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Dynamic Noise Reduction Circuit

Noise Damper Function to dampen excessive noise on a circuit of audio you have as power and also an additional circuit for tone control or equalizer you have, you can test it by adding a circuit that is quite simple and can you make your own with ease. Below the schematic diagram of Dynamic Noise Reduction using IC uA741 and BC550:
Circuit Diagram
Dynamic Noise Reduction Circuit Diagram 741, TL074, 4558

See also interesting circuit:

The circuit above is using IC 741 op-amp, for based noise reduction. Noise reduction it can be used for power amplifier hum, car power amplifier storing, or car power amplifier engine noise. If you want to make it easier, in this post of Dynamic Noise Reduction circuit also share the PCB Routing or PCB Layout Design, below the PCB Layout Design:

PCB Design
PCB Layout Design Dynamic Noise Reduction uA741

Elcircuit Project Audio Nose filter
From this Dynamic Noise Reduction circuit, it can also use for car audio noise filter. On car audio, it can be filtering the noise from the engine feedback. If you use this noise filter you must be set before you can hear the audio. Because this audio noise filter can be mute the audio. Below the project and wiring circuit:
Dynamic Audio Noise Reduction DIY

Soldering Part of Audio Noise Filter

Already tested audio noise filter

Wiring Circuit Audio Noise Filter

Wiring and tested Dynamic Noise Reduction Circuit

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  1. do you have wiring diagram for noise reduction using on car head unit?

    1. i will update it, with video test.

    2. okay thank you for sharing, you have many amazing blog post.