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Making Surround Amplifier TDA7386 4 Channel

Surround Amplifier TDA7386 4 Channel its actually took from circuit power amplifiers that are in car Head Unit. I apply for a home room, almost the same as a home theater. I added with a homemade subwoofer. Making subwoofer you can see here: Subwoofer speaker and amplifier project 

Surround amplifier using TDA7386 is very cheap just need some component. You just spend money about $2 to make this amplifier. For the circuit schematic power amplifier you can see below:

Schematic Power Amplifier TDA7386, Surround amplifier
Surround Amplifier TDA7386 4 Channel

Power Amplifier technical information , the power amplifier have output power 40W x 4, each channel have more output power 40W. Power supply need 12VDC in this post im using 3Ampere transformator. Capacitor power filter using 10000uf 35V. See more detail about TDA7386 Power Amplifier

Picture of IC TDA7386 

IC TDA7386

Below the picture of power amplifier is ready to operate :

TDA7386 Power Amplifier

surround sound amplifier circuit

Power supply circuit power amplifier tda7386

For surround sound amplifier im using crossover passive to separate the tone of High Low Pass filter, Front , rear and subwoofer. See the wiring schematics below and the tested video :

wiring home theater wiring surround sound ampifier

wiring home theater audio amplifier

Video Test Surround Amplifier using IC TDA7386

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