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Make a Digital Amplifier with PAM8610 Module

PAM8610 Module Power Amplifier Class D 2x15Watt
PAM8610 Amplifier Module
PAM8610 2x15W Stereo Digital Amplifier is a high-quality audio amplifier module that uses PAM8160 chip which can produce very clear sound and strong stereo separation.

PAM8610 Module Amplifier

Working voltage: 7V - 15V.
Output 2 stereo channel 2x10W (8Ohm) or 2x15W (4Ohm).
Output power: 10w + 10w (8 load)
Efficiency: 90%
Shutdown Current: 4uA
Quiescent current: 20mA
SNR: 86%
Total harmonic distortion: 5W / 1KHz / 8 ---- 0.1%
Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
Input impedance: 15K
Output Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
Dimensions: 30mm x 25mm x 2.5mm
Protection: Over Load, Over Temperature, Anti Popup Protection.

Material Specifications:
Using the chip from the latest DIODES INC PAM8610,
Using SMD components of high precision resistors, with tolerance of + - 1% 3. Layout of multi layer PCB with separate ground plane to ensure high S / N ratio, and low noise level.
PCB using Fiberglass material with thickness 1.6 mm, double-sided board.
The best quality PCB material
Using capacitor power type Low impedance more dynamic sound.

I made a power amplifier using this PAM8610 module using components not with high quality, the components I use as follows:

PAM8610 Parts for building HiFi amplifier

The first part of the power supply I use Switching Power Supply Unit with a 12volt DC output voltage ampere rating 1Amper, actual amperage rating that much less able to raise a voice of power amplifier PAM8610. I add a digital voltmeter to monitor the supply voltage. Then for the speakers use 2parts 3 Inch Speaker with 10W 4Ohm load power and also 2 pieces of tweter.

For volume settings and audio inputs use a stereo potentiometer and an additional RCA input jack. Power Amplifier using PAM8610 Class D.

Review and test PAM8610

I provide video in Indonesian version, following video build and test amplifier use PAM8610 Module.

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    1. thanks phethai,, yesterday im visit your site.. Thanks..

  2. What does the SW on chip represent?

  3. SW is the mute switch. Close them and the audio reduces low enough that you can't hear it.