to good Mosfet Transistor for Audio (Switching) than like IRFP460 / IRFP460N, IRFP250, IRFP260 etc.

For ease of making 1500W Class D power amplifier, I also share the PCB layout is as follows:
PCB Power Class-D 1500W IR2110 CD4049 Amplifier

PCB Layout Power Amplifier 1500W Class D TitanHigh Power Class D Amplifier PCB

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Electronic Circuit is a good site for hobbyist also who would like to try DIY because it shared good circuits. If you have a personalized circuit requirement you may feel free to request it through the comment box or contact me.


Amplifier Classes has the amount of output signal that can varies within the amplifier circuit and over one cycle of operation that when excited by a sinusoidal input signal.

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sir does this project really worked before? does it have no other issues or problem? if i build this one, can this amplifier be used for party which would usually last for 6hours continuous music? thanks

Yes its really works. You can use upto 6hours cont. playing music.

Helo bro
Can this for suitable for 2 4ohm 12" 420 RMS sony xplod bass and 2 8ohm 12" 100 RMS cone speakers. Thanks in advance.

I think you are trying to hide circuit image from public

The 2000 watts fullbridge bottom copper look very clear than D4K5.

Hello! I like circuit class D. I have assembled your 1500w class D circuit and use the 46-0-46 volts source, but it is distorted and there is an explosion when turning up the volume. Can you show me how to fix it? Thanks you!

Buenas, compañeros soy fan de los clase D, tengo un detalle al conectar los dos canales (modo estéreo), la potencia baja y ha una distorcion, sera que usted que conoce mucho delmtema me puede ayudar.
se lo agradezco de corazon.

For me the circuit don't work. Is just wast of funds. Concentrate on your class AB.